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High Magick Exorcism

Forums ► Misc Topics ► High Magick Exorcism
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High Magick Exorcism
Post # 1
As I stated in my profile, I'm a ceremonial magician. Some of my western type magic is based on rituals of the organization, "The Golden Dawn." This organization was founded in the latter part of the 19th Century and has been instrumental in influencing more occult magicans--past and present--than any other magical organization. I have placed together some of their most powerful rituals into quite an effective exorcism. I will now go into detail about it.

Equipment needed: Brown robe with hood, robe belt, large crucifix placed in robe belt, protective Circle of Art to stand in while exorcising each room or person, Triangle of Art to contain demons or demon, magical sword, air dagger, chalice to hold holy water, hand-held pentagram, hand-held metal bell, two white candles, incense.

a. With your robe on, go into the room that will be exorcised or situate yourself near the possessed person. Spread the Circle of Art on the floor, placing the magical sword, air dagger, chalice of holy water, metal bell, and pentagram inside it. Situate the Triangle of Art on the floor, on the East side of the Circle of...apex facing away from Circle of... Light the candles and place one on the left and right sides of the Triangle of...Light the incense and place it within the center of the Triangle of... Turn off all lights in the room, ensuring it's dark, except for candle light.

b. Stand within the center of the Circle of Art. Perform preliminary prayers, while ringing the bell. Lay the bell inside the Circle of...

c. Perform the Rite of Adoration of the Lord of the Universe.

d. Pick up the air dagger and perform the Qabbalistic Cross ritual. Lay it back down inside the Circle of...

e. Perform the Rite of Purification with water and Consecration with fire, using the chalice of holy water and another lighted incense. Lay them both inside the Circle of...

f. Pickup the air dagger, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

g. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

h. Perform the Qabbalistic Cross Ritual again. Lay the air dagger back inside the Circle of...

i. Pick up the magical sword and point it at the Triangle of...Command the demons or demon to go onto the Triangle of Art, using a detailed conjuration.

j. Demand the demons or demon to tell you its names/name.

k. Using its names or name, demand the demon to depart from residence, business, or person/residence or you will--using God's and God Savior Jesus Christ's power --send it back to the dark Astral abodes.

l. After the demons or demon depart, perform prayers, thanking God and God Savior Jesus Christ for their love and power. Lay the magical sword back inside the circle.

m. repeat steps c through h again.

n. Close the ceremony.

o. Sprinkle holy water around the perimeters of each room in the house. If it is a possessed person, you will sprinkle the holy water on him or her, while saying the Lord's Prayer.

p. Perform the Lesser Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram in front of every door and window to ensure the demons or demon don't come back.

Now this is an outline of all the steps. I'm not saying that you will be successful in a short amount of time--no, because you must take your time and ensure you feel God's and God Savior Jesus Christ's love throughout the exorcism. The exorcist must feel divine love and not feel fear through each step, or he/she will probably not be successful.

NOTE: The crucifix and pentagram are used by exorcist if he/she should lose control of the situation. To regain control the exorcist would show demons or demon the crucifix and pentagram.
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
Post # 2
A very Informative thread My friend, very Informative Indeed.
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
Post # 3
Thank you very much Necromancer2. Glad you liked it.
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
By: / Novice
Post # 4
A good idea and well payed out thread, but why not just use a simple cleansing ritual and protection spell? It would save do much time and has the same effect. I like to leave my room open to spirits but only ones either invited in or with good intentions. But I gave protected the rest of my house.
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
Post # 5
This is not only for the house... This is also for people. There is no protection if a demon is inside a person.
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
A simple cleansing ritual works in most cases, but in my opinion this sort of thing is more useful when there is more severity within the problem.

It is important to note that within such high magic like this it is often assumed that you, the circle, the magical tools, etc. have all already been purified through ritual cleansing. Further, the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram as well as the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram generally (b] are [/b) simple purification rituals.

Within this, you will find several elements that go above and beyond the usual measures.

The traditional symbols used exert authority and energy, establishing your presence over that over the entity. Even the vestments of the robe is there to offer a sort of buffer of purity between yourself and the entity that has been causing harm and all of the magics involved, while simultaneously establishing yourself as the authority within the magic. A simple banishing ritual often does not possess these elements to such a degree.

The circle, as with most circles, contains the magics and the energies and helps prevent anything from "leaking" out. Often times within a simple banishing ritual the negative energies are rather free to disperse and go where they will while you are removing them. This can result in "contamination" elsewhere. It is not just to protect you, but to contain the magic involved.

As suggested, the Triangle of Art is a useful tool in further containing the elements. As noted within the ritual described above, the energies are commanded there where they are further isolated from those within the circle. In this way there are multiple layers of energy and protection dampening the will of the malignant entity and its negative influence.

Further, if you are interested in such things, using these methods to acquire the name of the spirit affords you control over the spirit. This can either provide you with an edge should you or the one you are caring for continue to be molested by the entity, or allows you to further examine the situation by evoking it and demanding to know its motivations in a situation that is more favorable to you.

Again regarding the use of simple purification methods, I would point out as Pacholo wrote that after the whole of the exorcism, the individual as well as the entire home is cleansed through simple purification rituals.

Also, for those spell casters who are not christian, you can substitute the name of your god/goddess if you so desire. In my case, I do not worship so I use the force of my own will, rather than the will of any deity. This, to my experience, is equally effective.

This is a great post Pacholo. Thank you for sharing it.
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Nice, I've performed high magick in the past. My husband loves high magick. It personally isn't for me, although I do it occasionally (maybe once ever year or two at max). I am a big fan of the LBRP and have used it in many cases. If anyone is interested in such things, a nice source to the LBRP and other Golden Dawn info is www.thelemapedia.org
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Re: High Magick Exorcism
Post # 8
Thanks for liking everyone.
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