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Self Awareness
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Socrates once advised all seekers of wisdom to, know thyself. The self is difficult to define, and ever more difficult to measure. Nevertheless, it is compelling and vital to understanding yourself and others.

Carl Rogers summarized important characteristics of the self as:

1. Organized and consistent

2. Includes ones perceptions of I or me

3. Includes the relationships among I or me and others

4. The self is available to consciousness (we can become aware of it)

5. The shape of the self is always changing, yet always recognizable.

To become more aware of yourself and your potential you must know your possible selves. The Johari Window is the key to just that. Developed in 1969, it is a means to evaluating your possible selves. Imagine everything there is about you put into a large square, the square become composed of four smaller squares making a whole. Each one of these smaller square units represents a self, capable of changing size and intensity.

The Open Self (I know, others know)

This square represents information that you know about yourself and that others know about you as well. This area includes feelings others have about you and their associates with you.

The Blind Self (Others know, I dont know)

This square represents information about you of which you are unaware but is visible or apparent to others. (Mannerisms, as an example).

The Hidden Self (I know, others dont know)

This square represents information or parts of you that you hide from others. The only way someone may learn what is in this square is if you choose to disclose it with them.

The Unknown Self (Unknown to all parties)

This square represents the unknown aspects of you, that neither you nor anyone else knows. Your potential, your skills, abilities, experiences you havent had yet, things you have not yet attempted.

I mention the Johari Windo because I fully believe that to function properly we must make these squares as even as possible. It is important to make sure that the Unknown Self is small! The more we know, the smaller that square will get, and the stronger we become in ourselves. Self-concept is the single-most important factor in day-to-day communication betwixt yourself and others. When you develop this sense of self new potentials and abilities can be brought into light. It directly relates to magick. Pulling a book of spells from a shelf and chanting a few lines will not avail to much without the proper insight. There are always unknown potentials to each individual, and the more you dive into the unknown the more rewarding your experiences will be. Self-Actualization: The realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities esp. considered as a drive or need present in everyone. This should be the goal you work towards.

So meditate. Stop and ponder yourself sometime.

What are your ethics? What do you value? What do you wish to learn or accomplish?

What do you want? What do you hope to achieve or experience through magick?

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