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Blatant Arrogance

Forums ► Comments ► Blatant Arrogance
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Blatant Arrogance
Post # 1

What is this?

What is wrong this site and its members?

Are people too worried about looking good that they'd openly agree with pure ignorance?

I find it disgusting truthfully. To find someone who is blatantly arrogant spitting whatever mass of unintelligence they can muster just to either sound educated or to stick it to someone else. Where are true values here? Where are they?
People I see all the time are selling out their beliefs just be bitter towards others.

What does this say about the magic studiers and practitioners?

How could someone who claims to be open-minded, true to their beliefs, and willing to learn and teach be so arrogant?

And what bothers me more is that people see this and respect it like it's something to follow.
Like it's something to look up to...
Like it's something to show future generations...

And yet we still complain, bicker, moan, and groan about things such as war and peace?

What, please tell me WHAT, is wrong with these people!

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 2

Do excuse the double post but I typed this up and posted it as a wake up call to some of you. I expect every one of the people I just spoke of to take a huff of snobbish air and possibly even respond to this thread. If they don't, perhaps they are hiding. If they do, well more power to them.

But this is the truth ladies and gentlemen, and I hope some of you out there still have a problem with it.

A lot of people will accuse me here of disliking the website, that's not true. There are still young and old minds out there who realize they don't know everything, and shouldn't prance about as though they do. These are the people who keep me coming back.

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 3
This site is hopeless. Don't even bother trying to change things. Just leave if you don't like it. The only reason I'm still here is to help those who ask me honest questions.

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 4

And right after I explain this too. lol

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 5
I also get this a lot. Leave if you don't like it. That is a excuse for laziness. If you can't be bothered to help the site grow and advance it you who should leave. Feverish and many others are trying to make this site better and fix the many problems it has. We are not just going to give up either. This site is a Gem and we should polish instead of just leaving it in a container.

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 6

You know you risk something speaking out like that, BlackSunn.

Re: Blatant Arrogance
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I don't believe you're referring to me, but I'd like to say that I have seen some of what you are describing however most of the time, when they "sound" educated, they are. Just because someone has a specific belief that doesn't agree with others, it doesn't make them unintelligent. It's merely a different perspective that you may not be used to. You must understand that there are sooo many paths and beliefs that has magick at its core. I've noticed that people tend to be more "liked" when they are speaking from a perspective that can please all paths. But as soon as a path orientated "fact" is boldly stated, feathers and fur starts flying. Since magick does need firm belief, telling them to lighten up because you don't agree with them is a lost cause.

I specifically try to write in a way that would be understandable and accepting to as many paths as possible, but I do this purposely. I am a writer, and writers have an affinity for altering writing styles and perspectives in order to reach their reader. Not everyone is willing to go through the trouble of breaking down a subject in such a way.

I am getting a little annoyed by the consistent posts complaining about this site. If you have a complaint, mail a moderator. Insulting the few that still try to help regardless if it is criticism or encouragement, is not going to help the site's degradation. The total bullheaded ignorance by many "newbie" members is enough to make anyone experienced want to throw in the towel. Do you realize how many times members here have taken the time to explain something carefully and kindly just to be ignored? We have a search bar and people still repeat questions weekly! Sometimes daily! Do you expect the serious members to continue dishing out the same lengthy explainations to spoonfeed people?

I personally only post lengthy responses to questions that cannot be simply searched or researched or ones that personally interest me.

It is not the "arrogant" fed up members or the "fluffies" OR the "bullies". The reason this site is deteriorating is because of idiots who want to be spoonfed just to respond with "nuh uh" or they just smile and nod with wind whistling through their ears! If you don't like the response to questions, don't ask for information. Pick up the spoon and start feeding yourself. RESEARCH!

Feverish, that last paragraph is not directed at you. It's just me venting because everyone else seems to be. Now I have my turn.

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 8
Let's put Z Budapest or Starhawk in a magick chat with Oberon Zell and see how the kiddies like that discussion. Would be interesting, to say the least.

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 9

I have to say this is one of my favorite forum threads, when it comes to politics. Normally I would run and not look back when seeing a post like this but I will put my opinion in. I too have noticed that people will agree with whatever. To be honest, I do not believe they know what they are agreeing about (rofl).

I love this site but I have only met a few free thinkers that are serious practitioners. Some of them seem reluctant to speak up because of the idiocy that runs rampant in the chat and forums. Others speak their minds and are insulted for it. Regardless, I feel we should make sure we know what we are agreeing with, before agreeing XD

Re: Blatant Arrogance
Post # 10
You really think that is what I'm talking about White? I've been here long enough that I can see the difference between selling out your beliefs to "stick it to someone" and taking part in an intillectual discussion. I've seen it claimed by a very respected member that people with mental disability should not be taught because it is unethical. Furthermore that it is expected of everyone to be able to teach themselves how to teach themselves. I have a teacher friend who was also appalled by that claim while people stood there and agreed with it.

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