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Magic.. craft or walk?

Forums ► Comments ► Magic.. craft or walk?

Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 1
I noticed that so many members have way too many negative comments about other practice etc..

I would like to start a more positive thread about different ways to view our craft instead.

I feel that it might shed some light on the things we tend to disagree on.

I normally view magical works as a craft. But I notices that in some cases, I also tend to view it as a way of life.

I tend to stay close to the what we call the "light" It is to me somewhat of a spiritual walk. It helps me to determine if someone has some negative energy on or close to them.

Its similar to cleansing yourself spiritually and its a constant battle. I often have to meditate and focus in order to keep myself from picking up negative energies.

I tend to find people that carry these energies. I always try to let them know what I see in them when ever possible.

If possible, I try to help them remove some of these things by works or spiritual baths.

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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 2
There is a massive amount of negative energy in the forms lately and its nice to see positivity from some members

I think people should get together because we are all here with magical spirituality which makes everybody unique despite what others may think

But people have strong views about their religion and cause this site is mixed it creates arguments, this can be fixed by people respecting others of their faith even if its a lot different from yours

Great post Nowwhere2hide :)
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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 3

Great post, i like to see more positive attitudes and energies on the fourms. Because i hate when people get made at each other for no apparent reason. Sometimes some people push on other beliefs just because on what they believe in. And which i think is wrong, but its my opinion.

I would love to see more positive and gerent topics on the forums as well.

Blessed Be

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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 4
Thank you Terrahurts and Lithium.

I figure it will set the stage for us to grow and get to know more about one another here.

I would love to hear about what others practice and the good and bad aspects, how they view what they do, etc.

I would like to learn more about what others practice and what their expereinces are..

Too often, all we ever hear is others pointing out what people think of someone else's practice. It would be to hear about what people enjoy about their practice for a change.
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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5

I walk a path that involves magic and magical crafts influencing all the aspects of my daily life. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is meditate and then write anything down that I might need to record. As I shower and brush my teeth I am cleansing my body both physically and spiritually. When I dress the cloths and jewelry I put on create a protective charm on me. As I travel about, cook, clean, garden, etc, I am weaving a magical web trough my life and all that it touches.

I practice mostly folk magic but I also do ritual magic as well. From cleansing to "cursing" I have done most types of castings and other magical workings. I walk not on one side of a line or the other, but instead I try to remain balanced. You can not have positive energy with out negative energy. The trick is to use them both harmoniously.

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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 6
Nice post Kts.

I would like to add to my last post.

I agree that there is no positive without negative. In my belief system the negative energies are all around us. The trick is to try to maintain in a place where we feel comfortable. Also, we acknowledge that what is good for us may not be good for others. i.e., some people might fit right at home with other energies that makes us feel a bit uncomfortable. These energies tend to make us feel that everything we do go is going wrong. It goes beyond bad luck for us.

I am aware that life has its up and downs. I am not in any way saying that everytime somethign goes wrong we have to do works.
I am referring to an energy that tends to hang around too long and causes everything we do to go wrong.

Thanks for your input.
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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7

N2h I agree with you that what one person finds to be a negative energy another might find it as a positive. I know that most people find the energy in and around my home to be very positive and welcoming however there have been some who experience the opposite. I have many different types of spirits and creatures that dwell in my home and even outside on my property. I welcome all so long as their actions do not cause any major negative issues with the other things that dwell here . Yes there is a hierarchy with myself, my husband and my children at the top and any creature who just arrived and has never been a guest before at the bottom. Some might say I am a saint for this other would say I am evil due to some of the guests, how they are treated, or the way I live. It really comes down to what makes you comfortable and what you believe . We are all different when it comes to many aspects of life but we are also they same in just as many ways. I do hope for peace but understand that it; as with good and evil, positive and negative; is an abstract, a human construct, and is different for everyone.

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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 8
I'll try but it's really hard for me to get rid of negative energies. When I do, they harbor back up again. I'm surround by people that are negative and they constantly bog me down. I do fear having the negative energies and I do try to get rid of them as much as possible. Maybe I need a spell that can make the stuff bounce off me? I don't often have time to meditate...but I will try. Thanks for posting.
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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
Post # 9

I see magic as a practice of connecting with nature and yourself and learning from it. Growing spiritual. It is a way of life to me. A life long practice. An everyday practice. A way of making the most out of your life or this life.

I agree with that view on positive and negative energies. I learned a new thing at school and I like it. In Speech, we talked about the communication theory and the field of experience. I am like a four year old who learned a new word. Field of experiences is our values, culture, experiences and how we see the world. I think it is one of the major parts of our practice. How we interpret things. Then again, i am weird so..

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Re: Magic.. craft or walk?
By: / Novice
Post # 10

thank you n2h, i honestly think we should listen to other peoples beliefs, and decide if we want to pull some of their beliefs in ours

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