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Witchcraft and parenting

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Witchcraft and parenting

Witchcraft and parenting
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have asked Pet for a new thread and just wanted to share the idea with everyone.

I thought the only thing that was missing from the site was a parenting thread to magickal parents who wants to raise their kid around their path. No matter what path you have chosen! Kids will be welcome to come and share ideas of what they wish their parents would do or things they have done as well!

It hopefull will be a place where parents like myself can exchange ideas on anything from craft ideas to help teach basic knowledge of their path, herbal remedies for children aid, fun kitchen cooking ideas to with children to teach them herbs, to teaching them simple breathing techniques.

I would love to hear feedback on this idea from anyone! Parent, Non-Parent, Child. Good or bad!

Blessed Be

I would love to hear any feedback on this idea from anyone! parent, non parent, kid
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This can likely be discussed in "Wicca" or any of the general discussion forums, valid topic though it may be.
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
yes that is true, but i would believe that it would give people a sense of direction on where to ask questions of that nature in seeing how nothing about parenting is stated in any topic thread. I feel as their is no real place for a parent like myself to talk about these types of things and there could be many many things to disscuss if you get people to be aware of the situation. so a thread for itself would be great to keep all the info in one spot?!? Yes? No?
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
Post # 4
As you are including kids in your idea, the whole site is already providing the service of addressing parents and children. If you stick around for a while, you will probably meet many experienced parents who can help you, guide you, and share ideas with you, on a more personal, therefore possibly more effective, level.

I include a specific site that you may find of interest.

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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
My daughter used to have terrible night terrors, ever since she was an infant. I tried everything, but she would still get them at least once a week. When she turned four, I taught her a simple protection spell that called to the four elements and she said it every night with me. I told her that it would protect her from bad dreams and "monsters". Ever since she's been using it, her night terrors have stopped completely.

Like me she is sensitive to sensing spirits and energy. So my husband purchased a witches knot pendant that I blessed and charged that she happily wears everyday. It has also eliminated the day "monsters" she was always afraid of. We agreed on the witches knot because it resembles a cross or celtic knot and no one ever identifies it as a witch or pagan symbol.

I helped her to make her own wand out of a tree branch she picked out. I helped her use soft colored wire that she wrapped it with and add beads to it as she went along. She snags my bell sometimes and I find her casting a circle and ringing the bell with a rock, a little dish of water, an unlit candle, and then places my ritual bell in all the right quarters. I find it so cute! She knows the order of the elements because of the protection spell she uses before bed.

Since she was very young I've had her "help me" with fire when I cook. Let me explain, she points at the stove and "makes fire in her mind" then I turn the nob and when she was 3 and 4 she really believed she did it! She'd giggle and jump up and down. Sometimes she still asks me if she can help to make the fire. I think its helped her with visualization a lot because she has an awesome imagination.

When she gets too wild or she becomes unconsoleably upset, I've taught her to close her eyes and take a few deep breaths and imagine a world of her own. Then I ask her to describe it, and she tells me all about the flowers and animals there. Soon enough, she's smiling and calm. Its the closest thing I can get to meditation for her. She's sat their for 15min before just talking about everything in her world.

We always go on walks together, and I teach her about nature. I've had her sit under a tree, close her eyes and pretend she was a tree too. Then we talked about what it would be like to live as a tree and its perspective of the world. At five years old my daughter can tell you all the planets of the solar system (with descriptions), how a tree works, how clouds work, and even the planets associated with every day of the week. She loves space and I'm looking to buy her one of those solar system models.

She helps me sweep away negative energy from the house with brooms in our front yard. She yells "go away bad things!" and vigorously makes sure every little leaf is shoved out the gate!

She freaked out the AT&T technician a few months back by drawing a "penticable" (pentacle) among other normal drawings of animals and rainbows. When he said, "that's a pretty star" she felt the need to correct him and tell him what it really was. Since then, I've been trying to teach my daughter not to broadcast such things as magick. I tell her it's our special secret, and that seems to keep her content. I live in a very Christian town so I am worried about that but want her to be proud. So that has proven to be the largest problem with raising a pagan child.
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Thank you so very much for shring that, that is exactly the types of things i want for a new Forum topic. Very enlightening. And very cute as well. i loved reading every word!
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
Post # 7
What a smart child you have, WhiteRav3n...
I think I want to raise my child (if i would have one) like that...
And you're right, our problem is that people thinks witchcraft is synonymous with bad things.
If people would just change their mindsets about us...
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
What a compliment! Thank you Rawrx =)

And you're welcome Raven FMoon. I think this is a wonderful topic! It's nice to see a discussion topic instead of the usual question/answer and informative ones. More like these may actually make SoM a real community again. I hope to see other parents posting their experiences with raising a pagan child.
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
Post # 9
about five months ago i had a baby boy. i was confused on if i wanted to teach him the ways that i practice. after reading post on here i believe that i will. Knowing that he will grow up and have peace and believe in something so beautiful makes me proud to be a mother. thank you to all

blessed be
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Re: Witchcraft and parenting
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
For me it was never a question about whether or not to tech him but about how to teach him. Inknew I wanted to share my special world with him. But as he is young and have to do it slowly ... I try telling him that te water in the bath cleans us in and out ad it washes away bad things from our bodies :) and I massage him and reiterate the same idea, hopin to show that other things can do the same thing? :) sometimes I'm at a loss of ideas so I am very excited to see other parents sharing their experiences on here. And I also believe it would make a better community ( posts like this ).
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