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brother satanist or demon

Forums ► General Info ► brother satanist or demon
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brother satanist or demon
Post # 1
ok first off im new to all this so please dont judge me im not crazy ok now my brother could be the most careing sweet person on this earth he couldnt even kill a bug if you wanted him to.Hes a vegetarian ffs he loves all liveing things!
But theres something wrong with him........he can do weird things and i know im not crazy.

1.On his closet walls theres these weird simbols like pyrimids and upsidedown question marks and a star with a circle around it on the floor he also has ouija boards and weird books with the pages glued or something because i cant open them.
second he has been into magic heavly since he was 14 first vanishing coins and card tricks now stuff like makeing cards and some objects levitate.

2.hes insainly smart and not even done with high school iv heard him speak around 6 diffrent languages and i dont know where he learned them and iv never seen him go to the gym or do anytype of working out but he has a full on 6 pack and some muscles.

3.he hates religion we went to church last year and everything the pasture said he was bashing on it and was getting mad aparently hes a lier and god doesnt care about humanity and how jesus should take over or someone else.also he never uses the word demon usualy angel or fallen angel.and when i asked him why he doesnt belive in god he says why belive in something that doesnt belive in you.

4.hes never had a job but wears top doller cloths and has all the new smart phones and pays the bill.

5.he broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years because last year she tryed to have sex with him he told her no but when she insisted they try it he broke up with her.and when i asked why he said she wasnt his type and he would find his true love even if he had to march down to hell and get her(weird?!?!)

6.he talks about his 18th bday at the end of the year like its a world wide holiday he said he cant wait to turn 18 so he can help make a change.(idk what this means)

7.hes alergic to salt? i looked it up salt blocks things that are impure everytime he eats something with any or to much salt he gets very very ill and throws it back up.(he has allways been this way since he was born)

8.and what made crossed the line was when I walked into his room once when i got home i had txted my boy friend and told him that i was going to kick joshs *** becuase of his music and when i walked in he had candles lit everywere and when he turned around his eyes where compltly black no white in them at all and he walked over to me and touched my forhead with his palm and said shhh and i passed out i woke up with him next to me and he said i fainted when i walked in the house and if i was ok and i said yeah that i had the weirdest dream he laughed and went on his way.. but when i checked my phone i seen the message i had txted my boy friend right before i went inside his room!
so there is something but i dont know what yet and i dont know what to do im to scared to confront him about it.hes not evil he couldnt even kill a fly literaly i just dont understand how he has a pic of jesus on his wall and prays every night and could be so much into this please help me i just want to know whats happening
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Re: brother satanist or demon
Post # 2
u said he was born like that, so i dont think hez a satanist..
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Re: brother satanist or demon
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I'm going to assume your being honest and adress yoru concerns in the order they are given. I hope that this is helpful.

1. Your brother thinks illusions and occult things are cool, he may be a magical practitioner, but that's if you think that's evil you've come the wrong site

2. Your brother is a lucky dog. He's just smart and probably has a really good metabolism. He avoids all foods with salt so his meals are probably super healthy and unprocessed leading to less body fat and more nutrition

3. Lots of people are of the opinion that religion is bogus. I can't stand preachers myself. They are full of judgement about everyone but themselves.

The Christian church has frequently behaved in oppressive ways historically and your brother may feel that the church dilutes tha message of god and that your relationship with god should be personal and based off scripture. He may believe in god just not religion He's also likely gay so he wouldn't be a fan of the church

To wrap up this point, your brother has opinions, like a human being.

Also man alone has god's gift of free will. If your brother is a demon he'll only hurt people because god asks it of him. I've always wondered whether god and satan have an inside deal going

4. Your brother may be a drug dealer or have an illegal source of funds

5. Your brother is likely a homosexual.

6. Your brother becomes legal at the age of 18 and is independant of your parents. By your own description his values don't seem to match up with your parents'.

7. Your brother has a medical issue with processing salt, he's not excreting enough salt in his urine and devolops excessive sodium symptoms that include diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting. Another explanation is that he is repulsed by the taste to the point of nausea

8. Demons in the christian sense have horrible issues with religious iconography, your brother wouldn't be able to stand hte image of jesus if he was a demon. He is probably practicing occult stuff and isn't really interested in telling you. Here is my explanation of what might have happened

  • candle light produces many shadows, his eyes may have appeared black because they were in shadows
  • That technique to knock you out sounds like stage hypnosis. If you were in a nervous state it would be very effective. Your brother practices stage type magic so its quite likely. It also explains how you kept your memories. Magic has ways to make memories fade, but inducing amnesia through hypnosis is famously unreliable. Hypnosis can also cause people to invent terrifying memories

Learn a few protection spells or carry holy water, whatever makes you feel safe. I'd recommend confronting him about his practices without being judgemental. Tell him that you want to understad what you saw and that you will keep it private and love him either way. If he tries hypnotising you you should learn to avoid induction. Keep yourself aware and distract yourself with different details in his room. You can't be hypnotized if you don't want to!

I hope that many of my ideas do not prove to be true as they are simply aweful. I'm also pretty sure that your brother doesn't sound like a demon. If you want to learn more about your brother ask him and not the internet.

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No Subject
Post # 4
listen to changed he knows what he is saying. Plus if he were a demon he most likely would not be able to enter a church due to the christian belief that unholy may not enter. And not using the word demon well if you believe the bible then some were tricked to going with lucifer. My belief is that demons like everything else can be good or evil. Hope this helps blessed be! -ronin
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Re: brother satanist or demon
Post # 5
changed i realy enjoyed reading your post i came to this site to try and understand even if he was evil hes still my little brother. And this has definitly opened my eyes to the super natural. thank you for takeing your time to answer my question iv never experianced any of this and never seen anything like it so sorry for the over reaction.Its just so much to take in as you could imagine as for the eyes i know what i seen they where jet black so ima go from there thank you very much for the help
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Re: brother satanist or demon
Post # 6
Your brother Does seem to use occult styles of magic but unless he's actually harming people it's not evil. The reason he broke up with his girlfriend could either mean 1. he's gay 2. he has strong morals against sex as a teenager or before marriage 3. He could have some condition that he wants to hide that would be revealed if he had sex or someone saw him naked 4. It could require him to be a virgin or have a virgin for one of his rituals or prophecy's. Also the breakup could be completely unrelated.But it's best you be completely open and accepting about his practices.
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