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Flying ointment

Forums ► Wicca ► Flying ointment

Flying ointment
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
I have received a Mail asking about flying ointment. Referring to one of my posts about "a green paste".
All "spiritual" experiences are about sincere belief! It is the belief that makes the magic work. This is why I said that it might be any sort of "green paste". Other "aids" are often used, music especially. Drumming, chanting, etc.
The idea of such a "flying ointment" is very old, really from the time when witchcraft was punishable by death. There were "Witchfinders" in those days who would use torture until the "witch", innocent or not, would confess to anything suggested by the "inquisitor". One of the many "accusations" was "Flying through the air to attend gatherings and worship the Devil".
The witchfinder would press the witch about this flying. Often the evidence would be on the lines of "they smear a magic ointment all over their naked bodies to make them fly".
The questioner would try to get the "recipe" for this ointment. The poor innocent would give all sorts of rubbish; this is where all the "eye of newt" stuff comes from.
It is my belief that the true witches would give a "special" recipe, in the hope that the witchfinders, or the accusers, would make it and use it. It is the recipe most often quoted by the "Inquisition".
I will give you the recipe. Do NOT,Under ANY circumstances, make it! It is deadly poisonous!
"Pound the herbs into a powder and mix with oil.Smear the mixture all over the body, especially the lips. The herbs are,Bella Donna,Henbane, Datura, and Aconite."
If the witchfinder or the accuser tried that little trick they would be dead within 15 minutes!
The "real" ointment is any that gives the body a "tingle". I once heard of a witch using toothpaste!
Just remember,it is the belief that is important, not what is smeared on the body.
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Re: Flying ointment
Post # 2

Just remember, don't try the above mixture/potion!

Sorry, I'm just really worried people will be actually immoral enough to try it. But, toothpaste? It seems a bit, outhere. But if you believe, I guess it shall be.

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Re: Flying ointment
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
It was not me who used the toothpaste. I must have read it somewhere,just cannot remember where! I have never used any sort of "flying ointment".
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Re: Flying ointment
Post # 4
Here's a thought... Witches work with herbs. Some herbs have an intoxicating effect. Could flying then be connected to an intoxicated state of mind or feeling high?
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Re: Flying ointment
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Certainly! Most people will have seen some "western" film with the Cowboys and Indians smoking "the pipe of peace". Well, it wasn't tobacco they were smoking. There is also a tiny fungus know as "magic mushrooms". They can get you as high as a kite. Probably it is this sort of thing that evolved into the phrase "getting high" on drugs. Nevertheless, the most important thing is "belief". Many Pagans do not use drugs at all; but they do still "fly" in a spiritual sense.
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Re: Flying ointment
Post # 6
hello there there is a ointment that is called flying ointment that is used to help enhance astral projection it was used alot back when wicca was first bought in the U.S. there is a toxic verson i have and a nontoxic both are usefull and ill glady post the nontoxic one here

flying ointment
1 part dittany of crete
1 part cinqurfoil
1 part mugwort
1 part parsely

# 2
2 drops sandalwood
1 drop jasmine oil
1 drop benzoin
1 drop mace oil

how to make a ointment
the shorting method
gently heat four parts shotening over low heat until liquefied.
watch that it doesnt burn,the slowly add the herbs it calls for one part at a time,blend with a wooden spoon until it is mixed well and then keep heating until you have the scent you want then when you have you scent strain through cheesecloth into a heat poof container then add one half tsp of vodka to each pint as a natural pereserative store in a cool dark place

beeswax method
place one-forth cup or so of beeswax on a burner add about the same amount of olive oil,hazelnut, sesame or some other vegetable oil stir with a wooden spoon until the wax has melted into the
oil now let it cool slightly until it just about to thicken now add the oils or crushed herbs (finely crushed that is) now stir the them all in and then put it in a heat poor container

now the beeswax method works best with oils fyi

blessed be
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Re: Flying ointment
Post # 7
That's very interesting, thankyou everyone :)
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Re: Flying ointment
Post # 8
:)Brysing:) I wasnt implying that pagans and witches do drugs. I should have explained myself better in my previous post. My apologies.

I was referring to the flying ointment, which might have been prescribed, out of frustration, by a witch who probably found it difficult to explain to a non-believer what a spiritual high is. In all likelihood in defense to show the witch hunter that it wasnt literal flying, but a state of mind.
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Re: Flying ointment
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Very accurate post!

I would also like to add that it was indeed a paste to promote astral projection, it would make the skin slightly red and tingle.

Back in the days of witchhunts witches could not convene as they liked, so those who could not attend physically would astrally project to the meeting place. Many witches claimed that they were able to see everything that was physically happening. When they finally were able to compare the meetings activities it was accurate.

So flying ointment is really just an herbal paste used to astrally project in a ritualistic way. The "sightings" of witches flying have been questioned and most believe that this was just people who happened to see the witches spirit as she astrally flew to her meeting place to convene with her coven. Walking astrally is no fun and would take forever! =P
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Re: Flying ointment
Post # 10
So, basically, are we saying that it is an ointment that alters one's state of mind and it is the altered state of mind that helps astral projection?

If so, I can believe that. I've been taking care of someone who needs heavy sedation due to his pain and terminal illness. In his sedated slumber, I saw a certain body movement... it's hard to explain... but his hands and legs jerked up and down, as though he was falling into his own body. It happened just once. He has been sedated several times before and after that, but i havent seen that sort of movement again. It could have been an astral projection. But it could also have been an hallucination... I dunno. It's hard to tell.
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