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Color Magic:

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Color Magic:
Post # 1

People mention the color of candles a lot in spell work. I felt the urge to write about many of the ways colors effect our lives. This should be taken into consideration when doing any working.
First of all, think of how each color makes you feel. While it is true that every color has different "properties", they also have a different effect on each one of us due to our experiences. Take time to see how each color effects you as a person. Sense the vibrations or "energy" each give off.
Next, take a look at your surroundings, and see how it makes you feel. Write down how each room you are in feels, and the main colors in it. Most people do not think about it, but the colors you pick for your walls and carpeting effect how you feel. Dingy colors tend to sedate or depress, bright tend to make you more awake and energetic, pastels often relax. Even the tone effects you.
Even the colors of the foods we eat effect us (natural foods). Red is said to help with your heart. Green foods help to heal. Purple/blue foods help with protection and psychic awareness. Yellow help to increase joy etc.
Now take a look at your wardrobe. Most of us have favorite outfits. Look at the colors in those. Once again, how do they make you feel. You might wear black or darker cloths because it helps you to cope, make your mood neutral or look slimming. You might wear bright colors because they make you feel cheerful or vibrant. Whatever the reason, we are drawn to certain colors by how they effect us.
Take a good look at everything around you and really sense how it makes you feel. This will show you that color can effect you in many ways. As for magic, it is good to know how a room makes you feel, and how to change that. Any seasoned practitioner knows you would not want to work on positivity in a room that surrounds you with bad feelings.

Love, light and blessings to all :)
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Re: Color Magic:
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This is a great topic. I find it important not just to look at magick correspondences to colors but also the psychological aspect of each. You gain a greater understanding of color and it's effects. Many times they coincide, but offer different perspectives. Color psychology is used often in advertising, in stores, hospitals, schools, doctor offices and the like. This is no coincidence. Color really does have a psychological effect on our mind and emotions and this should be considered just as equally as the magickal properties of color. They're now using special light in produce departments to make the fruit look more vibrant! I carry my chosen produce into another area of the store and re-evaluate it because it is very deceiving! People will go to a store or restaurants with vibrant colored foods because it gives them the idea that the food is more appetizing or fresh. The psychology of color is such a huge part of our daily lives and many do not realize it. I definitely suggest that anyone getting involved in magick read as much as they can about color to understand how to use it in ritual, at home, in their clothing choices, etc to provoke the emotions and mindframe they most desire.

Not everyone has the ability to paint their walls a different color or change their ugly carpets. But there are other ways, such as adding art to your walls, using bedding, blanket throws, throw rugs, table clothes, seat covers, etc.
Do not use too many colors, but instead stick with different hues of the same color, or pick two compliments. My bedroom, for example, has blues and purples predominant.
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Re: Color Magic:
Post # 3

This is a really nice topic. Yeah, color does effect in our lives. It's helping you with energy mostly and feelings too. Bad energies, did can match with colors. Angietwin, this is a really useful topic. Blessed be.

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Re: Color Magic:
Post # 4
Thanks for the added information WhiteRav3n :)
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