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Post # 1
Okay, you can't tell anyone but I am actually a kathousand and two year old vampire named Lord I-Suckius Yor Bludatnight.I drink human blood all the time. Just the other day I went to Vamps-r-us at bought myself a big ol' bag o the stuff. Its like catnip to us vamps. I had to buy it at night though, or Ill burst into flames. Which totally ruins my batlike complexion.

Did you believe that? If you said "No" than I can only assume you're not a moron. You will encounter such people like the one above. These are called Role Players, and they happen to be easy to spot.

Now I'm not saying that there AREN'T those out there who possess traits or special abilities that make them unique or different from the norms. There are always exceptions to every rule. The trick is 'sorting out the weeds'.
1. A role-player generally will lack comprehension about the very thing it is they pretend to be. Some will do some research, and hats off to those who at least try, but the majority is utterly clueless. If you ask them questions that they can't answer or they say something that is completely wrong- you've caught them.
2. Role-Players tend to seek ATTENTION. They will go to the chat or the forum and try to either hint at what they are pretending to be or bluntly state: "I AM VAMPIRE. HISS"
You can assume most of these to be fake. Would a being that possesses something supernatural simply state in chat what they are? Some of these RPs will suffer 'irritable-forum-syndrome', where they will specifically post or find posts relating to what they are RPing as and argue with anyone who doesn't believe them right away.
3.Is it downright ridiculous? If someone tells you that they are a unicorn, aren't you a bit curious to see what their horn looks like? And aren't you wondering how they type with those sparkling, magnificent hooves? Does their mane comb easily? If it's outrageous, you can check them off the list.
4. Proof proof proof. Seeing isnt always believing but it sure is nice when all else fails. Look for some sort of proof that what the person is saying could be true. And if you don't find any- feel free to ask them about it.

In the end, its all up to what you are willing to believe. But personally, I would rather talk to a real being than another count coco-puff.
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By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Very fun read Herself. Well done.

With all jokes aside, the role players you're refering to can be very creepy people. Once upon a time I tried to get to know a few (not on this site) to see if I could figure out why they do it and get them out of it. Many of them have serious psychological issues. I've noticed signs of severe depression, suicidal tendencies, and even as bad as schizophrenia from the ones I've spoken to. Some are just playing around but many force themselves into a fantasy world to escape their reality or they actually believe their fantasy world because they are mentally ill. Many live in abusive households and have low self esteem. Its very sad.

My best advice is DO NOT humor them. The more positive attention they get from it, the more of a vice it becomes for them. And if you personally know a teenager who does this, and they show signs of depression, get them professional help.

There are true otherkin out there, but like Herself says, it becomes obvious when it is role playing.
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