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Help finding a spell?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Help finding a spell?
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Help finding a spell?
Post # 1
My Ex-boyfriend is having a difficult time with our break up... We have a son together and I found myself falling into this dysfunctional unhealthy relationship that I swore to myself Id never get involved with again. I know he loves me but the fact is hes just a broken person and was doing all sorts of things to hurt me and destroy our family... And Im ready to move on and I feel that I have already.. Us having a son together makes it even harder for both of us to move on when we always have to see each other. I do not want him to completely stop loving him because we are both young and in the future I would like to try it again for our son and because we have such a strong love for one another.. If he can some day get his life together and become a man i would like to leave us open to have another go at it.. Its just that now He threatens to kill himself and thats just not fair to me because I just want to be happy and get my life and career going for my son and I.. I would just like to know if anyone can help me find or develop a spell or anything I can cast for him to heal his broken heart and to help him let me go so he makes his life one that will do more good to me and my sons life than bad. I just feel so bad hurting him no matter how much he has hurt me I feel as if I am responsible and must take care of him all the time. I need help from the kindness of someones heart that knows just what to do.. please reply. Thank you.
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Re: Help finding a spell?
Post # 2
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Re: Help finding a spell?
Post # 3
I can understand where you are coming from but if your ready to move on then do it!
There are some people who may be broken and need to heal but only they can acknowledge this themselfs and if you interfere with magick you could be causing more harm than good, he may have life lessons that he needs to learn so let him.
Also the threat of someone killing themselfs is emotional blackmail and most of the time is empty threats because that person knows how to manipulate you, I've been there and got the t-shirt the best thing I ever said was ''well go ahead go do it'' He's still not learned nothing and is still the same type of person he was before! some people just dont want to heal.
And even if he had of done it this is his actions and you are not responsible for his actions.
The best thing you can do for yourself and him right now is to let him know that he cannot manipulate you anymore and that you will move on regardless of any threats he may do.

Love and Light
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Re: Help finding a spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
First of all, he is being abusive to you and you need to get out of that situation as soon as possible because abusers never change. They will continue to hurt you and then cry and weep about how hurt and sorry they are and second of all he is attempting to manipulate you by telling you he wants to kill himself. No spell can help this but there are ways to help ease the situation so you can get out of it. Now I`m going to give you some advice even though you didn't ask for any, take your son and leave. It is awful for a kid to grow up in an abusive household and they can end up repeating the behavior. Your boyfriend is going to keep doind this, he is never going to stop, and studies prove that abuse only gets worse as time goes on. So start saving up some money and file for primary custody. I`m not trying to tell you what to do but there are places you can go depending on where you live so he can't hurt you or your son. The abuse will only get worse, believe me my Mother was abused by my father and he used to do it to me when he couldn't get my brother. Then I got out, you have to get yourself out.
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