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Crystals in the Home

Forums ► Magic Items ► Crystals in the Home
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Crystals in the Home
Post # 1
Being an avid crystal user, I am always looking for new ways to use crystals in my home. Crystals/stones have their own energies but can also be charged for a specific purpose. It helps if you charge them based on their own properties. I thought sharing a walk through of the crystals in my home might give you some ideas for using them in your life. As always, feel free to add your ideas, uses and suggestions as well.

Above my front door I have placed Citrine and hematite. The citrine there helps to bring optimism and positivity into my home. The hematite helps to pull out negativity of those that enter. Along the stairwell leading up to may apartment I placed three clear quartz. They help to boost the power of the citrine and the hematite. It also helps to increase my energy after a long day out.

In my living room I placed celestite. On the top of the entertainment center and on my side table. This stone helps by balancing the energies in the room. It relaxes and brings peace of mind to those near it. This is good for me because I often work in my living room. It helps my child to keep calm while doing phone and online readings.

In my kitchen/dining room I keep citrine above the stove. It helps to boost my cooking creativity. It is also good for keeping tempers in check (in case you burn something ;). I have a topaz at my sink to help keep me focused on my chores. It helps to balance my scattered mind/energy to keep me on task.

Recently I added spirit quartz to my bathroom. This stone helps to let go of past issues. It is also said to purify the entire chakra system. I do my cleansings, both items and self, in this room. Spirit quartz helps to amplify the effects of said cleansings. I use pumice when doing my salt scrubs in the shower because it is good for cleansing negativity and for protection :)

In my sons room I keep citrine, amethyst, and smokey quartz on his shelf. Combined, their energy helps to prevent nightmares. They also help by bringing positive energy into his sleeping area. The smokey quartz and amethyst are known to help insomnia and can help the child and parent both get a good nights rest ;)

In my own bedroom, I keep citrine, amethyst, celestite, clear quartz, and amber. The combination of these constantly cleanse the room of negativity. They amplify positive energy, and help to bring out dream awareness (lucid dreaming). They aide with protection and can increase your chances of astral projection in sleep. I also pray and do divination for myself in my bedroom and all of these stones help with connecting to the divine powers.

I keep hematite in every window of my home to draw out and transmute all negativity. These are just some examples of the way you can use stones in your home. You can have them set into an object, furniture or door handle. You can weave them into a dream catcher. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
One quick word about crystal maintenance. You should cleanse your stones often with either smudging, light, fire (mentally) or a saltwater wash (if safe for that stone). You can charge and cleanse at the same time with sunlight/moonlight. The simple way of programming your stone is to hold it while focusing on the purpose you wish it to have. Programming should be done after cleansing and charging.
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Re: Crystals in the Home
Post # 2

That is such a good idea!! :)

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