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Just call me Wolf. It's a nickname I prefer and am used to by now it's also my spirit guide. I am currently in college studying business with a minor in music. I dream of becoming a professional musician and creating music that's at least able to inspire just one person to make a difference in the world. Other than that my hobbies include longboarding, video games, Game of Thrones, and woodworking. As far as my past in magic is concerned, I was a dedicated member in the past and former council member of Black Cross. Stopped to join the church and be a youth group leader and recently realized I don't believe any of it and am now back here. I do still follow a couple of Catholic traditions but mostly just because of it being a part of witchcraft in my Puerto Rican culture. I currently study: Brujeria Hoodoo Divination Shamanism Gypsy witchcraft