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Consecrating a Symbol

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Consecrating a Symbol
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Consecrating a Symbol
Post # 1
How do I consecrate a symbol I.E. a personal rune or sigil(I am interested in Rune&Sigil magick).And how powerful can a consecration be?
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Re: Consecrating a Symbol
By: / Novice
Post # 2
not too sure, but my friend works with runes, she consecrates each one individually, she sprinkles some salt water over one, passes it through the incense smoke, focuses on what it means to her, then kisses it. you could try something similar with the rune you feel closest with.
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Re: Consecrating a Symbol
Post # 3

Some people state the intent of the object, or use various purifying techniques, blood, etc.

I say do it however you feel "right". A consecration's effectiveness depends on the amount of energy used to consecrate it. Galdr may be a good route to look at.

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Re: Consecrating a Symbol
Post # 4
I used oliveoil, lemon oil,and my own blood. I wiped every rune individually during a ceremony on the full moon. This method bonds the runes to you.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Consecrating a Symbol
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Whatever base material your rune will be placed onto and any tools used should be traditionally blessed by invoking Odin. When you invoke Odin, an offering should be present. Traditionally, he was offered human sacrifice, BUT since that's highly illegal, I have found good results with quality "mead" aka beer. And its far less messy. =p

As you write the rune, don't just write it, see the knife/pen/marker as a wand and feel your energy flow into the lines as you inscribe them. You can also use your finger and just draw with energy. See it glowing red. Say its name as you write it. Let it vibrate long. Uuurrrruuuzzzz for example. Continue focusing on it and its meaning. I like to then touch it and break up the sound oooooo, rrrrrr, ooooooo, zzzzzzzzz, oooooooo, ooooorrrrrrr, ooooorrrrrroooo, then finally oooooorrrrrrooooozzzzz. Each time you add a new sound of the name feel the energy of the rune grow stronger. The energy should feel as though the very sounds you're making is flowing energy through you and into the rune itself. Keep doing this until you feel that it is brimming with energy and no more can be put in. I like to end it with the seal galdur by Thorson aaaaallllllluuuuu (ansuz, laguz, and uruz).

Traditionally, the rune was written in blood (hence the red color). For women, they get a fresh supply of blood once a month. Menstral blood is actually considered more powerful. (I like using regular blood not menstral as a personal preference.) For men or women, if you want to add blood, one drop to red ink will do (use a clean needle to prick yourself). Some go so far as to ask for a vial of their own blood when it is drawn by a nurse during blood drives or doctor visits. Apparently, this isn't an uncommon request and most places will do it. I have yet to ask because I'm not sure what excuse I should make that won't raise eyebrows!

I do own a manufactured rune set for divination, just because I like gemstones and can't carve stone myself. But for all other rune work, including personal bindrunes for amulets, I inscribe them and charge them by hand. Premade ones just don't have the same intensity as handmade ones even after invoking the rune (as was described above). A woodburning kit can be of great use for creating your own staves and personalizing tools. Then you can add the red ink/blood to the carved grooves.

Check out my post on rune magick for more info. Read through all the pages because there is info all the way through. I keep adding to it as people post questions. So feel free to post any questions there.

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