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Do i need?

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Do i need?
Post # 1
Do i need candles to perform a spell that requires it? Im not allowed and if i do need them then i might as well stamp myself useless.
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Re: Do i need?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Candles, as all other "tools", are there to enhance the mood. There is no magic inherent in a candle. The magic is in you!
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Re: Do i need?
Post # 3
So i dont need any items? So ill i have to do to become a witch would be to say the chant during the day outside? No candles no symbols? If so im doing it in the morning.
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Re: Do i need?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Being out in nature when doing magick is the best, in my opinion. When I am performing an important ritual, I try to do it outside, weather permitting.

Candles are merely a focus point. You can use anything as a focus point. Just remember to raise energy as you chant. Most new to magick just think speaking words will work, but even words are just a focus. Magick is all about focus, will, energy, and belief. The rest are tools to aid the process.
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Re: Do i need?
Post # 5
but the spell is to become a witch.
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Re: Do i need?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
I don't like the idea of "to become a witch". Of course, there are "practising" witches, but if you believe in the magic of nature. If you believe there are strange things in the world, and that we humans do not understand all of them--yet!
If you believe all this, then you are a witch!
It is not like being Baptised, or even initiated. Many practising witches were never initiated. They became witches by learning, by observing the way nature works. In old days, a witch was the "wise one", with knowledge of healing,etc. They did not suddenly become "wise". It took time, and study.
It is the belief that makes you a witch. Not any chanting. If you believe in the magic, then you are a witch.
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Re: Do i need?
Post # 7
also do you have to memerize the chant? or can u read it? I have a sucky memory at memorizing.
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Re: Do i need?
Post # 8
actually all that you just said was what i believe. Literally all i think about is how such a complex world is so simple. There has to be more than this.

I read a spell on "becoming a witch". I want to be one.
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Re: Do i need?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Then learn all you can. This site is filled with information. And when you feel confidant in your knowledge (although you continue to learn until the day you die) you may perform a dedication ritual. Witch is believed to be synonymous with "wise one". Knowledge is very important!

As Brysing stated, I was never "initiated" into anything or by anyone. I decided to dedicate myself when I was 16, even though I had been learning about such things since I was a child. There is no rush. It feels more special when you have earned it.

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Re: Do i need?
By: / Adept
Post # 10
Let me offer a different perspective (or perhaps the same perspective worded differently):

I disagree that candles are merely an aide for better concentration. Yes, they are an aid, but that is not the end of the story. I, for one, would never take a candle magic spell and eliminate the candle, much like i wouldn't take a spell that incorporates magical herbalism and eliminate the herbs. I would choose an entirely different spell based upon the ingredients, or lack thereof, that i have on-hand.

Reason being is that magic works, at least in great part, by the laws of ressonance: like equals like, and candles have some serious ressonance mojo (Google "sympathetic magic" if you have no idea what i'm talking about).

For instance, let's take a love spell and a common method of preparing a candle to be burned for that purpose:

You'll use a red candle, most likely. The color red has a strong ressonance towards love and passion, thus increasing the mojo.

You'll carve symbols such as your lover's initials, hearts, and any other sigil - again, strong ressonance toward your goal = mojo.

You'll anoint the candle with magical herb-infused oil and roll the candle in a powdered blend of love-drawing herbs. This is a blessed union between herbalism and candle magic and provides strong, strong ressonance toward manifesting your goal.

The flame of the candle burns like your passion for your lover = strong ressonance. As it burns, the color red, your herbs, oils, and symbols get released into the Universe directed towards your goal = powerfully awesome mojo.

And this is where i full-Heartedly agree with others, as the candle burns, it provides a wonderful focus for your chants, prayers, and petitions.

And this is a very simple candle magic spell. There are other candle magic spells that include figure candles to further ressonate with your goal. There is a whole body of "moving candle spells" where you actually inact your goal with candles: drawing people closer, moving people away, flusing them down a toilet, etc. In these examples, to simply eliminate the candlework is eliminating a huge percent of your mojo.

Is it possible to effect change in the world through words and willpower alone? Of course it is. Look at the huge body of work on the Law of Attraction, vision boards, positive affirmations, etc. But this is NOT candle magic, a deriviative of candle magic, nor is it sympathetic magic.

Most beginners, and experienced pracitioners alike, need all the help we can get to bring our will into fruition. We use "helpers" that have magical powers *inherent within them*: herbs, stones, colors, symbols, Diety, etc. To call these things mere tools discredits their natural powers. To join with them increases your mojo exponentially.

In short, in my opinion - take it as you will - i would not substitute out candles in a spell that really depends on candles for their efficacy. There are plenty of other non-candle spells to choose from that rely on the ressonance of your own mind, energy, and Diety; work with those.
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