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Forums ► Comments ► Negativity

Post # 1
I'm sure that there are plenty of other posts on this subject but there is my take on it.

There are so many people on this site who are just negative towards everyone. Every time somebody asks a question people get mad and say that the person asking it should stop being stupid and realize that its not possible.

These people asking the questions are curious and they haven't gone through and read every thread on these forums, so they don't know these things already. They just want to learn like everyone else here.

There are also people who just say that everything is not possible. Honestly I want to know what these people believe is magick, because everything that I have experienced in magick they say that it's not possible. Yet when someone says they have experienced something people just say that they want proof. Where is the belief in others.

I understand it for some things, such as people claiming to be mermaids and stuff. That I would require proof to believe, but other things such as certain spells working. How are you supposed to show proof of that, record yourself casting it and then wait with a camera for the spell to take affect.

There are just some people on here who just make me so mad because they are just downright malicious to newcomers because they don't know the "obvious" things, think back to when you started studying magick and all of the questions that you had. What if every time you asked a question you were shot down and attacked for asking "stupid" questions that you should supposedly already know. Not everyone knows everything that you do.

So next time you want to bash someone think about when you were new and take the time to answer their questions in a way that will actually help them and not turn them away from magick because they cannot find someone to help them get started.

There's my rant, it's not meant to offend anyone or to be mean to anyone. It just bothers me that people can be so cruel to those who are just interested in the same exact thing as all of us here. Magick.
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Re: Negativity
Post # 2
yeah and recently I've been wonder where it says whats possible and whats not possible. It may just take more time and effort to do these things that are claimed "impossoble"
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Re: Negativity
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
As the saying goes, everything is possible, but not probable. In most cases the "negativity," is an attempt to provide a more realistic outlook on something that is rather naive.

There is also the fact that most of the time when a source describes experiences of something fantastic, most of these sources have a rather extensive history of being entirely unreliable and otherwise out to inflate their own reputation.

I will always try to help out a new comer, but sometimes that includes helping a new comer realize that magic is not the answer to everything, and that it does not defy nature.

Magic is part of everything. It is life, death, the physical world, the astral, the ethereal, and all of the other multitude of planes within the multiverse. In other words, magic is nature. So then how would magic possibly create such wild aberrations?

Simply put, most people just wish life could be more like their imagination. I don't blame them. I'd love it too. But wishing doesn't make anything true. (Though there is "wish magic," and that is something else entirely.)

Does this help clarify?
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Re: Negativity
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
In my opinion, magic can do anything if you have enough energy to put forth. lots of the people on this site probably have enough energy to cast a love spell to make one person fall in "love" with you, but it would be difficult to reach a point where you could cast a love spell that makes everybody in the world fall in love with you. (of course, if you could that would mean that you've reached a point you wouldn't want to anymore.)

energy required is somewhere between proportional and exponential to the task.
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Re: Negativity
By: / Novice
Post # 5
There is nothing wrong with asking questions because you want to know the answer to them. There is something wrong when the first thing you do is to get answers from a person instead of trying to look it up yourself.

I would be much more inclined to be helpful to a person if they started off a question with "I was researching this information and I'm stumped on something". That shows me you took initiative to actually try to understand something and are now looking for more information or a different perspective.

Furthermore, somethings in magick are simply not possible. Most of us know this. So what do I consider magick? I consider magick to be the simple things in life that people take for granted, not just spells and the sort. I consider magick to be life, all around us all the time.

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Re: Negativity
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
That is it,Rashnux! When I was very young I asked my witch teacher the direct question,"What,exactly, is magic?"
As always I wrote down everything she said. This was her answer,
"Throw a few seeds on to good soil. Add water and sunshine. Look after them with tender care. Watch them grow. You cannot get much more magical than that!"
But, of course, there is a psychological side to magic. Travelling on the astral plain is mainly psychological; a near trance-like state.
"Flying ointment" might be nothing more than a green paste. But if you truly believe it will make you "fly", then, in a spiritual sense, you will fly!
But no matter how much you may "believe" that you can become anything other than a human, it has no chance of coming true.
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Re: Negativity
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Nicely put. I don't think this post applies to me, so I'll keep this brief.

The only thing that irks me is forum etiquette is highly lacking on this forum. People ask questions under someone elses question topic instead of making their own. Some people don't even seem to read the entire topic and post a question that has already been answered in the same thread. We also get repeatitive questions. I've only been here for about a month and have seen at least 10 people asking about what their element is and how to figure it out when it has been clearly stated by many posters (including myself) in other topics. Those with forum etiquette would search using that neat little google feature at the top left to find out if their questions have already been answered before asking again. Posters, including myself, will ignore such repeats or seem snippy in their post because it is information already clearly stated, sometimes only days prior. Some people are very dense and that doesn't help the "mood" of the posters.

As for what is possible and what is not. I think that many things are possible, but for the people asking, highly improbable. Why? Because they just got their feet wet with magickal practice, had their first spell work and now want to jump off buildings with a broom! Magick defies science, so using science to discredit possibilities is flawed. But it is used to inspire logic in those who may gain doubt in themselves over failing to perform a parlor trick.

Tell a scientist you can influence someone to fall in love with you and they will laugh because that is "impossible" in scientific law. But magick is a science in itself, so it has its own rules. One of those rules is that it takes years of dedication, sometimes even a lifetime, to truly be capable of causing the "impossible" to become "possible". The people on this site who seem "negative" know this. So they discredit it, not because it is beyond their beliefs of what magick can do, but because it is beyond the questioner's abilities based on their level of skill in magick. At least this is what I've observed from the month or so of posting here. If I am wrong in my observations, then I would hope someone would speak up and write their own thoughts.
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Re: Negativity
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
In that I will disagree somewhat. I don't find that science deviates entirely from magic, though certainly you'll find many practitioners of both laughing at the other.

While many methods of magic certainly deviate from what the scientific community would acknowledge, the basic "scientific method" should still apply. That is to say that logical, analytically thought should be applied to any given situation. Sure magic is capable of a great deal, but it is also observable and exists within patterns that can be predicted and defined, helping you to discern the full range of any variables that might exist.

This is how, logically, we can determine what went wrong with a spell, how we can improve, and how we can continue with our spiritual growth. When you throw logic away and say that anything can be performed or created through magic just because you wish it, believe it, or any other such circumstance...

Well, that stops being intelligent thought and starts just being wishful thinking.
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Re: Negativity
Post # 9
I understand what you are saying when you don't like how people don't try and learn anything about magick before they ask questions that could be easily found.

It is not always easy though. When I joined this site, I knew very little about magick but i was doing everything I read in the forums and nothing would work. I kept asking for help and finally someone was nice enough to tell me to study energy manipulation.

It is so obvious, energy manipulation, but I didn't know that I needed to learn that, and it turned out I was a natural energy manipulator. I read some articles on a website that I was directed to and I learned how to do very quickly.

Then the next time I casts a spell it went perfectly and I started learning other sides of magick.

I just needed a little push in the right direction. Even though I scoured the internet and I missed the most obvious thing ever. Sometimes we just need help to learn.
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Re: Negativity
Post # 10
Another thing. There are two people on here who every time I see their posts it just makes me want to hit them.

If somebody puts up something they learned and they put how it worked for them. Then these people always put that they would love to see this because int heir experience it is not possible. Or they put that they should sell the information they have there to the government or something because it would be so useful to them. All sarcastically of course.

It just makes me mad. Just because you haven't done something or you weren't able to do something does not mean that it is impossible.

And if someone did put proof up then everyone would just say that it is 'obviously' fake because that is not possible. But isn't that why we're all here to do the impossible.

Also what makes me mad is when someone ask like how to do water magick and people tell them to go turn on a sink or to look at a pond. That is not magick, it is nature and while they are one and the same they are also different. When somebody asks how to do magick they are not looking for a gardening lesson. They want to learn how to manipulate energies and elements and how to casts spells.

sorry there is my rant. It is not meant to offend anyone or point anyone out I just to show that there are ways to help people and there are ways to mock them and a lot of people here just mock them. If you want to put some criticism, then do it, but make sure you say that it is your opinion and at least try and do it nicely.
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