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Thanks to all the people that says 2012 is going to be the end of the world, we are doomed. But I am not here to show proof that 2012 is real, but I am going to show proof that those other people twisted to show that 2012 is not another dooms day. Before I talk about 2012, let us look back at the old days.

The last famous one we just ordeal was 2000. Y2K was the year when all techno stuff will come to live and attack us in any way, that or all shut down. Without our cell phones, computer, internet based clocks, and so on to help us, then we were screwed. A lot of people made a lot of money by writing books on how to survive in a world without computers and gizmos. A lot of people thought this was really the end and went of killing themselves because they do not want to deal with that kind of world. But the reason why they thought 2000 was the date when all techno gets shut off was because of the programming and the year 2000. They thought if the date for 2000 "00" was changed then it would be like *00 to all the number codes which causes them to be false. Well, look at us now, still using a computer to read and send messages.

The next is another big one, 1992, Oct 28. This wasn't in America, but in South Korea. Lee Jang Rim, the leader of the Dami Mission said that was the day when everyone gets Rapture! This was a problem because it created little cults around South Korea and they even had to send in the rioters to stop those people from killing themselves. After a few days later and they noticed they are not in heaven giving God a High Five they got upset. Even a few said that it was false, but a few thought they were damned (bible term) on Earth with Satan's army. Because of that, a few people killed themselves (Mostly teenagers).

Bible Student movement is by far the most evil when it comes to the end of the world. They did not predict that the world was going to be left with Satan and a few will be Rapture once, but 9 times! They were into the Watch Tower Bible and had a lot of members over the years they started (1874-1925). After Rutherford failed for the 9th time, the members took notice that this guy was a fake and moved on. And just in case, they thought that they were going to be Rapture 9 different times. Also for lasting more than 50 years, they were will put out there.

There is a list of doomsdays dates here,
If you want to see how many times we wanted the world to just end.

Now for 2012 and why it is just like the rest of the dooms days and why it could really be real.
The strongest thing is the Mayan Calender. They said it foretold the raises the falls threw out history including Hitler and nuclear bombs. And because of that they said the reason why they stopped the Calender was because there was nothing else to write about, like as if all time has stopped and has ended.
Has anyone told you that the Mayans loved making Calenders? According to this site (http://www.webexhibits.org/calendars/calendar-mayan.html), they made a lot of different calenders. They even built a pyramid so it could be a giant calender. But the only Calender those people ever took notice was the Aztec Calendar. It had those strange ups and downs on certain dates. Those strange ups and downs were the sun. Yes the sun. You see, that Calendar was designed to help the farmers predict when the sun is at the highest and when it was the lowest. The higher the sun is, the better the crops will be and the lower of the sun means bad crops. Oh it is not the only Aztec Calendar either, there is another one for Sacred days. Maybe this is where they thought 2012 was a day to avoid? This Calendar has 260 days (the other has 365 days). Just like what you and I do, they also did Rites. That Calendar, hint the name sacred, was to remind them when to worship their Gods and Goddess and also dates when they are sending back their own rites to us. What the Mayans thought was "If we didn't had this calendar, then we would be screwed!" Reason why, just like the Romans and Greeks, they really believed in those beings and really did worshiped them and gave them credit. If you do not, then you will be on the bad side of the Gods.

So how did we found out that the Mayan Calendar foretold the 2012 thing? Because it stopped at 2012 somewhere in November. No where I look really tells me when it was first created, because I avoid the sites the say 2012 is real (To much fake information that points all fingers to doomsday is why). But I will throw in a few defenses that we all heard about.
Maybe they died out. The proof is that they are not here anymore.
Maybe they got bored with it. Proof, they created different calendars all the time. Maybe they just thought that was enough and took on another Calender Hobby.
Maybe they knew they will not live for that long. Proof, if they could foretell the future, then they saw when they were going to die. And if they really did saw all those horrible things, then maybe they got tired of seeing those horrible things.
Maybe they could not see what is beyond? Proof, this is the most likely because somewhere between 2012 and 2013 the Earth changes into the Aquarius Age (http://www.librarising.com/cosmology/2012.html). This spawn is caused by the Earth's rotation of the sun's. This also means that we are ending our 26,000ish years of the old age and the Mayans started that calendar 5,000ish years ago. Also the calendar is of 5 different worlds or in their case, suns. So it really never ended, just the age ends.

The whole Mayan thing was the main reason why so many believe 2012 is real. But now lets take a look at what could be the ending if 2012 was real.

In the most real case, it is nature. Mainly Earthquakes. Japan felt it on March of 2011. The big fault line is in Ca. If that goes off then there is a good chance that the Super volcano (Which is Old Faithful) is going to go off. And if the fault line does go off it will also send tsunamis almost all over the world. Oh and did I forget to tell you that the fault line is past over due?

What a lot of people was thinking in the past, in the magick world. There was going to be a war in the Aster Plane. It will be so big it will break out into the world. There is no evidence of this happening. Get over it. Last time I checked, there is no Kingdoms in the Aster plane trying to get more land or gold. Not even the Gods or Goddess will be that careless to create such a war. Also it fails to say what of the Aster plane will break out into this war event.

This one is where a virus breaks out and kills all human kind. Kinda like the Last Stand by Steven King. A lot of people will see this as the Rapture because they are not in the hellish world.

Hopefully, this will be useful to those that only understand 2012 as something they heard very little about. But one last thing I should add, whenever someone says someone bad will happen, it is normally us that fills in the blank. For example, I could say 2042 will be the end of the world or something big will happen. In most cases something big will happen and someone will see it and say "Whoa! They foresaw this event!"

P.s. The web bot only saw 2012 because there are so many people talking and posting about 2012. As for some that do not know, web bot searches the web and puts together a report of what may happen later on.
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Re: 2012
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I believe something will happen around then. Not the end of the world, but maybe a new beginning. Of course we dont know what will happen, if anything. We will just have to wait and see and not freak out. if something happens, it'll happen, and if nothing happens then nothing happens
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