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Money curse?

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Money curse?
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Money curse?
Post # 1
Does anyone know if there is a money curse spell. I feel I been scammed and want to do a money curse/hex on the person. For every dollar the person gets, the person has to use 2 or lose 2. The ratio would be gain 1 but lose or spend 2 (1:2), no matter what the amount is.I threaten to use death spells on the person but the person is egging me on to do it. I want to hit them where it counts, this case is the wallet.

Re: Money curse?
Post # 2

In my personal opinion I highly advise agaisnt either of them. While what they may have done is wrong I believe that enacting revenge is pointless as it serves no purpose other than momentary relief, and more often than not the feelings of being hurt or decived do not subside or go away aftwerwards.

However moving on and forgiving them, even though it may be difficult, is you being the better person and is beneficial as it releases positive energy, which in turn can reflect back toward you at some point.

If you were being robbed or decived that really is more of a mundane matter that should be dealt with by the police or some otrher authority figure. You should be advised that magic is not the solution to every poroblem and isn't a quick fix, and especially not for enacting revenge. However if you still insist on using magic I would suggest you cast a spell that prevents the person from doing it again or perhaps a financial protection and security spell. I do suggest you write your own as you know exactly what you want and you tailor it to your specific needs and intent.

Best of Luck,


Re: Money curse?
Post # 3
Prevent the person doing that again sound like a better idea. Usually when my rage fills up, I want blood in return. Not the right way to look at it but how I feel. Thanks for the help.

Re: Money curse?
Post # 4
say this spell,i want you to be nothing,nothing you will become.this will make him have nothing left.

Re: Money curse?
Post # 5
For your consideration if you wish, there is a protection spell that I developed against hate (all kinds of hate that includes; hexes, curses, animosity, jealousy, scammers). It goes like this;
1) For all the hate and misery(loss, frustration) you throw at me (includes casting a spell at me)
2) this reflects back to you 3x3 WITH much misery to thee (misery to them; loss, failure, mistakes, accidents)
3) with no harm to me nor my family (this is a defense against karma trying to get back at you. But remember, you didn't start this, you are only defending yourself against haters due to no cause nor fault of your own)
4) and all your prosperity, comes to me (whatever their gains of wealth, money or, material posessions) This is where you hit em where it hurts, their pockets. And remember, their misery and losing their prosperity only begins as soon as they start hating you. And this can apply at any time. You are binding them to be civil with you and punishing them for dis-respecting you.
5) So mote this be!
Look at other protection or curse spells, they will give you some idea when to do this, but most state to do this on a Tuesday evening during a Waning Moon phase, with the black candles and write their name on the candle or on a piece of paper if you have one (or, just draw a picture and try to focus on that drawing what they are like or what they might look like) and drip black candle wax on it as you chant your spell. Then, bury it after your spell is cast. Or, something like that. Like I stated, look at other protection and curse spells.
And remember, this is no CURSE spell! You are clearly defending yourself against hate rearing its ugly face in all its demeaning attacks. Please, use this spell only as a righteous action against bullies and a-holes. Also, its an eye for an eye not, an arm "and" an eye for an eye. If you exact revenge more than you should, you are in for a world of hurt because karma will surely come at you and bite your butt three-fold.

Re: Money curse?
Post # 6
Ooops, I meant WAXING Moon..., Ok, I'm only human. We all make mistakes.

Re: Money curse?
Post # 7

You could do a binding so he won't do it again. Just try to chill and balance yourself out.

Re: Money curse?
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
I really wouldn't trust Lonestar's spell. He also used that last few lines towards me in another post (and others). I'm still getting checks and random bouts of money though soo....You can be the judge on that one. ;)

Re: Money curse?
Post # 9
Indeed. I don't think it's wise to go to such dramatic measures. People do stupid things. and Lone star's spells seem to back fire lol so i would definitely keep that in mind

Re: Money curse?
Post # 10
RashnuX is a hater, nike I don't know but being that he's snickering at me, he's a hater too I think. As I was only trying to help as a suggestion, my protection spell WILL work against them. They're just talking diahrea out their mouths.

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