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Spellcasters Removal

Forums ► Covens ► Spellcasters Removal
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Spellcasters Removal
Post # 1
Does anyone agree with me that Spellcasters should be removed?
I feel that it has corrupted alot of the spells on this site and promotes role-playing.

These fake spells can also make people new to magick, think that they can turn into a vampire, werewolf or mermaid by just saying a few words! They believe that they can do anything with magick, fly even!

I for one think this is not a good way to introduce people to magick. More 'mature' new members will be turned off this site as soon as they see the fluffy spells. Also it would make people around my age (13) think they can become vampires, mermaids and yada dada...

So, who's with me for the removal of the spellcasters coven? I know you can argue that some of the council members in some covens are still asking for someone to teach them, so it's not just spellcasters that have this problem with the fake spells. But because anyone can join Spellcasters instantly I find that it's one of the main culprits for fake spells...

Please reply your views on this issue I've brought up.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I agree with your idea, but I believe something that would be better for the problems with fluffy spells would be to make it so that you have to submit your spell for review before it can be posted in the spellbook.

I also believe that there should be a section in the spellbook for "metamorphasis" spells so that people who believe they can become a vampire can find all those spells in one spot and turn.

Also, the spells should be organized better. There are telekinesis spells in the wish spell section of the spellbook, as well as every other combination of wrong-section spells.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
Post # 3

Isn't that what the covens do? The council members or priest/priestess review a spell submitted by the members.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
Post # 4
Couldn't agree more, i just tend to avoid anything from the coven, i also think that should be told to new members before we even tell them about the basics. Also if someone in spellcasters submitted a real spell, it would be thought to be fake straight away.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
Post # 5
I agree.Anyone can post their immature spells on that coven making it nonsense.And if someone joined the coven they are automatically approved and they become a council instantly.I know these because I'm a former member and quitted that coven for their immature spells.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
On the other hand, it keeps most of the immaturity and other such nonsense firmly rooted in one location.

Granted, this spreads elsewhere, but keeping them happy where they can post crap that nobody else cares about or has to pay attention to goes a long way.

If they weren't content there they'd be trying to be joining every attempt at a more legit coven. I'd rather not deal with that. Get enough of it as it is.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
Post # 7
A good point you make there, but what if they change there bio. Making them a so-called expert because they can post fake spells?

More people will ask them for these fluffy fake spells and it would become over-run with vampires, mermaids and werewolves! Maybe with a legit coven they will learn from there teachings that these things are fake and not real?

Re: Spellcasters Removal
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
I feel the same way about SpellCasters. Many of their spells are based on tv shows and movies. I was shocked and spoke out forgetting my place sorta once when an chat moderator advised joining that coven. I voiced my concerns that it was a coven full of fake spells, but they replied back that it had zero requirements and allowed immediate access and the new som member wanted to join a coven badly. They also said it had a friendly atmosphere. Sadly in the end the main thing that coven does is produce spells which sometimes make you laugh. I honestly believe almost anything is possible, but I definitely don't believe a spell can turn you into a "mermaid". :) I don't know if this thread/post will get the coven closed. It will probably just ruffle some feathers, but I guess it's worth a try.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
Post # 9

I do not agree at all that it should be removed, as this is my coven. I use this coven so that I can easily post spells without having to go to all the trouble of going through someone else. Yes, it is sadly true that Spell Casters is the root of most of the fluff; however, that topic is being covered in the forums under "Comments" as, "Fluffy, Fluffy Spells". As it (Petra, to be exact) says on there, simply mark those spells as spam and rate 1 star out of 5.

Re: Spellcasters Removal
Post # 10
Spellcasters has been here as long as the site, for the sheer fact that people do not have to go through others to get their spells posted. There is "fluff" to be found in every aspect of this site, but as a true practitioner can you see through it to find the truth?

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