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Image candles

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Image candles
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Excerpt from something I wrote, dealing with power of image candles , hope You finf it usefull

Image candles are candles shaped/molded to symbolize specific aspect or image and as such find use in specific spells, or spiritual works. Let’s mention some

Cross candle – Shaped like cross, coming in different colors are used for doing spiritual work, blessing , uncrossing and healing ( blue and white most often ) or doing harm ( black cross candles )
Some variations in forms appear, such as “Master key Crucifix candle” and “Lucky clover Crucifix candle” white used for blessing, black for mastery , conjure work and crossing, orange for positive changes and Road opening, brown for Court cases, red for love and green for money.

Skull candle – candle molded in form of a human skull , for clarity work , mind uncrossing and blessing ( white, pale blue ) domination and mastery , mind swaying ( purple , red or black ) and crossing and causing intranquility or to have luck in gambling ( black )

Male or Female figural candles – used to represent certain person in spellwork, like effigies in a way, really. Depening on color most often used in blessing, uncrossing and healing ( white ) causing lust ( pink, sometimes red ) contacting someone who’s fare away ( yellow if available ) domination ( purple, orange if available ) and crossing ( black ) . They come usually in two forms,
- naked male and female , so called “Adam” and “Eve” candles used mostly in love, marriage and lust work, and
- cloaked male and female, often referred as “Gentleman” and “Lady” used for any office, career or job related workings, as well as to influence or dominate someone

Male and female candles, other than in separate forms, as mentioned above, come in shapes where both are present, together. A simple example is “Bride and Groom” candle, used in marriage work, “Lovers” representing nude couple embracing each other, used in lust work or to attract a new lover ( red, pink , white ), and “Divorce candle” man and women back to back, one wick set between their backs, used in separation and divorce spells, often come black or red.

Black cat candle – is a candle shaped as cat, usually dark green or black, used in gambling luck, or money issues, also sometimes in Court work.

Seven day knob candles – also called Seven day wishing candle s are c andles that appear as knobbed, divided in seven sections each to be burnt for one day, all together even days, while praying for result. The can come in one color or each knob/section/part can have different color, for different wishes.

Pyramid candle – Pyramid shaped candles, sometimes with an eye inscribed ( in which case called “pyramid and Eye” ) candles , used for drawing some sort of energy, most often green- money , pale blue –healing, and purple –spiritual power, divination.

Baphomet – shaped in form of Sabbatic Goat, red for causing lust, black for worship or evil forces
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Re: Image candles
Post # 2
Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing with us :)
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