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The minds of fluffers

Forums ► Misc Topics ► The minds of fluffers
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The minds of fluffers
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Out of curiosity why is it that people always look for spell to be mermaids vampires and werewolves? Werewolves and vampires have recently been widely portrayed in pop culture but mermaids haven't. There also other impossible and interesting transformations:

  1. Turning into a fae
  2. Being a centaur
  3. Shape shift into a dragon
  4. Phoenixes are quite lovely
  5. Becoming an angel
  6. Becoming a demon
  7. Turning into a nymph(dryad, naiad, whatever)

But they always come down to the same three options. Why are people so obsessed?

I know that this sounds paranoid but with the amount of people claiming that they are mermaids/vampires/werewolves or trying to become one, it seems like a prank is being played here. Its gotten repetitive enough to be ludicrous.

Does anyone have any theories?

Re: The minds of fluffers
Post # 2
The battered human syndrome. If you pain attention now a days media and even politics have made being human look like a death sentence. They always make humans look like weaker to everything else. That were not even worthy to be on this planet. While the same people make themselves look more then human. Play any video game and you'll see Humans are the most bland of characters. Since most people don't know about the spiritual side they forget what power they really have and that is truly sad.

Re: The minds of fluffers
Post # 3
I think it's because even in the mind of a fluffer there's a certain level of logic. There are myths, RPGs, and movies which depict humans becoming vampires, werewolves, and mermaids. Centaurs, dragons, phoenixes and the like are more frequently looked at as a race decidedly separate from humanity.

It's worth pointing out though that the alternatives you listed are pretty common kinship claims among fluffy otherkin.

Re: The minds of fluffers
Post # 4
My theory is this. From history you learn that people have created by rumors and stories the ideas of such creatures. From inspiration you get ideas. From the idea you get a creation. The same thing is happening by movie directors. They get an idea and create a movie based on the idea. Movies can give you the first part: inspiration. People can be influenced by that. They seek for informations when they cannot understand what to do, in case to gaining such (fake) powers. So, here they are, in a site which we are all discussing about deferent subjects of magick. That's my theory.

Re: The minds of fluffers
Post # 5
and frankly a lot of people out in the world dont believe in magick. So it would make sense for a non believer who also likes to RP would actauly think this is a RP site. Now theres the whole rule about no RP but I dont think that stops many people.

Re: The minds of fluffers
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

I think that if Lunarunes is right my opinion of humanity would be forever destroyed. This site shoots down fluffers automatically on the forums. The answers to can I be a mermaid are everywhere. The forums are not very RP freindly in tone, yet they persist. They must be absolutely moronic

Re: The minds of fluffers
Post # 7
A good part of that is because modern education in America does not involve much in the way of free or critical thinking. Everything is geared toward meeting specific, measurable standards of knowledge, not actual understanding. They're not going to explore the forum and look for the answer themselves, they're going to raise their hands and expect it to be spoon-fed to them because this is how they get all the rest of their information.

Almost ironically we teach free and critical thinking in special education, partly because these kids need instruction on basic living skills, and partly because they're not held to those hard-line arbitrary standards the rest of the students are subject to.

Our education system is literally breaking the minds of much of our youth.

Re: The minds of fluffers
Post # 8
You forget that there are psi-vampires they are real people, but they don't turn people, impossible they are born that way. The class I'm taking for English is different we learn independent literacy not dependant where they tell us what to write

Re: The minds of fluffers
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
I think the fluff is caused by kids being attracted to magic in general. This causes problems because mainstream media is full of fluffy subjects. Had they been raised by practical magic, the craft, even Mary Poppins would have started their curiosity on the right track. However..it's our job to help these potentials, as hard as it may be, lol.

Re: The minds of fluffers
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Werewolfs, vampires, and mermaids are portrayed as sexy. The others not so much.

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