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Tricks and Tells

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Tricks and Tells
Post # 1
Hello I am Untold, but you may call me Hunter. I thought I should make a small lesson about this because I never really see it anywhere.

This lesson is mainly for people that is starting out as a Wiccan (I don't care if you say your a shaman, pagan, and whats not. I am still going to count you as Wiccan). As you noticed, or should of noticed, is that Magic is spelled with a K at the end, Magick. The reason why is because some Wiccans like to split magic (the form of tricks and illusions) from magick (which is what you want to learn). We don't always use it but I like to use it.

Another thing is that this isn't the Devils work. Wiccans have many Gods and Goddesses. We are not just worshiping one God but many. Also we don't believe in Heaven or Hell, well most of us don't.

The main reason most of us practice Magick is to worship the Gods and Goddesses, Nature, and ourselves. The Gods and Goddesses for thy give us strength and life. Nature for letting us use their tools and harvest. Ourselves so we maybe able to use them. Most of us don't practice because we cast random spells for fun. Casting circles is a different story, I cast one every week and try to do something different.

We also have a book of shadows, also known as BOS. It is too keep your thoughts and how your circles/spells do. Also some tips or spells you find handy. I like herbs, so therefore mine has a lot of ways to combine them, how they worked well together, and so on. I made my own but you can also buy one.

Magick Tools. Like wands, athame, cups, cape/rope... You don't really need them, but they do make a lot of things easier if you did had them. Once you get them you have to bind them to you. This means you have to cast a circle and all that. I am sure you'll be able to find a spell to do that. When you do this then your tools will work even better for you and even harder for someone else.

Know yourself. I am sure a lot of people tell you this, but I am sure half of those or more don't know much about it. When I am saying know yourself, I am not saying what you like, your past, your name, and stuff. I am asking Your Sigil, Rune, stone, metal, color, magick name, and so on. The more you know about yourself in that kind of way then the more you can do in your circles! If you find out your stone is Red Jasper then get a Red Jasper and wear it when your doing your magickal workings. If you find out your a Scorpio then you know that you'll do better when your under the Scorpio stars. The key to magick isn't spells or how powerful you are, it is trying to connect you even closer to magick! (I tried to find another word but nothing seem to match it more then Magick lol). You also need to know your limits. Normally I do my circles at night, so I need to know how long I am able to stay up without being tired. Or maybe you need to know how short your fuse is. When you know and accept your limits then you can find a way to improve it and be a better person.

One last thing. If your just starting all this Wicca stuff then ask yourself this. Are you sure you want to do this and if so will you do it daily? The reason why I ask that is because everyone's goal (if they agree with me) is to learn and do it yourself. This doesn't mean that you have to cast a spell or do a circle every day. Like I said, I do a circle every once a week. But I use the rest of the other days of the week learning about Wicca and the History of it. Are you willing to add that to your list? Also I think that no one should try to cast a spell unless they had up to 4 months of learning the history, safety (which includes the dark arts), the factors, and others of magick. You also have to understand how it works before you can even try. Just like someone I meet online, he thought Wicca was all about spells so he just wanted someone to hex him. He never got hexed because all the people that got mad at him were new to it. They didn't understand the reasons why hexing isn't safe for him or to themselves.

Any comments are welcome.
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Re: Tricks and Tells
Post # 2
The only problem I have with this post is your including of every magick path into Wicca. That is wrong and can be offensive. I am a shaman practitioner and I will tell you first hand that we are not Wiccans. Most pagan paths have major differences so including everyone into Wiccan is ignorant and disrespectful.
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