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Name: SinaAzad
Birthday: Nov 10 1993
Location: Tehran,Iran
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 21 Aug 2011
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My number : 7
A Scorpio
Born in The Year Of The Rooster
I prefer natures power and Shamanism ... Plus The Moon
ok im a kind of new here but not in feeling the power , maybe i think wrong but i can feel the power in my hand that moves in my body when i want , but here i just can see many thing ... i should find out what they are !
Also I Will not Wait A Year and a Day As I know How To Use My Powers But yes i need Few more Months to Focus On Making Connection with Nature and Clearing my Mind.
I Dont Believe In : Talking with Animals , Love Spells , Weight loss Spells, Transportation , Transformation, Flying and things like this ...
Magick is just here to help u ! not for these things ! They wont work as the nature wont let they work !
Guys plz dont send me request on Facebook I only accept my REAL Friends !
I am NOT A Vampire
I am NOT A Gay
I am NOT Interested in Dating
I am NOT Interested in Religions ( I will Show Respect to them and all other religions , even Satanism ! )
I am A Human
I am A Metal Lover
I Like To Meet New People
I Like To Make Friends
I Like Black,White,Red And Green
I Like To Learn
I Like To Help
I Do Believe In Love
I Do Believe In God/Gods
I Do Believe in Sacrifice
I Dont Believe in Hell
U will make me Glad by talking to me !


First Test On site 1 :
Root: under-active
Sacral: open
Navel: open
Heart: open
Throat: open
Third Eye: open
Crown: under-active
2nd Test On Site 2 :
Root: open
Navel: open
Solar Plexus: over-active
Heart: open
Throat: open
Third Eye: open
Crown: open
Music , the magic , more than what we understand !
Blessed Be~~~~