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Forums ► General Info ► Lilith

Post # 1
I have read some information about a demon called Lilith. Depending on the religions, people tell different things about her (ofcourse). I think she is an interesting character.
Do anyone have any information about her?
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Re: Lilith
Post # 2
hello there i do have some information on her this is why people think of her as a "demon"

LILITH The Lady watched the Men and Women, looking thru the eyes of a myriad of Women, children, young girls, mothers, daughters, wives, lovers....all of the Women there were in the World. And She saw that, in many places, the Men had forgotten that the Women were to walk by their side as equals and partners, working as a team, but regarded Women as not-equal, and as possessions. "This must not be," she said. "What shall I do to teach them?" She thought, and remembered that the Fool would teach Men and Women, in His own way, and that Way might work for Her, too. She turned, and was the Maiden, and was in the World. A Man saw Her beauty, and seeing not Her Divinity caught and raped Her. Another took Her, and put Her in chains, and set Her to serving him. In the midst of the night, a band of men broke into the house, killing the slave-maker, and took Her away. They forced Her to serve them as a prostitute, and took the money she was paid for themselves. On and on it went, with humiliation and degradation piled higher and higher, until, on a still, dark night She spoke, and said, quietly, "Enough!" And the quiet coldness of the Word was enough to freeze the Moon in its path, and the singing insects of the night stilled their song. And the Maiden turned, and moved to the other side of the Coin, and became Lillith. She embodied the pleasures of the flesh, and the animal wildness of the wilderness; the lust of the bitch-in-heat and the fierceness of a mother defending her young was Hers, and Her eyes were mad. And She enslaved the men in Her turn, enslaving them to Lust and Passion, making them mad to possess Her, She that cannot be possessed, and fettering them in silken chains of desire. She showed the women Herself, and taught them Freedom, and Wildness, and all the secret places where Wildness lives, and the Mystery of being Woman. She was Lillith and Diana, Artemis and Athena, Scatach and Morrigan, and all the Wildness of Woman was in Her. She took the women to the secret places within themselves, and looked back out at them with feral eyes. She ran with the wolves, and howled. She flew with the hawks and ravens, and hunted with the owl. She crawled with the serpent, and stalked Her prey with the lioness, and all of this was put into Her Dance. "Know you that you are free," She cried to the women, "And let none put chains upon you not of your own making. Live as you will, not as another would force you. You are partners with Man, not his slave, and I am in you forever!" And the Wild was in the women, singing in their blood, and, so long as they remembered, they were free.
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Re: Lilith
Post # 3
thank you steve, it is very nice written and entertaining.

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Re: Lilith
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Please cite your plagiarized information to keep the site and yourself within copyright laws.
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Re: Lilith
Post # 5
Not refuting anything said above however i would like to point out that one of the main reasons Lilith has gained popularity among witches is because she is associated alot with Satan(not exactly sure why) and witchcraft is more so feminine rather than masculine so it is really no surprise that women would be drawn to this figure while men, are usually, drawn to the masculine form of the being.

By the way, do not think that i believe all witchcraft is associated with satan. The only reason he was brought up was because of the subject matter and like i have said before, like it or not, Lucifer/Satan beliefs are part of the left hand path for some individuals.
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Re: Lilith
Post # 6
love it. especially the part where it lists a few different names. you see, with each deity, they have a myriad of names and all make up a whole entity :)
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Re: Lilith
Post # 7

Lilith is the first wife of Adam in some Jewish stories.

When God first made Adam, he also made Lilith. Lilith, unlike Eve, was made out of the earth as Adam had been. Because of this Lilith was Adam's equal, and not a lesser entity. Adam grew unhappy with his wife because she would not obey him, and then God became angry with Lilith because of this. So Lilith was thrown out of Eden, simply because she would not submit to the male authority. She was then turned into the mother of demons and devils, and demonized.

She is also linked to an ancient goddess, but I forget which. Google her if you wish. It's not that hard to find info on her.

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Re: Lilith
Post # 8
Lilith, former childbirth guardian turned vampire baby killer, has a complex history, to say the least. Her earliest origins are as a Mesopotamian Wind Spirit, where she apparently served as a childbirth guardian. Lilith may or may not appear in the bible as Adam's secret first wife, depending on how one interprets some passages. According to Genesis 1:27 "God created man in his own image, in the image of god created He him; male and female created he them" That is, allegedly Lilith was created out of dust just like Adam, although by Genesis 2:18, God is lamenting that it's "not good that the man should be alone; I will him a help meet for him," leading to the story of Adam's rib and Eve. What Happened in between them? Although this may be an over-simplification, Lilith had some problems with Adam's sexual proclivities. She didn't understand why, if they were both equally formed from dirt, he always had to be on top. Lilith abandoned Adam, fled paradise, initiating the first divorce. Upon first leaving Eden, Lilith yearned for the presence of the "little faces," mysterious winged baby-angels. When she attempted to fly amongst them, the creator aggressively flung her back to Earth. Because Lilith had anger against people, and because she has her own fertility issues that drive her rage, she holds a bad reputation as a baby snatcher, responsible for miscarriage (especially chronic miscarriage), stillbirths, and sudden infant death syndrome alike. Yet amulets to ward off Lilith were invariably revealed by her. You will not offend or further enrage her by using them. Instead, these amulets are a form of respect. Unlike the bible, where she is nameless, most anti-Lilith amulets demand that you post her name so that all present recognise her power.
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Re: Lilith
Post # 9
its good information! thank you.
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Re: Lilith
Post # 10
well actually yea according 2 Jewish sources she was Adams 1st wife but I forget wat website tells the story different and says Adam and lilith wouldnt get along cuz problems (usually sex) she wanted 2 b equal and he didnt want 2 b.Eventually she got sick of it and invoked a name and sprouted wings and flew away 2 a cave.she then met some spirits (some types of demons)and had children with them (hybrid spirits).Adam got upset wit her bein gone and complained and was heard.3 angels (I Think)wer sent 2 bring her back but she fought back and the angels said ,if you dont come with us ,then we will kill your children.She answered something strange 'Dont you know I only live 2 destroy children'something like that,sorry I lost the original source,but anywhoo the angels agreed to leave her Under the condition she wouldnt attack children if these words wer said -------- (I forget wat exactly they wer and the condition but it was somthing like that).Adam didnt get her back,and later was given Eve,but was made from his rib so its said she isnt equal 2 adam.Lilith is said 2 now attack infants ,pregnant women,and women in labor as in revenge would try to populate the world with her children instead of human children.And to make her plan stronger ,she would have sex with men it their sleep to get their seed and get inplanted in her womb.Its also said that this is why some children die before birth,they are attaked by her.Also night emissions are said to happen because she arouses men in their sleep for their seed becuz her original demon -human kids were an impure mix and couldnt last and had to start a different race.She isnt exactly a demon as she was made human,but changed herself.Hope this helps.
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