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Name: Raven_FMoon
Birthday: Jun 24 1989
Location: Earths bosom
Gender: Female
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I am 22 years old and i have a beautiful 13 month old son named Daemon. Raven_FMoon is short for Raven FireMoon whih is my magickal psuedonym given to me by my guides. I use this name in all things magickal that i do. However my real name is also magickal as is everyones. I have been studying the pagan way and all things magickal since i was fourteen. Although the number of spells i have actually done is possibly fewer than the number of years i have been studying ( again emphasis on studying) I try to have a greater understanding of things before i rush into them. But i do give myself tarot readings on at least a weekly basis for the last three years although cant bring myself to read for other people at least without further help in understanding the cards as they relate to others. I have studied: Pagan(wiccan, witch, etc), (all kinds), Numerology, Tarot, Shamanism, Shadow Magick, Druidism. I love to: read, draw, write (poetry, songs) and of course quarter calls and spells, Hiking, walking, singing, and Studying all things. (Note: I do not claim nor ever will claim to be an expert in any field as knowledge is never ending) I Would love to learn alot more, which is why i have joined this site. ME: I am blonde and bubbly and down to earth. I am a Cancer and act very much so! i get crazy with a Full Moon and love getting "high" off Earths energies. I am a Free Spirit. I am very drawn to egyptian pantheons. Bast is my goddess as well as the Cats my totem. my fave colors are Green and Purple. If you would like to know more about me please ask away!!!!