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Advice on the Ouija use

Forums ► General Info ► Advice on the Ouija use
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Advice on the Ouija use
Post # 1
I've noticed an increase in people wanted to communicate with spirits, and wanting to use the ouija to do so. When I found this website I though the information would be a bit useful for some. Remember on any subject, you need to do additional research to any article posted. So before you go running off to play with a ouija board, or a spirit board, make sure you do a lot more research on the subject and how to use one responsibly.

~Lady SV~

How to use the ouija board responsibly
Should I use the Ouija Board?
Craig's article written for the BBC teenage website section about Ouija Boads.

The simple answer is: Don't do it "I advise you strongly not to use a ouija board," says Craig. "When they work they're like an open door to all emotions and feelings, so our own thoughts can effect it and it can be very deceiving. Any fears you have can be reflected right back at you, which is very frightening."

But if you really are determined...

Be serious about it, but cheerful at the same time.

Do it with good intent - don't try to deceive or insult anyone with it.

Don't ask it questions about the future, because the spirit world can't tell you about the future.

Make sure all the people you do it with are calm and have no emotional or mental problems, and make sure they have the same good intent as you.

Drink water, because that can help clear negative energy. Definitely don't have any alcohol.

Do it in the daytime rather than at night, so you're less likely to get jumpy.

Ask the spirit world or God - however you want to put it - for protection before you do it.

Nobody knows for certain how or where Ouija Boards originated. It is thought that Ouija Boards may have been invented in Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece and spread through Europe during Medieval times.. In the late 19th Century Ouija was marketed as a game by Parker Brothers and became widespread. In the hands of a properly trained medium a Ouija board has been shown to be a useful tool for spirit communication but in the hands of an amateur it can be very frightening.

There are instances of successful communication within Spiritualist circles and catalogued by the Society of Psychical research. For example, one of the most important experiments to prove life after death was a case called the 'Cross Correspondence'.

In 1904 a medium called Mrs Verall 'received' a script containing the words 'record the bits and when fitted together they will make the whole'. Soon afterward three other mediums from around the world received communications from the spirits of three dead SPR researchers named Frederick Myres, Henry Sidgwick and Edmund Gurney. When the fragments of information received via the mediums was brought together over a period of four years it was found to give a detailed message that took them to the tomb of the Medicis in the church of San Lorenzo in Florence.

Some of the verifiable information received in the case came via the Ouija board.

Sceptic believe that people using the Ouija board either consciously or unconsciously select what is read. The English scientist Michael Faraday call this the ideomotor effect. To prove this is at work when people use the Ouija board, sceptics suggest that the Ouija board participants are blindfolded and a neutral person should then take notes. If real spirits are present then they would 'see' the letters and be able to spell out messages. Usually, the results are unintelligible nonsense.It can of course be argued that the human perceptions are needed in any form of spirit communication and their dismissal of this phenomena does not explain why some people get verifiable evidence of survival.

I believe that Ouija boards tap mental energy that manifests in such a way that it is able to influence the movement of the glass. (Parapsychologists call this psychokinisis or PK) However in my opinion the energy being used is of such a low level that the participants own anxieties and fears can influence the results. Often people play the game just for fun or to scare themselves and inevitably the results are upsetting when real information does come through. The participants may also create what psychics call 'mind forms' that appear to be like spirits but are in fact their own energies that have taken an independent form. The Tibetans called these spirits 'Tulpas'.

Most importantly, there is no control over the energies being manifested while using a Ouija board. The participants are completely unprotected. If spirits do get involved then sometimes they can be mischievous or bad spirits. It is like opening your house to the street for a party and inviting everyone to attend. Eventually things will get out of hand.

I have worked with Ouija boards and received some useful communications. In the hands of a properly trained medium they are safe. However they are also clumsy and a very draining way to work with the spirit. There are far safer and more effective ways to make a communication.

So my advice about Ouija Boards and Planchettes: Throw them away.

OUIJA entry by Craig Hamilton-Parker

This from - http://www.psychics.co.uk/psychics/ouijaboards.html
and - http://www.psychics.co.uk/define/ouija.html

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Re: Advice on the Ouija use
Post # 2
ALWAYS show respect for the Dead
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Re: Advice on the Ouija use
Post # 3
nice read i used to play with it when i was a kid, havent seen it in a long time.
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Re: Advice on the Ouija use
Post # 4
Excellent post and advice SilverVixen.
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Re: Advice on the Ouija use
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Thanks for making this thread Silver.
I had one given to me as a gift when I was very young and played it with a couple neighbor girls. One night we were "playing" with it and it spelled out the name Frank. None of us knew anyone by that name and we each blamed the other for making it up. Then when I had forgotten all about it I was walking past the bathroom and my brother was brushing his hair and the brush fell out of his hand. I seen it fall out of the corner if my eye and stopped to help him look for it. We never found it even when we were moving. To this day I have no clue what happen to that stupid brush, but I do think this Frank had something to do with it. We had a few other things happen after that night as well. I have no idea what ever did happen to that board and I really don't care I'm just glad it's long gone.
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Re: Advice on the Ouija use
Post # 6
l have always known d danger of ouija board so l hv neva intended to use it nice tread l hope those who dable into tins wil read dis
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