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By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hello all, 
In this thread I hope that I will be able to teach you about one of the most strange and accurate types of Divination, Astrology.

Astrology is the belief that you can see someones future through looking at the positions of the stars and planets on the day of their birth. It is suprising how accurate that this can be, as who here reads a daily/weekly Horoscope? Ever noticed that they seem to be right alot of the time? This is because they have a well trained Astrologist looking at various birth charts for that Zodiac sign and determining what is extremly likely to happen. 

When studying this very ancient method it is important that you learn of it's history. This particular subject of Divination has more history than most types of magick. It pre-dates Christianity and many modern day religions by thousands of years. There has been many types of Astrology over the centuries it has been around, but the most commonly used one today (known as Western Astrology) dating back to around 600bc. But in the times of ancient Egypt they had there own form of astrology, un-fortunately much of the information on this subject of it was lost. But at a similar period the Chinese developed there own form of Astrology, this type of it is still used today. The Chinese version is using animals and there attributes to determine the personality and key points of someones life, and how it changes. Although there method is very good, I believe that modern day (Western) Astrology is far more accurate and easier to use. During the phases known to use as "The Burning" much of the information about this subject was lost, and that little of it that survived was frowned upon as it was claimed to be a "work of the devil". Although, as the Renaissance ended it came back into the "light of god". That is why many people love to get their Horoscope, although little know that their birth chart is being read while their Horoscope is written.

In Astrology it is important that we learn the symbols and meanings for each Planet and Zodiac Sign. This is so we do not have to waste time looking for it's meanings when drawing a Birth Chart. It is easy to find many places on the internet which have good ways to learn them. Such as by colour, song or by studying a table. No matter how lazy you are Astrology is easy yo find information on. It's what you do with the information that matters.

Birth Chart making is preformed by obtaining the day year, month and (optional, but more effective) hour. After you should place the information into a readable table, or chart as they are known more commonly. When the chart has been drawn out and the planet's positions worked out, you can begin to try and read that persons birth chart. The planets positions are at certain degrees of each Zodiac Sign, which actualy have meanings. For example:

When the moon is at 21° Taurus symbolic degree, it means that;
"In the middle of a grassy field, a beautiful tree is the shelter of a swarm of bees. Under the tree, two men exchange a hearty shakehand."
Indecisive, clever, and withdrawn character. One must avoid loneliness because one needs to be encouraged in order to implement one's projects. Furthermore, the influence of a providential friend is instrumental in one's career. Efforts and seriousness are rewarded by success and bring about financial gains and new friends. One must rely on one's personal work instead of waiting for luck because the protection of the tree and the honey of the bees, symbol of affluence and well-being, must be deserved.
(example taken from my Birth Chart). 

Anyone that knows me will know that this is right, and along with the rest of my Birth Chart you can know alot about me and my future. Although (as person using any form of Divination should know) the future is always changing, but this chart helps to work out how to avoid "bad things".

Astrology is also very handy for knowing when bad things will happen. For example;
Would be a bad idea to go out and rob a bank when Saturn will be transiting your 12th house (possible jail time). Jupiter transiting your first house you can get away with it. (I am not advocating anything illegal here, I am just giving an example!)
But when we attempt something the astrological positions of the planets can have massive effects on our lives and the outcome of what your trying to do.
I hope that this has helped all of you to have a better understanding of Astrology :)
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Re: Astrology
Post # 2
youre right im a piceas so i looked up information on them and it was preety accurate , and my horscopes are usally correct too.
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Re: Astrology
Post # 3
ohh i forgot to say thanks for posting more information on astrology :)
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Re: Astrology
By: / Novice
Post # 4
No problem :)
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Re: Astrology
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
This subject has been discussed, ad infinitum,on many threads of this site. Your daily newspaper astrologist writes in a such a way that the "forecast" could apply to just about anybody! In any case, astrology assumes that life begins at birth. It doesn't. It begins at conception.
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Re: Astrology
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I know, but it is still very interesting :) I have been studying it for a few weeks now and have learnt alot from it.
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