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Tips On Empathy

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Tips On Empathy
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Tips On Empathy
Post # 1
It seems to me that empaths are having a hard time controlling there ability on this site. I have ben an empath for about 7 years now and will share what I know. So basics first. Empathy is the power or ability to sense or feel other peoples emotions. Empathy is hard to control by nature because people can't really control their emotions. There are some ways for us as empaths to control or filter the muck of emotions we pick up everyday. One thing you have to realize is that emotions like all things are just energy and can be channeled as such. So one tip I have is that if your feeling someones emotions just channel that energy into chi or energy for your body. Another way is just to channel that same energy and redirect into the earth where it will be recycled. Or you can do what I do. I created a shield between me and my powers that will block any emotion unless I want to feel it. This one is a little advanced though because this sheild is up 24/7. I devote about 2% of my overall brain power to it at any given time. Another thing I recomend is meditation as it strengthens the mind and makes controlling ALL psychic powers easier. And for the people who say I can't focus my mind that long consider this. I have ADD and ADHD plus other disabilites and I meditate all the time. Those disabilties make it hard for anyone who has them to focus there mind. You can also visualize your aura as a mirror that refelcts emotions else where. But this would need to be done all the time. You can also try imagining your powers as a light switch and just turning it off. But I am not sure this is possible because I tried this one for months on end trying to control my powers but if it works for you then more power to you literally lol. These are just some tips and are NOT meant to be empathy 101. So if anyone wants more info then send me a message. I check my messages 3 times a day. And remember we are all connected.
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Re: Tips On Empathy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Good post Enchanter. You hVe always given good help in matters.
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Re: Tips On Empathy
Post # 3
Thank you so much! I couldn't tell the difference between my feeling and others so this helped a lot! Great post.(:
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Re: Tips On Empathy
Post # 4
Thanks it always makes me feel good when people are helped because of me. (:
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Re: Tips On Empathy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Although I don't agree with your post, I'm not going to go into it, I've written quite a lot here on the subject. You stated your opinion and if it works for you, then it works for you.

What I do want to comment on is the "on and off switch" you spoke of. Don't think of it as a switch. Everyone should do this. But be warned, it can make you seem "cold" to other people if you go too far. You'll get people asking you "what's wrong?" It isn't about getting rid of your ability to feel, it is about making sure YOU are in control, not your emotions.

Its like enjoying the taste of your food verses gobbling it up without even noticing it's taste. Normally you want to enjoy the taste, but when it's nasty tasting medicine what do you do? Swallow it down quickly and focus on something else so the taste is weaker. You change your thoughts, not the taste.

People who can't control their empathy are those who are constantly aware yet unable to control their own emotions. This makes them equally aware of the energy around them and then they can't control how that makes them feel on top of it! Learning to control empathy is learning to control yourself, including your own thoughts, emotions and urges. Having control of your mind and emotions is key. Now, no one can have perfect control 24/7, sometimes life throws us a curveball that can cause us to be scattered. But we are human, it happens. That's when you may need shields and such, but only until you regain that control. If a friend dies, you lose your job, etc., its natural to get frazzled. But we shouldn't just let it get the best of us, we should continue to try to regain control until we do. It isn't about stopping emotion, it is about observing it, acknowledging it, choosing to act on it or not, and then letting it go.

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Re: Tips On Empathy
Post # 6
I agree with your reply whiteraven. Most people (myself included) have a hard time controlling our emotions. If we did life would be eaiser. I just wish I could lol. And your right they do work for me. Do each his/her own.
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Re: Tips On Empathy
By: / Adept
Post # 7
Emotions are a creation of your mind. I say it serves us all to practice controlling the constant chatter of our brains. Most of the time, what comes out of our heads is a hinderance to our spiritual development. They's why many people suggest meditation techniques. Once a person learns to get out of their brains and into their body, they learn how silly their brains cam be, what ridiculous stories and drama we *make up*, and we learn that our emotions can't always (usually) be trusted. They are mere reactions.

To me, the most important learning from meditation is that we are not the sum of our thinking brain. Meditation develops an "observer," someone who is observing the chatter of our brain, someone who is observing the emotional reactions. If we are not our thoughts or our emotions, then they have no control over ourselves. They are simply one facet, not the end all be all of who we are. This is a priceless treasure to cultivate.

I agree with what WhiteRav3n posted. One of my teachers says that empathy (as well as other psychic phenomenon) is sloppy energetic skills and sloppy sensory skills. You may disagree with that, which is fine, but i have found it very helpful to my learning.

There are three unhelpful energetic "techniques" that most beginners are subject to: blending, streaming, and channeling. When i say they are "unhelpful," i mean they are of no use unless you are doing them intentionally. The problem lies when people do these three things by default, and this is very common.

The one i'll talk about now is blending, because that's the one that i have experienced to cause the most problems with beginners. It often is accompanied by unwanted "empathy" hits and unwanted "psychic" hits.

Blending is when your energetic field mixes in an unintentional manner with others around you. By allowing your field to blend, it is possible for anyone to pick up information about others' psychic whatnot. Again, unless you are doing this intentionally and momentarily, this is not a positive thing. All sorts of psychic garbage can be picked up leading to health issues, psychic issues, and in some extreme cases, mental health issues. Most experienced practitioners certainly will have collected a few horror stories along these lines.

All energy workers, i say, should instead practice a technique called "interface." This is where you clearly know where your energy begins and ends and where another person begins and ends. When you are in interface, you know what is your own "stuff" and what is another persons' stuff. The applications for this are unending.

Two tips: when touching a person, pay attention to the point of contact between you and the other person. Pay attention to the sensory phenomenon - how their skin feels, temperature, etc. Don't get lost in the "blending" between you two. This technique is often not taught in energy healing, and that's a darn shame. A lot of healers would prevent burn-out by staying in interface.

Second, if you feel you are blending already, in order to break the connection, look at the person and think of five differences between you and that other person. Perhaps you are a girl and he is a man, perhaps he has blonde hair and you have black hair, etc. This helps to break the blending.

Of course, gaining a better understanding and sensory perception of your own energy field takes a lot of work, but i say it's time well-spent. Meditation, tai chi, qigong, kundalini yoga, etc. are all good teachers.

Interesting post and discussion. Thanks all.
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Re: Tips On Empathy
Post # 8
How do you have a shield up 24/7? I seem to have to renew my shield everyday and way more than that when I get psychically attacked.
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