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Mari & Murmillions

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Mari & Murmillions
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Mari & Murmillions
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
The Goddess of Dreams, Goddess of Hopes, The Mistress

She was worshiped in the system of practice and beliefs called Shadowcasting. Mari is a Basque Goddess. Those who follow Mari are Murmillions and they follow the path of Menemronn. Her priests were Murmillion Kunrans. Another cult following was Nybelmarian Murmillions, and Santerians.

She is a gorgeous woman who lives in the deepest caves and travels from one mountain to another like a fireball in the sky. When lost all one must do is call or cry her name loudy three times to have her appear over one's head. She will then guide you to find your way.

By interpretting dreams and dreaming, one is worshipping Mari. To think, also means to dream ("day dream")

Reins over: Everything in this world--but especially dreams, wind, storms (especially thunder), travelers, and weather in general.

Opposed to the "unspoken"--equivalent to nothingness, chaos, or destruction. "The Unspoken" is the Creator, Mari's husband, and the "true darkness". Black is the color of "The Unspoken", Mari's color is purple. The Unspoken ruled over solar light which was perceived as deceitful and evil (never judge a book by its cover). But darkness and night was inner illuminance (it causes one to look within rather than outwardly). By reaching your essence through darkness/dream it is possible to leave behind the mundane world (world of exile) and achieve enlightenment. (Menemronn the Purple achieved this).

Nature/the exiled world is a container, a means to relate to one another. Natural things must be mastered. In gaining this (the power over natural things) one reaches the essence of what they are. Life is a struggle between two worlds--the world of dreams which holds our essence (Mari's reign), and the physical world (world of exile) where we are tossed into and must strive to master.


A woman with wings of a fire butterfly usually embraced in shadow (Cult of Moth)

Purple eyes glowing in the dark (Resurrection of Menemronn)

Elven looking woman (Cult of Fire) this was passed down into the Santerran patheon after the Year of Darkness.

White clouds


Woman with a full moon behind her head


The Origins of the Basque people

They came out of East Africa 50,000 years ago, passed through the Middle East on the way to Western Europe. Scientists have followed the female genes of the Basque 150,000 years and the male genes 60,000 years in East Africa. They have traced them 40,000 years in Central Asia. Some cities in the Middle East point to Basque influencement (ie: Ur, Mari, Uruk, etc).

The spoken language of the Biblical Adam and Eve was Basque.

In 1600BS Murmillions began worshipping the Unspoken (seen as a capital "sin" and seen as dangerous for one's mind and soul). These were the Santerrans. This started a war between the Murmillions.

A strange phenomenon occulting the light of the sun occurred during the war between the Santerians and the original Murmillions. This was considered "the Year of Darkness" and occurred in 1649BS. The Santerians won, keeping a duality viewpoint between Mari and the Unspoken...darkening the faith. Now Mari among the Santerians is emphasized as dark and deceitful.

My own thoughts. Mari is a very powerful Goddess that should never be approached without seriousness. I have accumulated this information from at least 30 different sources, so I'm sorry I have no referrences. I did this research about three years ago.

"The Sermons of Mari" sacred formulas and texts of the cults.
"Book of Dreams" glyph writings, history, and interpretations of the texts and concepts (recommended).
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Re: Mari & Murmillions
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Thought this was an amazing post! Honestly, I've never heard of the basque until now, but I think they sound interesting. I might just go and research a bit on that now. Thanks so much, deary. :)
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Re: Mari & Murmillions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Great post, White! It was an interesting read, that's for sure. Absolutely love learning something new. I might go ahead and get that Book of Dreams.
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Re: Mari & Murmillions
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
My phone kept fighting me on the. Word "Santerran" and corrected it as "Santerian" a few times. I apologize for that!

You won't be disappointed in researching her. The way the Murmillions describe her will give you chills. She's by far, the most impressive goddesses I have ever researched.

The way I found her is a bit odd. I don't doubt that you haven't heard of her, because I hadn't either. My daughter was an infant and she was napping. I took the chance to meditate, and I fell into a trance. Suddenly, I was standing in a field, but it was like a dream because I couldn't control what I did. I began calling "Mari" at the top of my lungs (in the "dreaming" journey). Storm clouds began pouring into what was a clear sky. The worst storm ever began tearing around me, but I wasn't scared, when I would normally be terrified. I felt...protected by this immensely strong, almost entirely overpowering presence. That's all that happened! It was a crystal clear experience. When the journey ended, I sat there astonished and bewildered. I didn't know what that was all about. I had no idea who or what Mari was or how to spell it (only how to pronounce it). After some investigation, I found her. I've never used her in my practice but I feel a strange bond with her that I cannot quite describe. Yes I understand people's theories of "past lives" etc. but it isn't that.
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Re: Mari & Murmillions
By: / Novice
Post # 5
That's quite a story, really. Sounds like she might have something important to say. Did you see her or anything in your trance? I definitely would have researched her after that.
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Re: Mari & Murmillions
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
In other trances of mine, I've had glimpses of a woman, with porcelain white skin, long elegant hands (unpainted medium length nails), wearing an off white cloak that hides her face. She always makes an appearance randomly when I am in need and afterward, I always come to some sort of realization to solve my problem. She started appearing after the journey I described once every year or so. This figure holds that same overwhelmingly powerful presence. She never speaks. I think she just wants me to know she's there. She is one higher being I know in my heart truly exists.
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