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Karma?!! not for me!

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Karma?!! not for me!
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Karma?!! not for me!
Post # 1
i am in no way a spell caster but by circumstances i have had experiences with magic and spells on 3 different ocassions by the same person though, i have a friend who is so into magic before he introduced me to someone
When my husband was dismissed at his place of work and me without a good job to carry us i was devastated because of our kid so this friend of mine encouraged me to meet somoone who cast a spell for me and my husband in a week my husband got the job and i got a nice pay check too, but put yourself in my position, i was so scared, i mean after all i have read about magic and all, its hard to believe something like that would go without a price but nothing happened, then my husband started seeing his secretary and eventually moved out of the house, i went to my magic man again and in a week he came back to apologize to me and the children and love us more than ever before and again i was expecting something bad, nothing happened, when my son was having bad grades in school, we were advised to withdraw him after demoting him several times i went to the magic man again and he cast a spell to help him and till now he is so bright. after all these i would have sleepless night waiting for the day when there will be bad side to it. its been up to 6year running now and nothing bad has happened. so i think because of the purpose to which the spell is directed there wont be no karma, personally i think karma is a state of mind.
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Re: Karma?!! not for me!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
What a interesting story it seems your life is full of adventures. Not every witch will tell you Karma is real however i will and i will tell you why then its up to you to decide. Lets say your grandma makes exactly 14 cookies for you and your friends, and everyone takes two like there suppose to and you take three? Then because of your actions one of your friends is out of a cookie, then there sad. So put that in witchcraft terms when we play with the energy in the universe and use to make our life better or too hurt someone, something gets changed somewhere. Before i cast a spell sometimes i think will this spell hurt someone or something in any way? Maybe, because giving your son help in school was not hurting anyone or anything is the reason your not seeing the after effects of the spell. I hope this was hopeful.

Blessed be
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Re: Karma?!! not for me!
Post # 3
i like the way you write friend and you sound like someone who knows a lot about magic, but the spell caster that helped often tell before he cast the spell that there wont be any bad side to it but i was still leery waiting for the big fall, but i want to say that our human life can never be completely rid of evil, so when you cast a spell and after sometimes something that would ve happened all the same happens and we are crying KARMAAAA. magic is suppose to be an integral part of life, that ease things up for us when the drama begins and if all these checks keeps us from utilizing it then magic and spells would be meaningless
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Re: Karma?!! not for me!
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Spell Suggestions.
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