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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Religion.

Post # 1
So I just read "We Are The Other People". This has not only cleared up a few things, but made a few things a bit more unclear. (To fully understand what all I'll be talking about you may want to read it first. XD)

Anyway, I'll give you quick insight on my religious beliefs.
Simply put, I do believe in a God. But I am not a full on bible-thumper. I do not live by the "Bible". Mainly because I believe (that if there is truly a God) He/She wouldn't be a dictator that basically says "Do what I say if you want to be sin free". Also, doesn't it seem that religious classes and church and such are a bit demanding? (My opinion.)

But I accept all people for their own religions. I think all people can believe what they want (even though I do make bible-thumpers (die-hard Christians, Lutherans... etc) very often)

But I also believe in (as I so put it) the "gray" area of this world. (Try telling some people this world isn't black and white..) That gray area being the pagan ways (everything of this website). I believe in reincarnation, and also that there's a reason that we have been put onto this earth. I fully believe in karma/the rule of 3 (I think they're similar), spellcasting, you name it, if it's here, I have yet to find a flaw with it. (Unlike the bible, which is rather flawed in my eyes)

I also believe in the phrase "We're only human" meaning everyone makes mistakes. And you should not have to go to a confessional for everything.

Okay, that's probably a good amount of my religious beliefs, now, the main topic...

Now, I feel I could be one of the "Other People" But how could it truly be known if you are from the "Other People" or of descent of Adam and Eve? Now, I feel there would be many, many more of the "Other People" seeing that Adam and Eve were only 2 of hundreds or more. (Basically I'm saying, how would I know if I'm really of the "Others"?)

That being said, if Adam and Eve were only 2/???? why is it that (it seems) most people choose to live by the Bible? Which is definitely not all of our stories. The only reason I could think, is that most people are just pressured into religion by their parents until they finally open their eyes to the world they live in. Simply put, this world isn't perfect. Neither are we as people/a society.

So if anyone has anything to say/add/answer, feel free. I'm needing others opinions right now.

By the way, I'm sorry if this seems choppy, but it's rather hard to type when your mother is trying to talk to you about wrestling.... And most of this can probably be easily answered, but remember, I'm 15... and I tend to overthink some things.

Well, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to your replies.

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Re: Religion.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I think some people raise their kids to be Christian because it is what they believe and they think that is the right way to raise people. What I don't understand is the bible(yes I use it with lower case letters, there's a reason for that) says that people can't be happy without God, yet, I have a friend who is an Athiest and she is perfectly happy. Yet, people will argue that you can't be happy without god, and there must be some part in that person's life but, there are plenty of Christian's that are miserable and there are plenty of people who practice the craft who are perfectly happy with what they believe and would be unhappy if they were forced to be Christian. I don't see the line of thought here and the bible says that if you don't believ in God, you go to hell, well if that were true, hell would be full right now wouldn't it? It would be bursting at the seems. Also, the bible says, "The path to Hell is wide, but the path to Heaven is narrow" Then what happens to the eighty percent of the United States that's Christian? A long with the rest of the world? How many of them are going to this supposed hell? Sorry if this sounds like a rant, these are just some of my beliefs about the bible.
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Re: Religion.
Post # 3
Yes, I fully agree. And no it doesn't sound like a rant. XD I've been talking to my friends lately and they don't seem to disagree, I might as well stick with what I believe, accepting all. XD But I still would somehow love to know if I'm of pagan descent. XD
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Re: Religion.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
That would be so cool. I know so of my ancestors on my on my Dad's mother's side(my Grandmother) were healers that healed people with magic,although, there are probably a lot of people of Pagan descent that don't even know about it because they weren't allowed to speak about it during The Middle Ages in fear of being locked up or killed. Also, if witchcraft and playing with Ouija Boards is a sin then God would have to put so many people it's not even possible to count in hell because used and Ouija Board and didn't pray to Jesus for forgiveness. I believe that people have to solve their own problems and that prayer should be the last option. Because, say if you pray to God for a new Tv, you sit on your butt, you don't work for it and expect that Tv to come, that Tv is never going to come unless somehow, by a lucky draw you win it in a raffle. Also, Christian's say we don't pray enough, seriously do you think there is enough time in the day for God to sit around and hear the prayers from million, or billions of people suffering around the world, and how does he decide who gets an answer and who doesn't? So, if thousands of children in a country like Africa are starving and praying for food, and we here in the U.S. are praying for a brand new sports car and we go to work, do our job, and get a raise, and we get the brand new sports car, what does that tell you? That if God did exist he'd be feeding the poor and the hungry, he would come down to earth to take a care of the sick and the lonely, which means he doesn't exist. Since the only proof we have is a Bible, a book written by human beings, for human beings, and some old scrolls which were written hundreds of years ago which, no common person has see, so how do we know if the scrolls actually say what we think they do? What if they were mistranslated? I mean, English today is a lot different then English a couple hundred years ago, and how could God create the earth in seven days? The big circular rock, which is now earth took billions of years to form, and God just happened to create the world in seven days, I don't think so. Oh, and if God created the Earth, who created him? if he created everything that is here now. He didn't just fall out of the sky, because God doesn't exist. There is no physical proof that I know of that proves otherwise. Evolution is the only theory I know of that stands to be true about how the earth got created. I'm sorry if I offended you for any reason or, anyone else on the site who might be reading this post, and I hope this doesn't sound like a rant.
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Re: Religion.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
"We are the other people" is satire!
Satire:- Irony; ridicule; mocking; lampoon.

The Article is not meant to be truth. It is trying to show how false the Bible is!
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Re: Religion.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Christianity worships the Jewish god YHWH. The Jews never once dismissed that there weren't other gods, they only said, we are worshipping this ONE god because they claim he created the Jewish people and led them to freedom from the Egyptians. Look at the commandment "Worship no other gods before me". If there were no other gods, why was it written that way? Literally, this is accepting that there are other gods, but YHWH wants to be the only one worshipped by his followers.

Eve means woman and Adam means man. Some even claim that the meaning behind Adam and Eve is plural--men and women. But lo and behold, they all had Hebrew children. So its safe to say that Hebrews were writing about their beginning and their god, and were not stepping on any toes claiming that other gods didn't exist. The Judaism is more concerned about behavior than exact belief. Jews can add their own personal twists to their faith as long as they remain in a certain proximity of the basic outline of Judaism, which is mostly a code of conduct. I have known many who follow Judaism...awesome people and it is truly interesting to discuss religion with them. For those of you clueless about Judaism, check out this site http://www.jewfaq.org/beliefs.htm

Going on, then King David appears and his decendent becomes Jesus. However that is a purely Christian belief. To the Jews their messiah has never come, and Jesus was just a prophet, nothing more.

The Christians took the Jewish Torah further and said YHWH is the ONLY god. Then they assembled the New Testiment, even throwing out books from the same authors that didn't correspond with their religion. Since they made their religion based off of a Jew (Jesus) their god was the god he preached about, YHWH. But they also took quite a lot from Babylon, Egypt, and Greek religion to name a few for their dogma and to shape their doctrine.

The Other People demonstrates how the meaning of the Torah and Jewish teaching has been twisted to fit the Christian religion. It takes true facts about the translations, but narrates it in a humorous way. It is explaining that the Torah never said that Adam and Eve were the only humans, and that a different word "Elohim" which is a plural word, created the world. There was actually a special about this on the History Channel many year back.

Research the word Elohim and see for yourself. Stay away from Christian authors and look for theologians and historians. While you're at it, research what scholars have to say about the translations of the Bible in general.

If you really want to go even further, look into Kabbalist belief. That is pre-jewish and what the present Jewish religion stemmed from. The site I gave has some basic kabbalism information.

EVERYONE has pagan ancestory if you go far enough. The only ones who have ancestory with YHWH worshippers are those who are of Israelite / Hebrew decent. Read Abrahams story to understand this best. Read the Jewish Torah and you will find many differences from the Christian Bible's Old Testiment.

If someone wants to be Christian, I have nothing against that. But I feel they should all understand their roots and all the information out there about their religion's history and their Bible's translations from the original language. Why don't you read this http://www.greatsite.com/timeline-english-bible-history/
I remember learning about this when I was a pre teen, and I could never look at the Bible the same again. It went from being interesting to garbage in my eyes.

Very strong words "Either this is not the Gospel or we are not Christians" referring to the massive difference between the Latin Vulgate and Greek translation. That quote is found in the link I included above.
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Re: Religion.
Post # 7
if you truly look at the bible it is false and its not my opinion its revelations 22:18-19. because of this, only the first book would have any possibility at being true because the bible was made over time and people chose which books would go in.
blessed be
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Re: Religion.
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
And, have you guys all heard of "The Seven Deadly Sins?" You guys probably have but, if we've all committed a deadly sin, how come we aren't dead? I mean come on, everyone has experienced greed, lust, and all that other stuff at least once in their lifetime, and that would be the bare minimum. Besides, that is human nature, and why is human nature against the bible? Because according to the bible, human nature is evil and we should all bow down to God to be forgiven and make ourselves worthy of heaven. No offense, but if the Christian Heaven does exist I will be a very sad person when I die, and come on who wants to sit around and praise the Christian God twenty four hours a day, seven days a week? Wouldn't that be a bit exhausting? And besides, who wants to do that? Even when the other alternative is Hell. Both those options seem pretty bad to me. Oh, and the story of Noah's Ark, how did two animals of each kind from all around the world fit on one ark? Considering there were thousands of species, there wouldn't have been enough room for all of them and, animals who normally can't swim would have to, have crossed oceans and continents would have taken years to get there even if they knew the way, and what did all the predatory animals eat? They couldn't have eaten grass because they were in an ark for a very long time. They would have had no choice but to eat the sheep, or whatever other kind of animal they could find, and so by the time they finally got out of the ark all of the other prey animals would have been gone. And besides, if they took two of each kind, how did the animals repopulate the earth? Everyone knows you have to have several animals of the same species available for that to happen. Look up cheetahs if you don't believe me. You can look up exactly what happened to the cheetahs when they almost went extict. It is the same thing that would have happened to the lions, tigers, the humans, and all the other animals if there had only been two of each kind, and yes humans are considered animals.
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Re: Religion.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
The Noah's Arc story has been studied and believed to have some truth. You have to understand their perspective at the time. To ancient people, the world wasn't very big. If their was a flood, to them, the whole world was flooded. They have found the remains of a very large boat on the top of a mountain in Ukraine and feel that the Noah's ark story may be connected to that particular flood. If you were alive back then, and you knew a large flood was coming, you would pack all of your barnyard animals into a boat too, because if not, how else would you survive? Chickens lay eggs and reproduce quickl, goats and cows give milk that can be turned into cheese and butter. Rabbits reproduce even faster and are eaten as well. This is what they feel the truth behind Noahs Arc was--a farmer/carpenter who survived a large flood by building a boat and bringing their animals into that boat. Did they collect crocodiles, tigers, and elephants? No. But normal animals found around a farm? Probably. Has the story been exaggerated for effect to make an impact on the reader? Most definitely. That is what legends are made of.

Even in modern times, look at Christopher Columbus! He gets a holiday and was not the first to discover America, but most of us as children were taught the phrase "Columbus discovered America in 1492". It's untrue! Its legend! It has some truth, he did set out on a voyage in 1492. He existed. But he was not the first to discover America. In fact, it wasn't even America he landed on, he only thought he had. A myth of modern times. A man turned into a legend.

Their is a lot of evidence that their are historical events that tie in with the Old Testiment / Torah. The New Testiment however is highly criticized, which is what Christianity bases its main beliefs on (Jesus). There is historical events in every mythology however, the Trojan War of the Greeks, the Aesir and Vanir war of the Norse. People took what happened in real life and threw in their own religious beliefs and perspectives into the mix. When a war occurred or a natural disaster, it had to be the gods or "God"! And they explained these happenings in a way that incorporated these gods to demonstrate their power in their lives.

My daughter looks at a sunset and says it's the goddess's beauty. This is her perspective on the world based off of pagan belief. If she lived in ancient times, grew up, and wrote about a sunset being created by the goddess, this doesn't mean the sunset doesn't exist, but it does demonstrate her perspective on the world based off of her faith. Anyone can write a story based off of facts and color it with their spiritual beliefs. When reading any mythology, we must consider the perspective, times, and culture of the people who wrote them.
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Re: Religion.
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Thanks for the info White Rav3n, it was very much appreciated. So, if we have all committed the seven deadly sins, why aren't we dead? Because the bible was based off off of what people believed during that time period. It is a historical artifact, not a religious book.
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