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Dream Interpretation:Help

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dream Interpretation:Help
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Dream Interpretation:Help
Post # 1
Hello guys
Lately i had a very intense dream that put me in deep thoughts..I was wondering if there is someone who is more experienced so that (s)he can give me some information about te dream...

The dream started in a very bright and pure building which was all surrounded by the sea. Something like a small temple in the middle of nowhere. I walked in there for some time and i noticed that there was a balcony inn front of me so i headed there. On this balcony there were small horses lying there , they were pure and bright aswell and also you were able to see fishes jumping out of the water below. I sut down and i took a horse on my hug and i wanted to call my sister so that to show her the horses. But i didnt, because i saw someone rising from the waters.. This man was sitting on a pegasus and he was bright.. A detail that i remember is that i cant tell for sure if he was male or female because his unique beauty was something exactly in the middle.. Anyway, he told me not to call my sister and he hitted me slightly in my forehead and then he rose back... He told me a phrase ... To be aware off the crows on the month of march...!!!

I searched a lot about the symbolism of specific things in the dream but there were endless interpretations and im kinda confused..
The experience i had from the dream was unbelievable thought it left me with a slight worry...

I d like to listen to your thoughts about it..
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Dream Interpretation:Help
Post # 2
It could be a warning from someone who is watching you and guard you. You should keep your sister out of troubles and don't trust those who appear as weak and kind.
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Re: Dream Interpretation:Help
Post # 3
Assa that sounds like it was an amazing dream, it's best to try to figure out the meanings of certain things that stand out in the dream for you personally and try to figure it out from there,
But I love hearing other peoples dreams to me the dream sounds like its about your emotions and possibly about a new realtionship that might be coming your way. (dont know if your in a realtionship at present or not) normally water in dreams represents the emotions and horses in dreams can represent strength, power,sexuality and pegasus can represent stormy realtionships and the ablity to strive through them,and the fish is sort of like a message to theres plenty more fish in the sea and with pegasus coming up from the sea in such a grand manor makes me think thats is a very important part of the dream, also the phrase you where told in the dream "To be aware off the crows on the month of march" Crows will normally pair up together in march for mating, and all through the dream you always seem to beaware of a pure white light which makes me think that this is more a message dream for you to look out for someone around the month of march they may prove to be an important part of your future. of course this is just my interpretation of what I think your dream means and doesn't mean it actually does mean that :)
good luck with figuring out your dream.

Love and Light
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Re: Dream Interpretation:Help
Post # 4
Thank you both for the time you spent to answer... Indeed it was an amazing dream full of light.. It makes an exception to me since the majority of my dreams are black and scary!
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