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i want to know...

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i want to know...
Post # 1

Several years have passed since the incident but I keep wandering inside my mind asking myself "how did it happen?".Well this is what it happened.I was playing dodge-ball with my friends and we were all normal.One of my friends got mad at me because I was wining and when I wasn't looking he threw the ball as fast as he could.I don't know why I felt like I should look behind me and I did.When I looked back and saw that the ball was coming I just put my hands upfront and closed my eyes hoping the ball wont hurt my face.I thought that he missed because since it was so fast it should've hit me already and when I opened my eyes I couldn't believe what happened.The ball was in mid air, it stopped without touching me and it stood there like 6 seconds and it fell.All my friends began to tell me that it was a miracle but I know it was something more and I want to know what it was.I want to know if it can happen again and if I can control it?I hope someone helps me and knows whats going on. Thank you!

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Re: i want to know...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Presuming that your story is true, I do not believe that it was anything that came from you, such as "power".

I would bet on a spirit guardian/guide. The ball could have killed you or blinded you had it struck the right place. Your death or severe injury was not meant to be, therefore it was prevented. It's a once in a life time occurrence. There are many such stories of spiritual interference in dangerous or life threatening situations.
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Re: i want to know...
Post # 3
Here is where White and I differ in thought. Although i would like to point out im not saying she is wrong as she is a very wise witch and is obviously entitled to a very probable theory. Mine on the other hand is different. Keep in mind i am also speaking on the assumption that the story is true. Not saying i believe it to be.

Personally I do not believe in beings out their that guard us. I believe that a being may choose too if they wish but i do not believe they are stricktly their to protect us. I doubt any supernatural being would put effort and energy into protecting a kid from a rubber ball.(Didnt mean to sound snotty. Please dont take it that way. lol)

My guess is that it was similar to adrenalin. Like when a old lady lifts up a wreaked car to allow something trapped to escape. That is done with our energy as well. It was most likely a burst of energy that was shocked into reacting by pure instinct.

I believe we have tremendous power inside us and that we have no need for outside help. We need to master what we have so that future generations who learn wont be as primitive.
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Re: i want to know...
Post # 4

I'm really glad for both of your opinions! Well just for letting you know I'm not a kid (actually I'm almost an adult) who wants to control or claims to have a "power" and wants to use it for personal purposes because it doesn't work that way.I wanted to know what happened and both of your answers are respected and really good.As for the energy part that NiteShadeRBN said we all have energy that flows inside of us and many manage to control it.Like Telekinesis or Psychokinesis it is about the movement of energy from faster moving frequency to the physical level. In that respect it is not unlike healing or energy work practiced by many healers today.There have been anecdotal reports of such apparent phenomena throughout history in various cultures. For example, poltergeist activity is typically characterized by objects being moved without apparent explanation, though some people claim that this is accounted for as unintentional PK by children going through puberty stated in this link: http://www.crystalinks.com/telekinesis.html. As for the spirit guide like WhiteRav3n said A spirit guide is an energy form from the spirit world whose mission is to guide and protect us.Many other incidents have happened to me that I get out unharmed when i shoul've hurt myself.Maybe we really have something protecting us or we have energy that sometimes gets to the point of having a physical effect.Thank you for your answers!

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