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Casting a spell

Forums ► General Info ► Casting a spell

Casting a spell
Post # 1
I am not sure how everyone is going along with the spells and all but here is a little lesson if your having some trouble with it.

When you first find out about Magick, Wicca, and all the wonderful things it has to give you. You believe the first thing you should do is cast a spell or so. Tell you the truth I thought the same. While I talked to a few people that was into Magick, I was misled by them. They told me that I should cast a spell, that it should be one of the things I should do and all. Some of them said I don't have to but it won't hurt to try. When I tried to cast a spell I was in too much of a hurry and sometimes I would miss a step or two and have to start all over. I wasn't even focusing on myself and the items or even understand how each item and time and day helps the spell. Because of all that, it all failed.

If you want to cast a spell and have no fail like I did the first time then you need to take your time and learn about Wicca. Just like if your a Warrior, you can't just pick up a sword and start battling, you must know the basics. The first basic is asking yourself if your ready to cast the spell. Don't just say, "yeah I am." more like say, "Yeah I am because ..." Give yourself a reason why you are ready. This is because the spell isn't really what you think it is. You think the works are from the spell but it really is from you and your mind. Think that your books of shadows is like a cook book. Each page of the cook book has stuff you need, how much you have to have of each, When it add them, how to add them, even notes about the recipe, and more! But also, it is telling you how to use those to bake a cake. If you cooked it for too long it will burn and if you add too much water it will be mush. Just like with a spell, if you do it for too long of course it won't be a problem. Unless you have the thought about it not working. If you do it too quickly then you won't have the time that was needed to do the full power of the spell.

Back to the cake, the cake can't back itself. You can't just throw all the stuff in a bowl and call it a cake. The spell is just like that. The oven is your mind in this case, without your focus on what you need and how to use the tools right in the spell, it will just get burn or be mush. The spell is nothing without you.

Before going off casting a spell I really think you should learn more about yourself, wicca, the tools used, and how to control your energy plus feeling it. This shouldn't take more then 3 months, but it shouldn't take less then a week. Take your time learning your in no rush.

Once you have done all of that (if you don't then this info is really useless to you) you are ready to take the next step. Casting the spell. First you need to ask yourself another question. "Which spell do I want to cast and need to cast?" The reason why you have to ask yourself that is because if your casting a spell that you don't need then the chance of failure is high. Lets say I was down on my luck, so I found a spell that will bring more luck to me. In my mind I know I need this spell so I will be more focused on the spell then something else. Also the spell is just like the hammer to get that nail into the board. Yes you can do it with your hand but it is going to be hard work.

Once you found a spell you need to cast you have to do some more research. Yes, again! What will the spell do? Lets say luck then I find a moon phase that will bring me luck and cast the spell under that moon. Or find a rune that will bring me luck and have the rune on me when I am casting it. Get it now? You want to add some magick to the bowl. Don't forget to Focus on those things and the spell. Once you have that done then go ahead and cast it, but remember don't rush and take your time.

Things to watch out for...
Spells that just has a chant to it. Yeah they will work, but not for a starter of Wicca. It is like wearing a glove when your smacking that hand to the nail. Once you get a few years under your belt then you can do the chants. If you do find a spell that you need and it is in chant then you can add items to help the spell. If the spell is to heal then bring some healing gems and herbs and what not to help it out.

Blood Magick. Again, just like the chants, it is too high for you to do.

Ouija boards. If you want to talk to your dead mother or grandmother this isn't the way. Those things are dangerous because without someone that really knows this stuff you could open a door that any ghost can walk threw. Even if your friend claims to be a expert don't follow threw unless they have proof of it.

Making your own spells. Yeah that is for everyone and can work. But when there is already a spell that can do what you need then you don't need it. Remember, a spell is just a bunch of tools that helps you channel the energy into what you want or need. Doing the research for it all is kinda a waste if it is already there. Unless you want to make your own little spell book this is a waste of your time.

Internet Spells. Just like some of the people that say they are a vampire on this site, you can't believe they really are real. Unless you know that the spell is true by the source and the person then it may as well be fake. For example this site, Pet said that all the spells work. But did he put all of those spells on there? Were they tested and had the results posted? No so I count them as untrustworthy.

Hexing and Curses. I was hoping I don't have to post something like this, but remembering a time when someone tried to do that changed my mind. If you want to be all evil because it sounds cool or what not that is cool. But don't do any of the hexes. The reason is because not only will you be hurting someone and the triangle effect will hit you, but because you'll be calling the darkness towards you and the person. This isn't really a nice thing were they help you take revenge, because they will smack you too. It is better to learn about the Dark Arts (which means black magick) so you know how to defend yourself.

Talking about your working and cleaning up. One last thing. For the next 24 hours don't tell anyone about your spell. Reason, the spell is still in effect and your feelings still have control over the outcome of it. If they say it won't work then the inner you will believe that, which will make the spell crack as I say. Once you are done casting the spell put away all the tools you used in the right spot. If the spell request you to burn the candle all the way then do so, if the spell request you to burn something then do so, if the spell request you to throw it away then do SO! If it doesn't then you can reuse the candle on another spell if the spell doesn't say you need a new unlit candle.

Any questions will be nice.
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 2
Great post! You really did your research. A lot of people think that they can just pick a spell, cast it, expect it to work.
Without knowing your basics first, you're just wasting your time.

I also liked the beginning of your post when you explained that you need to learn about yourself and Magick, Wicca, and why you chose this path. As you said, many choose magick because they think that it will make them "cool" to other people.

I enjoyed reading your post, and look forward to more from you.
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Re: Casting a spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Ah, here we are. This is a post I can get behind. Thank our the enlightening post Untold.
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 4
Yeah at times I might make a hate post, but a lot of times I make a very useful post lol. You just gotta watch out for me and stuff. Some people messaged me about circles so I am going to do a post about that.
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 5
now you know some critique must come in here, first i have to address when you spoke about it being a waste to create your own spell for a purpose when a good one is already there, well i must say you failed to educate the masses about the power of their own energy, it does not matter if there is a spell already written, YOUR OWN written spell with YOUR energy put behind it is the best thing you can do since it will manifest much better in the universe.

Secondly i must address to you about your comment on hexes and curses which are the same thing anyway, NOT all hexes are evil, no i am not hitting you the "good demon" crap since there are no such things as good demons, but a hex can be use in cases of punishment, then no problem with that, but i can agree if you are talking about hexing people for fun, for desires or even revenge.

its the intent behind the hex which makes it negative or positive. Hexing a ring to and putting on your child to weaken attackers and confound them from harming your child is one unique way of using a hex, ( yes a hex can be used in unique ways such as that)
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 6
Most of the spells that are already made are there, but if you do what to take the time to create your own then do it. I am not stopping you I am just saying that it might waste your time.

Hexes and Curses are something else. I have seen a few hexes that will give someone 7 days of pain which each passing day to be more painful. If you know a difference between them then good, but since some of the people here don't at times I count them as the same. Also making someone weaker isn't really nice.
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 7
if you read correctly i think it was said to protect a child from harm by weakening adversaries. Now how is that not a good thing?
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 8
Let me remind you all something. The first thing I said before posting is this. "I am not sure how everyone is going along with the spells and all but here is a little lesson if your having some trouble with it."

Do you all understand what that means? I thought it was simple but I guess not. It means that anyone that wants to cast a spell for the first time you can read this and understand what you need from a spell and so on.

The reason why I said curses and hexes are a bad thing (to beginners) Is because they will use it the wrong way. Of course to someone that has been doing it for years can use it in a good way. Do you all understand? I do hope so, if you all have been telling the new people that they should do something that is way up the ladder then it explains why some people are asking others to cast spells because they know they can't do it or that they tried with fail.
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Re: Casting a spell
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I agree with you 100% Untold about the internet spells, especially about the spells on this site, I have read several that won't work, with members removing key parts of the spell so people don't see they have been taken from other sites.

Again with the spells already out there, when someone is new to magic its a bad idea to get them to write their own straight off, and its even worse for them to listen to the experts on here who are still teenagers but are writing books on casting spells.

I was part of another forum, quite a few people came on after being mentored on this site and the spells not working, or they couldn't master the energy ball that the apparent coven leader teaching them could grow in their hands. Although these sites are good to learn from people, its actually a bad thing when you have 17yr olds claiming to know it all and passing on information when they haven't even done it themselves.
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Re: Casting a spell
Post # 10
I have to disagree with you on your comments of making your own spell being a waste of time.

Even for beginners, writing your own spell is a huge benefit and helps point in the direction of success.

Reason being is, when you find a spell someone else writes, most peoples focus stops being on intent and starts being aimed at "memorizing" the words. Many people feel that if they mess up the wording, they mess up the spell, get worried or concerned and even confused. That is a complete waste of energy.

By writing your own spell, you know what the words are. You know where your focus is, and the spell tends to be stronger because it is YOUR creation. Not the creation of someone else.

I think the attitude of "why do work when you have something handed to you" is the exact attitude in the new generation of magick practitioners that most of us would like to see gone. Laziness and looking for the quick way out coupled with magick doesn't bode well.
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