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How to see Auras!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► How to see Auras!
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How to see Auras!
Post # 1
Hello peepz I am back again and I have a bran new topic! That's right, it's for anyone who wants the ability to see ones aura! (even your own.)
I've had a few people ask me about it so here's a technique I like to use and find it really helpful :) so enjoy and good luck!

When your reading ones aura, it’s best to have a very dark black or red background. The aura is usually strongest around the subjects head, but if you don’t have another person to try this with, your own hand will work fine.

Pick a point just beyond your hand (or the persons body/head) and let your eye go unfocused. Eventually if your doing it right (hopefully you are!) a thin white band will come into view. This is the first layer of the aura. Once you’re able to view the white band, fix your gaze a little more beyond it. Eventually a (or more) colored band(s) will come into view. This stage is much harder to see. Each color has a meaning.

These are the meanings!
RED: Energy, strength, courage
DEEP RED: Sensuality
CRIMSON: Loyalty
PINK: Cheerfulness, optimism
ROSE: Self love
ORANGE: Joy, vitality, balance of mental and physical
YELLOW: Wisdom, creativity, spiritual
GREEN: Ingenuity, compassion ,growth
PALE GREEN: Healing power
GRAYISH GREEN: Pessimism, envy
BLUE: Spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual
GRAYISH BLUE: Melancholy
ICE BLUE: Intellectual
PURPLE: Spiritual power

So there you have it :) this is a great technique if you plan on having the gift of aura seeing! Have fun, take your time and learn your basics! blessed be!

P.S please remember to comment any experiences you may of had and if you have any tips!
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Re: How to see Auras!
Post # 2
im sorry but im a newbie and i dont get what u mean unfocus and pioting at where at my hand!
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Re: How to see Auras!
By: / Novice
Post # 3

moon please remember some people cant do the techniques you do...

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Re: How to see Auras!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I've always interpreted blue colors as protective or guardian types. Orange is a very emotional color, but I don't think it always represents balance, especially if it's a rusty sort of orange. I interpret pink and rose as charisma colors, but I guess that does kind of tie in with your cheerfulness, optimism and self love. I also see yellow completely differently from you. To me, yellow is an indication of someone with a great love for material or physical things. Stuff. Pretty items. Collections. That kind of thing. Gold is different from yellow. Gold is the color of ambition. I've met some very intellectual people with no ice blue in their aura. The grayish color you're talking about is the addition of the color black to a different color (or black and white for a true gray). Black is the color of void, which is why all the colors you've listed as grayish have some of that sense in them. I see green as a color of love, but that also ties in to your meanings. It's always interesting to see how someone else interprets colors.

Oh and for those who can't use this technique to see auras, I have a slightly different one. Look at the shadows on the person's face. Look in the dark place under their eyebrow or chin. Or if they have dark hair, that's a good place to look. If you stare there for a while, eventually you'll see floating patches of soft color that look a little bit like sun spots, only not as bright. This is the aura. With practice you should be able to see several distinct colors in each person's aura, with different intensities. This technique also works for photographs. There are a lot more colors not listed here. Eventually I'll write up something with all the colors I've seen and what I know about them. For now I enjoyed this post, thanks.
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Re: How to see Auras!
Post # 5
sorry if you don't get what I'm talking about but this is the exercise I do :( I'll try and post up more simpler techniques for yous ok? :)
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Re: How to see Auras!
Post # 6
I found a link that said the colors were different... which one is right? here's the link.

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Re: How to see Auras!
Post # 7
I can see the first layer of the aura, but sometimes I see strips of color meters or feet above the persons body but no color in between. Sometimes if everyone is in a room, everyone's aura looks the same.
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