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Real Satanism

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Real Satanism

Re: Real Satanism
By: / Novice
Post # 31
And wolf, I know that Satan is real as he has visited me. And Satanism is way older than Christianity. And can I put it out there that the word "Satan" is older than the Hebrew meaning of it. Satan in Sanskrit means truth.
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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 32
free speech. deal with it. and it's not racism. racism is hating someone for their skin color. how is a religion now considered a race? and last time i checked, racism isn't illegal...
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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 33
Wolfmage, yes there was. look into islam and judaism. christianity continues where these two left off.
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Re: Real Satanism
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 34
I still haven't been answered....disappointing.

The only answer I received (and thank you Rashnu) is another god's name. And that makes sense, just as Set worshipers make sense, and those who are purely "anti-religion" aka LaVey Satanism.

But I'm asking about this sect of Satanism that has been claimed in this thread to be the real deal. Religion should make sense. When you are using a figure of mythology/legend and change it to your own likings, that doesn't make sense. I can say that Archangel Michael is really a dark, evil force, bent on the destruction of us all. But all that is, is my personal opinion and I have absolutely no right to say everyone else who has written about Archangel Michael for thousands of years are wrong and I'm right. Once an archetype is created and/or a figure is observed from a certain perspective, we can't take that image and change it to our liking! Christianity tried that and look at how they are critisized for it?

SonOfShadows, I know there are many impressive spiritual beings out there that claim they are Satan. In fact my list so far of claims from spirits have been "Satan", "Prince of Darkness", "First Demon" and the list goes on. I believe none of these claims. Why? Because I've encountered many that claim this! They are spiritual posers with a large ego. You can't always believe what you experience spiritually. After a while you gain a sense for truth and lie. Some even claim to be the Christian God! A spirit once said this to me. I was laughing so hard it hurt. Ever heard of those people who claim that "God" told them to commit their murder? I think half the people who claim that actually did hear someone profess it. The difference between an educated and unexperienced medium is knowing that spirits can and do lie, more often than not. Spirits can change their appearance, also more often than not. The only thing a spirit cannot hide, is their emotions, and that's where I catch them. Being an empath, emotions are my forte. Sincerity is something that cannot be faked when clairsentience is involved.
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Re: Real Satanism
By: / Beginner
Post # 35
Actually anyone that is actively against the Bible and it's control can be called Satan by the church because it means Adversary/Enemy. In the end of the day mainstream religion had killed more than it's saved slowed technological advancements manipulated the people and burnt anyone not under their control alive. Look at it this way Jesus/Yahshua performed magic/miracles and sacrificed himself yet the church labeled Blood sacrifice as evil and anyone that did magick/miracles was burnt alive...... So who is really evil??
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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 36

haha , U guys should
Christian religion is not old at all :) let me tell u some thing when we humans understood that we have god/gods , we had Satan ! with different names if u say we have god so we also have Satan with it , There is an Old religion Yes Older than Christians and stronger than Islam,Christan,Judaism...
If we read about it we can understand other religions are coming from it ... Zoroastrian !
In Zoroastrian religion satan is Ahriman , also god is Ahura Mazda.
Ahriman and Ahura Mazda were Brothers , but Ahura Mazda became a god and Ahriman wanted to take his position ! In Zoroastrian there are 12 Angles , and there is no hell ! but for good people Ahura Mazda will send a guide and shows them the way to Paradise that come from Pardis ! (Paradise comes from Persian Word , Pardis)

If u have any other question i will answer u if i can :)
if my native language was English i could write 10 pages about it !

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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 37
Thank you. I come across this problem a lot...
"You're a Satanist, right? Do you sacrifice cats?"
"What? No, I don't sacrifice anything..."
"So do you cut yourself and use your blood?"
"No. That's a myth..."
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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 38
Islam.Iblees is the head of all angel before he was thrown out of heaven into earth by god because he didn't do what god ask him to do that is bow down to Adam the first prophet and human being,when he was thrown out and cursed until the the of repentance which sometime known as judgement day he say to god "Oh lord because u misled me i shall indeed adorn the path of error for mankind on earth i shall mislead them all" and he would not stop until the day of repentance arrive.
(i know it's out of topic anw srry for my bad language and if any of u feel offended i apologize no insult meant in this post)
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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 39
ahaha... My Christianity teacher just told us the bible is all about faith...
And because of that I'm starting to lose my faith to Christianity...
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Re: Real Satanism
Post # 40
Doesnt each and every religon have an "evil entity" ? Dont thay just have different names for him but still does the same thing? This has confused me, please set me straight. But please dont be mean about it. I only wanna know. Cause this forum has complety strucken me with confusion.. x x
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