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My friends visitor.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► My friends visitor.

My friends visitor.
Post # 1
So my friend, his name is Cody, met a man at the park one day and began talking to him. The man he talked to seemed nice and decent. They apparently had a lengthy conversation, before deciding to meet up again to chat some more. They haven't exchanged contact information or anything, but they have been talking at the park on a regular bases.

Normally my friend meeting new people wouldn't give me concern to post on here, but I met the man and have chatted with him a couple of times. He is nice and has incredible manners, but he gives me a very strong vibe. It's like he isn't real in a sense, It's like he isn't human, but I don't like saying that because I see him in flesh and blood and so does my friend.

My friend has also had reoccurring nightmares about this man ever since he met him. In his nightmares he would be in his living room then the man would walk in and smile at him a very wicked smile, just as he smiled his face began to melt and morph into a dogs face. The dog face would smile in the same way the human face smiled. It would then melt and turn back into the human face, but with bright eyes. At this point he would wake up and sit there for awhile and drift back to sleep.

On one occurrence he woke up and saw the man sitting in the corner smiling at him. He stared at him awhile and decided to blink and the man was gone. I told my friend that he probably had a fear/sleep induced hallucination, for lack of a better term. But when we met the man the same day (He asked me to tag along, his vision thingy shook him up) the first thing the man asked him was "How did you sleep?" that sent chills down my spine.

They haven't exchanged information, phone numbers, email, facebook, adresses, etc. and the man hasn't asked either. I just find my vibe about him and the set of events to be kind of weird. I'm hoping maybe someone can shed some light on this situation.
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Re: My friends visitor.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Tell your friend to stay away from the man. I don't know who, or what he is but this man sounds dangerous, especially if he's entering your house uninvited. I don't know if, or how this is possible but if this really happened that's not good. Does you friend lock all his doors and windows at night? Is there a possibility he could have gotten in earlier and hidden until your friend went to bad? If the answers to both my questions were no, then you need to talk to someone way more experienced than me. The only thing I can think of, and I don't know if it's possible but the man could be using spells to induce the nightmares and hallucinations. Also, did your friend Cody eat or drink anything that the man gave him? Anything, no matter how small. If he did, he could have been drugged and he needs to be tested. If any of the practical answers are possible then you need to go tell your parents, his parents, some sort of adult, or call the police because this man is bad news.
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Re: My friends visitor.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
first off, stay away, you're sensing his aura, or intent, that natural intuition is telling you something. the whole apparition thing after your friend woke up, either his mind was still freaked from the dream, the man was really there, or, it was his astral self [or would that be ethric? in any case] he was in the room, not physically, but in the etric/astral [can't remember which, basically your spirit] i've heard of people who can enter others dreams.

now the dream itself, a dog represents loyalty, or alternatively since the dog seems dangerous, it represents the danger of a situation, wild, anger, rage.

the transformation, i'm not sure to classify it as zoomorphasis or metamorphosis, in either case, there is two sides to the given situation that you need to take into consideration, be careful, or, you need to accept this change. since the dog scares your friend, it's dangerous and you should avoid the situation or else the change will be for the worse.

the living room denotes freedom and space, and what you portray to the world as well as what you hide from it. if there are objects in the room that shouldn't be, these are the parts of your friend he tries to hide from others but are invading his public self.

a smile usually means approval and prosperity, but if the smile scares you, you should take that as the opposite.

the eyes are another one i'm not sure how to translate, the colour would help me. if they were cats eyes he's sly, regular eyes. brightness usually is reminiscent of ones spirituality, glowing is new beginning.

sorry, that's all i can help you with. i'd stay away from him, it doesn't sound good.
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Re: My friends visitor.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
If your friend can get his hands on a Magick Circle of Solomon necklace, I would suggest he wear one of those. I'm not really sure if you can just draw the symbol and use it somehow that way, if he's not able to get the neclace. I'm not really versed in it. In any event, it protects the wearer from evil things of a more spiritual nature. And it works! The pendent is to be worn over the heart.

I've seen them for sale before, so I'm sure you could probably find one online or maybe even in a metaphysical-type shop. Since I wasn't there, I can't really give a terrific thought on what was going on or who the guy is, but I really think you may be right about him not being human. I suspect the dog head might have been something of his true form and that he was really in the room when your friend saw him there. Not physically, physically, because he may really be more of a spirit being himself, but there nonetheless. I also suspect the is the one responsible for the nightmares. Especially if your friend thought he was an ok guy. And it sounds like he did.

I would definitely suggest your friend stop talking to this guy and since he seems to be able to be at the park when your friend is at the park at exactly the same time quite often, I would also suggest your friend stop going to the park all together.

Another thing I would suggest would be to do something to make his bedroom barred from evil and/or unwanted spirits. You may want to even look to some outside help. I mean, I don't know who or what this guy is, but there is a chance he may be more powerful than what you and your friend can protect yourself from. I know there are a lot of people that are convinced that anyone and everyone is powerful enough to do protection spells that will be effective against even the most powerful things, but sometimes that just isn't the case. And this guy, or whatever he may be, sounds very powerful, so you may want to cover all bases just to be on the safe side.

That said, I don't know all who you could ask for help. I imagine those who work in a metaphysical or magick shop might be a good place to look. There are certain priests in the Catholic church that study demonology (these would be the ones that do excorsisms) that might know something about what is going on and, I imagine might be able to help you with something that will protect your friend. I have also heard that it is possible for someone to do a protection spell for someone remotely. As in, you could ask someone to do the spell for you and they could live in another state or something and still be able to make the spell effective.

In the mean time, carrying or wearing some sort of amulet might be good. You can make those out of simple/cheap things like certain nuts and things.

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Re: My friends visitor.
Post # 5
There is a story that my freinds sometimes tell me. It goes like this ; one day, there were two kids that got mad at their parrents, and decided to run away. They met up after dark and started to walk away... the kids live near the woods, so they thought that they should hide in there to make there parents worry. When they got deeper into the forest, thet heard something moving behind a bush so they steped closer to it. They saw nothing, so they turned and kept walking. Behind them though, was an arm that reached towards the boy and draged him to the bush. The arm let go and then a man stood up. This man wore a tux, and stood at ten feet tall. The most perculiar about the man was that he had no face. He grabed up the boy and the girl started to run home, and when she reached the edge of the woods, she heard him scream. And the boy was never seen again. I think this story somehow realates to you both. This man that cody meets up with that he sees all the time in the park seems like what is called the slenderman. It can turn into a tree or bush, and steals kids in the night. Never, Ever see this man again. Your lives may be in danger. About the night mares, has cody told his parent about the man? Be careful. I give you my blessing, so that you two will be safe from the slenderman. Make sure cody has salt in his pocket whenever he meet the man again, if ever. Blessed be and the biggest of hopes. Be safe.
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Re: My friends visitor.
Post # 6
Wasn't slenderman something invented on some Youtube videos? I've never heard of 'him' outside mention of those videos.

Now, apart from the possibility of some occult influence on this situation I would suggest (as the others) to stop meeting this person. Clearly you both get bad vibes from him, so why keep going? Unless you have both somehow become enticed by his company.
If in fact he was in your friends room, then that means he's probably followed him back one evening. Which is a pretty bad thing; he knows where you live.
If you think him to be some sort of magical being then I would try and find proof of it. If he turns out to be an actual regular human, like I'm betting he is, then magic will only go so far. To cure the nightmares, use magic. To try and provide some amount of safety, use magic. That will only work if you don't go wandering into danger. It's like putting on a cotton shirt and thinking it knife proof. I personally would go ahead and alert an adult. Before something terrible happens.
Try and be smart in this situation.

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Re: My friends visitor.
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I agree with Cassiel. Be smart about this, there are a lot of bad people in this world so don't do anything rash. Go and tell an adult as soon as possible. Then move if possible and never go meet this man again. Oh and for your friends nightmares, you might want to try to get him shield the area where he sleep. If you know how to do this, teach your friend Cody. If not, try a technique learned. First, have your friend go to the area where he sleeps. Then have him close his eyes and imagine what the shield will look like. Then give it a purpose and a chant might help. You might say something like, May this shield protect me from nightmares and keep the man in the park away from me by the power of three so mote it be" You might also want to call on whatever deity you believe in to help with this. You also could try shielding yourselves first if your having trouble with it until you get the hang of it. That might help and be sure to tell your parents,guardians, or some adult you trust about this or it could turn nasty with him but, if they don't believe in witchcraft or anything like that be sure to leave out the fact that he might have been astral projecting into your house.
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Re: My friends visitor.
Post # 8
Ah thank you everyone for your advice and thank you Nekoshema for the dream interpretation.

Now as for him entering his house, I talked to Cody about it and he said the door and windows were locked when he checked the house out. He thinks it was a hallucination since when he disappeared he made no noise, such as footsteps.

I'm the only one that gets an off vibe from him though, although Cody isn't as intune as me, he still is decently spot on with feelings about others.

Now as for the food, no he hasn't eaten anything from him. They really only meet and chat for an hour or two, but my friend still feels he is a good guy despite my feelings. I will suggest to him though to do some kind of cleansing and shielding.

I also have an update, they have decided to meet for lunch in two days, at Subway. If something comes up I will update you guys and again thank you.
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Re: My friends visitor.
Post # 9
Be careful.
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Re: My friends visitor.
Post # 10
Be very carefull.
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