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Ouija Board

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Ouija Board
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Ouija Board
Post # 1
I have two questions:
a) How can I make an ouija board
b) What was your experience with an ouija board (if you have used one)

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Re: Ouija Board
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

Perhaps you should look up spirit boards and how to make one.

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Re: Ouija Board
Post # 3
Just make it look exactly like a real one, and have a little light piece to use as the piece the spirit moves. But I must warn you, a made one is more dangerous than a real one, so you'll have to be careful with the spirits you talk to. Also, make sure the surface you use is smooth enough so the spirit doesnt have trouble moving the handpiece. One more thing, look up how it looks like, and just copy off of that. I've done this twice and have had no problems. it's exactly like using the original, just a bit more open to let the spirits out. My experiences with using and Ouija board? Make sure you know who and how the spirit is. Ask questions like it's name, the age it died, and the year. Just not too many questions because then you'll enrage the spirit. Little warning. :P Other than that, I've enjoyed speaking to ancestors and spirits mainly about my future. Just be careful, because a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Also.. Good luck. Talking to spirits can be exciting, but don't get overwhelmed. I've talked to plenty and I have faced bad ones. Once you asked your questions, and have determined it a bad spirit, say goodbye to it IMMEDIATELY. It's extremely important you do.
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Re: Ouija Board
Post # 4
Also, thee ones I've made use cardboard as the surface, and marker for the lettering. I have used a little vodka glass (friend's idea) and a guitar pick. Use anything you can -- Making it is just as fun as using it... And don't play alone. :justsaying:
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Re: Ouija Board
Post # 5
I'm an expert on Ouija Boards. I really am. I've used them for many years--always alone (never really intended to but I'm pretty much a loner and I've never not done something simply because I can't find anyone else, so used them for years and years always alone). No problem in any way, shape or form using the board.

You should be careful with ANY divination tool. Ouija Boards are not to be singled out like some bad black sheep of the divination family. I really get tired of hearing the "Oh! Ouija Boards are so dangerous, so you better be careful" stories. ALL divination tools have the capability of being dangerous, BUT if used in good strong faith, close relationship with your God/Goddess, with good intentions, and not just being positive during the usage, but always having a positive lifestyle in general should always bring a good outcome of using any divination tool. To each their own and this is just my opinion but I personally would not be involved with any kind of "dark majick" while using Ouija Boards (or any divination tool); I think the dark side is when one is more susceptible for evil spirits to enter into one's life.

I don't know about other people's God/Goddesses, but mine protects me (as do other positive spiritual beings) from evil spirits, so that alone makes me not afraid to use one. I think it was especially after the film, The Exorcist, that made so many people freak out and terrified of the Board (thanks a lot Hollywood).

I have 3 boards--two commercial and one I made from raw natural wood. It was cut pretty nicely so I picked the smoothest side and used that side to write the numbers, letters and some designs on it, using a black magic marker. I use one of my clear quartz crystals for the planchette. I did spray the board with Old English polish to help preserve the naked wood from any corrosion and to help make the surface smoother so the crystal planchette can move more easily. It looks quite lovely--it's heavy though.

All I do before I use it (or ANY divination tool) is say a simple prayer for protection against evil spirits and that only positive spirits come to communicate with me. No dramatic preparations, or actions. No extravagant, paranoia rituals. Just a simple and sweet prayer. If you are polite and respect the tools and them, the spirits will in turn be polite and respect you. The worst that has ever happened to me is sometimes the spirits can be abrupt with me as if they are in a hurry to leave so would cut short our conversation--as it swings to the "goodbye" on the board. But most times, they are very patient and answer me as long as I want them to and so I'm the one to go to "goodbye" first (you should always end with going to (saying) "goodbye" just like when you leave anyone you just had a conversation with. Common courtesy.

Other things: Don't keep repeating a question if they don't answer; it's rude, but you can rephrase it, or wait another day to ask again. Sometimes they just don't want to answer you for various reasons....Note that they don't always speak in English, so the so-called gibberish some say they do could be just another language. I suppose you could ask them to please speak in English, but they still might not. Just wait another day if you can't understand what they say or if the planchette seems to just be moving around aimlessly on the board. Also, it's best not to use the board--or any divination tool--when you're tired or in a bad mood.

Well, I that pretty much explains the basics. Good luck with your Ouija.

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Re: Ouija Board
Post # 6
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Ouija Boards WicceLorrie, it was very helpful to me. But I was wondering, how does it fell when a spirit moves the planchette ? How will I know it's "them" moving it and not me?

Also, I found this great website dedicated to Ouija Boards and thought I'd share it with you, if that's okay.


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Re: Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Ouija boards are easy to make, WicceLorrie made a good response. you can make a Ouija board out of a cardboard box if you wish [personally, you shouldn't do that, but you can] or you can be as fancy as finding a plank of wood [or, if you find, say, a stump, cutting a slice off it] sand it down, carve/paint letters, numbers, yes/no/goodbye into it, put primer on it so it's smooth. grab a glass/crystal, or out of wood cut a hole in it, and there, you made a Ouija and Planchette. after that, you need to charge and purify it.

my friend has this gorgeous glass/stone one with fairies all around it, but it's in old English cursive and we can't make out the letters well, so to warn you, since the spirits communicating through you, be sure the letters are clear and you can read them.

i've dealt with Ouija boards, i find it interesting how it feels, the way i describe it is every tried pulling a powerful magnet off a fridge and holding it slightly out of it's magnetic pull, but i only use it once a year on Samhain. normally, we have 3 people [we have a bigger coven, but 3 to work it] two people [usually we choose from the same 3 people who are the best with spirits] work the board [our eyes are always closed to make it easier to concentration] and the third person asks the questions. depending on the spirit it's fine, but on average, you should be asking questions that are not offensive, demeaning, or repetitive. we've dealt with 3 spirits that were young and/or argumentative, so the person asking the questions never got into trouble with them. this one spirit though she cursed at and the planchette just stopped moving. luckily we did a protection spell on her, but still, don't do that.
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