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The Elements

Forums ► Wicca ► The Elements
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The Elements
Post # 1
Can someone help me please? I am by birth a Taurus--Earth. But, When I do numerology for a name the name s come out in Air. My birthdate is the last day of Taurus before Gemini, does this have anything to do with it? Sometimes i feel stronger with earth and other times with air.
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Re: The Elements
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Everything on this planet,Earth, exists because of the four elements; earth, air, fire (the sun) and water; or one of the four (volcanoes, earthquakes,etc.) Every living thing depends on all four.No plant would grow without earth,water, sunshine, and air. Animals would also not exist without all four. Only fungi can exist without all four, and certain bacteria.
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Re: The Elements
Post # 3

Well in palmistry their are the elements in our hands their can be one or more elements that our hands say maybe your dominant hand is earth and other is Air?

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Re: The Elements
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
What brysing says is true. However most people are drawn to one or two elements. It is usually the element that their personality is closest to.

Astrology, palmistry, numerology etc is generic information created by people to attempt to place order into a world with nothing but unorganized uniqueness. No two flowers are exactly alike and no two people are exactly alike. Place 100 taurus's in one room and they will not all be down to earth, passionate creative people! Think of it more like a statistic. Saying all taurus signs have earth as their element is like saying all cats hate water. I knew a cat that liked to swim!

The best thing to do to find the element that you have a bond with, is to look at your personality, likes and dislikes.
For instance I have a closer bond with fire and earth. I'm neutral with water and air is my weakest correspondence.
I have a hot temper (fire) but I am very down to "earth" otherwise. I'm as stubborn as they get (earth). This is not what I think of myself but what I've been told by countless people. My favorite place to be is sitting under a tree in the grass (earth). I prefer candle light to electricity (fire). I always wear "earth" tones. But I love using the color red in my art work as well as incorporating dragons (fire).

You can like all four elements, and can use them all. But realizing what you relate to best gives you a great advantage! And the best part is, you do things everyday unconsciously that reflect the element(s) you relate to most. So it isn't about reading a book or an article, its about looking within!

What advantages you may ask? Well, if what surrounds you (home, car, office) reflects your elements it makes you feel good! Does a flame feel comfortable in a pool of water? You want to put away the dolphins for a firey individual lol

Another advantage is that this gives you an idea of your ideal elements to use in magick. They will feel more natural and comfortable for you to use. Do not boycott other elements but keep in mind your personal connections.
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Re: The Elements
Post # 5

I love the post above, well done, Raven.

Your element has nothing to do with your zodiac sign, Alina, your element is associated with your personality, and which one or ones you feel most connected to.

You can find your elements through meditation, or they may find you.

Look at your characteristics. What element would you say they are? Use the clues around you to help you find out what it is.

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Re: The Elements
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I would argue that in focusing on a particular element that you feel a bond with this is more a matter of psychology than magic, though it is good to understand yourself in this manner.

One should also be careful that one isn't making oneself uncomfortable through association with that element, however. If you believe you have a bond with fire, as in the above example, then you very well might make yourself uncomfortable in a situation relating to the element of water in your attempts to align more closely to the perceived aspects of these elements.

On the other hand, if you explore the hopelessly entangled nature of all elements than you may also realize that fire is considered also to be the source of all warmth. This being the case, then you need not be smothered by the existence of the water-oriented circumstance, but instead can be the warmth that keeps the water from becoming ice. Better yet, explore water and learn to dampen your own passions rather than letting them rule you.

Focusing on one or two has a way of creating its own problems.
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