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helping someone else!!!!

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► helping someone else!!!!
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helping someone else!!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
okay, so i am a firm believe in the Law of Attraction and what you speak and think manifests into your life. my boyfriend, however, is very technical and believes in physics and thinks that manifestation is a load of crap.

he is continually speaking negatively about himself and finding a job, and how he should not have gotten a degree in the music industry because "hes never going to have a job anyway" and hes constantly speaking all these negative things, including about his court date coming up. he has no faith in himself or the universe. HOW DO I HELP HIM!!!!!?????!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!

i know that the things you say and think and do manifest and attract either positive or negative things. i need to manifest a good outcome for this court date, but he is constantly opposing my ideas about speaking positive into your life. PLEASE HELP ME!!! and anything that could help with his court date would be great :)
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Re: helping someone else!!!!
Post # 2
Well when people start talking about court dates it's hard to keep positive I think.

As for manifestation, yes I agree with you, if we focus on a certain thing, and stay in a certain state of mind for too long, the energy we "manifest" can be channeled to the thing we are focusing on, effecting a good or bad outcome. At the same time the world continues to circle the sun, and a good or bad outcome will happen regardless of what you focus upon. However I do agree that you can affect the outcome to a certain extent, though it would be very small in an energy sense when compared to the physical actions one can take to effect things. Truth be though that ones state of mind of course effects what they will do in the physical, and again can effect the outcome.

I am curious to know what this court date is about, maybe your boyfriend is just being a realist. I mean, if he ran over someone it would be kind of hard to stay positive.

If you are expecting to be able to effect the outcome of the court date from a distance, without physical action, but in subtle means, all I have to say is this, you had better be an adept. As for the rest, you can indeed effect things, by getting him to change his mindset. That might be harder than the other thing.
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Re: helping someone else!!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
just a small minor possession of weed charge, which i am going to witness for him in court and say it was our friends who was also in the car when he got charged, and we saw her smoking, told her not bring it with us and she did, etc. nothing huge but he was almost off probation!! D:

and his stupid F***ING friend is really dark and powerful and has ulterior motives...before we left for this trip he was like, "yeah i bet youll get stopped right before the border patrol on the way back" and WE DID!! GRRRRR!!!! lol. sucked SO BAD man
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