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Pentacle Charging!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Pentacle Charging!

Pentacle Charging!
Post # 1
Hello everyone, I wan't to know if the pentacles in the key of solomon needs to be charged or does it work on it's own? Based on my friend he says that I should not charge it. I wan't to know from the experts, since I am gonna print it later.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There are all sorts of myths and legends about a pentacle.
A pentacle is a pentagram inside a circle. It is the ancient symbol of the planet/Goddess Venus. Every eight years the planet's orbit path forms a perfect pentagram in the sky. Some believers have it that the symbol itself has power. Others believe it needs to be "charged". Others believe it is merely a symbol, and has no intrinsic power.
I cannot understand how the pentacle came to be associated with Solomon. He would have known about it, of course, but his symbol was his father's star; two triangles. And that is six pointed; the pentacle only five!
The pentagram has long been a symbol of the elements, earth, fire, water,air and spirit. Also a symbol of Man.(See Da Vinci).
I wear a pentacle necklace, not for any power, but to proclaim my beliefs; in the same way a Christian would wear a crucifix.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 3
I have a pentacle necklace and a pentacle ring to represent my beliefs some people think I'm jewish which I'm not lol
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 4
If I may humbly illuminate without offense;
1) The Pentacles are nothing but art or ornaments until they are chareged. So yes, they need to be charged.
2) Are you aware that the Pentacles are to invoke or evoke a demon? They are not a simple charm. They are not good luck amulets. They are not for acquiring wealth, health, influence someone, etc.., This is a myth. There is an elaborate ceremoney of protection (a special protective circle and separate triangle), then, a special prayer of invocation, when a demon appears within the protective triangle then, the charged "charm" or amulet one chose, is used to request by the power of the pentacle (a form of force to do one's bidding and perhaps against the will of the demon, which is a whole other issue in which the demon might try to influence to sign a contract first, before he will do anything for you). In this way will one acquire what one had initially desired of the chosen amulet or pentacle. Just carrying one around is only as good as a "panacea" or, sugar pill (a fake pill used to fool research subjects on those 50/50 percentile subject ratings). Look this up in psychology books or just "panacea." You'll understand.
3) Have you ever wondered why law men wear star badges on their chest? Well, Yahoo answers by a Deputy Sheriff stated "Some of the earliest known American law enforcement badges were found in the larger East Coast cities. These followed the example of their English predecessors and were rayed stars as can be found in the first issue Boston and Baltimore badges. They were totally custom die-struck pieces, based on the Star Medallions of Chivalric Orders with raised lettering and the armorial bearings or seal of their City. These were well suited to the larger and financially well off Municipal Departments. As smaller Cities and Towns began to institute their own agencies to supplement the County Sheriff's Offices, a more cost-effective solution was sought.
The plain five point, six point and seven point star badges made their appearance. These could be lettered with the City, Town, County and Department's name much more economically. The chivalric rayed star within a wreath badge became the five or six point star within a circle or crescent.
I looked up Star Medallions Of Chivalry Orders and found;
http://www.sokj.com/EN/faq_e.htm The Chivalric Order Of The Knights Of Justice with headquarters in England. The Chivalric Order Of Justice has its origins in Great Britain in the 10th Century. It is one of the ancient religious Dynastic Orders and is attributed to King Edward (called, "The Elder" 900-924), from the House of Wessex, who wanted to carry on with the tradition of King Arthur, calling together all his faithful Knights to his "roundtable in the Castle of Kenilworth (Warwickshire-Midlands), leaving to them the defense of the Throne and the Administration of Justice. The Orders mission is summed up in its motto "Lex-Justicia-Pax" (Law, Justice, Peace), and in its aims "Tuitio Fidei Et Obsequium Pauperum" (Defense for the faith and, caring for the suffering). One of their Ranks is the 4th Order and their emblem is a necklace with a STAR on it as a medallion.
4) Leonardo Da Vinci had a different take of interpreting the Pentagram. Refer to his drawing, The symbol of man. The Pentagram represents Man (humanity, this includes Women too). The head of man is the upper point, the two side points are the arms extended. The two lower points are the legs extended.
So, The Pentagram represents Man.
5) However, Cabalists have a varied interpretation of the Pentagram that includes both Da Vinci's thoughts on the Pentagram and the Chivalry Order Of Justice.
a) The Temple of God is within us all. It is within our chests. We all have God within us. We have a straight telephone/cell phone line to God. That is why we can pray to God and sometimes, our prayers are answered.
b) Da Vinci's symbol of man is not just man but "the best that man can be." Man at his finest hour. Righteous man. Man when he/she does the right thing according to their conscious. The Wiccan Rede; "An it harm none, do what thour wilt."
c) So, the pentagram is not only an emblem symbol of Wiccans no dear readers, it is much deeper than that. It is a very powerful symbol of Man at his best. It is definitely a "protection" against evil, symbol. You are a Chivalric knight of old when you wear your pentagram. Don't allow anyone to trash that.
Blessed be, a paradise for you now, here on this good earth.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 5
Oops, forgot;

6) The Pentagram also represents the combining of the five elements. Which means that the Pentagram in this sense, is also a powerful symbol of invoking the elements, as in elemental magic by which having or wearing this symbol, one has the authority to initiate, just like the Pentacles of King Solomon.

So, a Pentagram or Pentacle as one wears, is a very powerful symbol, representing the best of man and, the five elements of magic.
Blessed be.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 6
Cool story bro,
Needs more dinosaurs though.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 7
Not a story, it is a fact. You're a cynic with no imagination.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 8
U mad bro?
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Lonestar. What you have posted is your belief. Do not expect it to be the belief of everybody else. AS I have posted, the pentacle has many beliefs.
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Re: Pentacle Charging!
Post # 10
Brysing, I stated facts. This was not a story. Google my statements. Every one can be backed up. And austinkll2 called it a story and needed dinosaurs. THAT, is calling me a liar. Ever heard of common courtesy?
How would you like it if I called you a fabricator. Your wrtiting has no merit, no value. You are pointless.
Are you mad? Feel the burn.
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