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Deep Relaxation.

Forums ► General Info ► Deep Relaxation.
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Deep Relaxation.
Post # 1
Ok, first of all, this is my point of view, not gospel.

This post in based on my view that Relaxation and Meditation are NOT the same thing. Relaxation is, just, relaxation. A wonderful thing it is too. To me, meditation is where you go FROM relaxation, being much more focused, proactive and dynamic. Meditation is Work.

I learned Deep Relaxation in ORDER to learn Meditation. This is a brief description of this practice ~

I use a relaxation CD to do this. The music is neutral, so that it doesn't call my attention. It's other purpose is to blend away any household noises which may startle me out of my practice.

I use the same incense every time, so that I associate the aroma with the state. I believe this helps the process.

In a comfortable position, I begin to focus on my breathing. Not trying to change it, just simply being aware of it. I fall into it. Over practice, awareness of breathing can reach the stage where we can 'become' our breath. This way, we cease to pay attention to our thoughts, without actually trying to do that. (Thinking about not thinking is a bit of a trap, I find).

So, comfortable in awareness breathing, I practice a few Yogic breaths. That is, closing the throat in the place where we 'clear' it, and pushing the breath through it to a slow count of 4. 3-5 breaths like this are very powerful. I do a group of these 4-5 times during a relaxation.

After about 30 minutes of a combination of Awareness breaths and yogic breaths, the pestering thoughts are gone. I focus on FEELING, I feel the waves of my chi. Feeling is a great way to escape thinking. If thoughts do come, allow them to pass and carry on. I have never had success on 'stopping' thinking, ~ with feeling and breathing it just happens anyway.

So, now I am in a state to begin actual meditation. My mind is clear and rested, and I actually feel mentally energised. What you might do in your meditation is up to you, you might seek deities, perform protection or healing meditations, or focus on global peace. You may explore your astral world.

My point is, that meditation is what you do after relaxation, not relaxation in itself. Relaxation is like tidying your house so that you can do something in it, as well as being intrinsicly rewarding.

~ Zebrah.
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Re: Deep Relaxation.
Post # 2
Thanks zebrah i will try this out on friday when i am alone at last.
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Re: Deep Relaxation.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
My method of relaxation is by lighting a candle. When I focus on it, I fall into it and my body relaxes. It isn't about staring at it, its about letting the flame sooth. I take a deep breath through my nose and breath out so slowly the flame doesn't move. As I breath out I relax all the muscles in my body. I take as many breaths as is necessary for my entire body to be relaxed. Then I continue to focus on the flame until my time is up and life is calling me back to reality!

I've been doing this for so long, whenever I'm near a candle flame, I feel more relaxed. The mental conditioning I've performed on myself is excellent because scrying flames and lighting candles for ritual automatically triggers a calming effect that sets the mood and makes it easy for me to enter the mindframe necessary for my workings.

On stressful days, I take the time to light a candle and relax in front of it, even if only for 2-5min.

Since Zebrah brought to my attention the Lotus Sutra chant, I've incorporated that, and it replaces my plain breathing. I take a deep breath and chant letting as little air out as possible (a singer's stamina trick) but instead of taking short little breaths as you would when singing, I chant until the air is gone from my lungs, then I take another deep breath and continue again. If done properly, your breathing should be very slow but it shouldn't put any strain on you.

If I have the time, from here I'll begin to reflect on the meaning of the words as I chant and proceed to meditation on them. I accidentally entered a trance state this way. I was chanting outside on my balcony (quietly) and after about 10-15min (I lost track of time, so I'm guessing) the birds began to sound like they were right next to my ear and I lost awareness of my body. The only sensation I had was the crown of my head tingling. And I have to say I have been under too much stress to be able to achieve that lately and I reached it within three days of the Lotus Sutra practice. It's good to be back!

It has had a profound impact on my life! Thank you again Zebrah, you're a gem. =)
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Re: Deep Relaxation.
Post # 4
Yay, happy for you Raven :)
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Re: Deep Relaxation.
Post # 5

Thanks for this post, Zeb. -I have really been needing to relax lately!

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