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Void Meditation

Forums ► General Info ► Void Meditation
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Void Meditation
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Void Meditation:

Void Meditation is quite simply learning to control your thoughts and body in order to easier achieve trance states, the more adept you are at this the more help it will be in higher level meditations and magic.
Void Meditation is very useful in Power Meditations and will be extremely useful in personal advancement.
As a starter meditation it will prepare you for the use of all the meditations to follow on this site, it will help you calm your mind, relax and can even be used in other situations where you need to concentrate.

There are many techniques to Void Meditation but we will just give you the basics as it is best for the individual to work on their own method as this will also make further progression easier.

When you attempt meditation at the start do so when you are fully awake, doing this when you are tired will make it very likely that you will fall asleep but as you get more adept you will most likely prefer times when you are tired as when the mind is in that state it is far more susceptible to energies and should open things to you far quicker than trying to calm your mind during an alert state.

The Basics:

To start with you may want to find a quiet area in order to do this without disturbances, but as you go on you can perform this just as easily anywhere from on a bus to in an exam.
You can place yourself however you want although sitting cross legged is the most effective.
Note: you can perform this meditation with your eyes open or closed.

1. After finding the position you feel most comfortable to perform the meditation in, just loosen up and relax, try to find a small point of thought and concentrate on only that easing yourself into a blank mind.

2. as you do this try to regulate your breathing slow and deep, optionally you can choose a breathing pattern breathing in for a count of 6, holding for a count of 6 and then breathing out for a count of 6
as you make progress you will notice you have more control over your thoughts and if your eyes are open things will either be getting darker or misty and white, this is entering a trance state and is a good thing, from there you can perform many of the meditations to follow.

3. once your mind is in a state where you are free of thought, music tracks or anything else try to hold this state of mind (not your breath) for 15 minutes or however long you feel comfortable, try to do this on a daily basis until you feel ready to attempt other meditations.

Advanced Void Meditation:

Visualize and hold an object in your mind, at first the image will fade in and out but will become more solid as you progress, this is very useful for magic as you will need to visualize targets or areas whether attacking or healing.
Focus on a chant known as a "mantra" which is a specific sound to help you focus your ability, this can be done out loud or in your head, the most common one used in yoga is the "Sa Ta Na Ma" chant pronounced "Sah-Tah-Nah-Mah" and lengthen it as you feel comfortable.
You can also focus on a specific emotion you wish to have more control over for example if you are an angry person you can learn to control this, emotion is a valid thing we should be proud to have but control is a necessity.
focusing on tastes, textures odours and such are also very useful to do.
The purpose of Advanced Meditation is to make your abilities stronger and your methods work through harder situations.

Practicing the Advanced Meditation is very similar to the basics but if you give yourself harder situations and more uncomfortable positions to perform it in it will teach you to overcome obstacles both physical and mental and will be very useful in advancement and personal well being.
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Re: Void Meditation
Post # 2
Very well explained. Thank you for this.
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Re: Void Meditation
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This really helps a lot. I need the basics. I have a really hard time meditating. Thank you :)
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