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Meditation excersie

Forums ► General Info ► Meditation excersie
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Meditation excersie
Post # 1
I hope you all enjoy this thread

Why do you need meditation?

whether you have just started the craft or you are filled with years of knowledge it is always good to refresh and clear the mind from incessant chatter.

What did i mean by that?

Meditation helps us to have control over our own mind, there fore we can influence anything outside and around it. By clearing the mind from all that activity that you unconsciously do (yes you do it) you don't give your self chance to really think on what is important. Who am i ? where did i come from ? where am i going?

These are some of the questions that show themselves when you have cleaned your mind, when you have created mental silence.

by practicing daily to train your mind (meditation is mental training) you gradually gain skills required to do certain magickal acts such as: Conjuring an energy ball, shielding, scrying, healing. All these arts start with the mind. Without the mental consciousness of what you are doing it will never work cause in the mind there is a procedure.

its like trying to enter into a room, the door is not locked but you cannot enter through any windows, and breaking the walls down is not an option.

How do you enter?

key word - Unlocked

the door was not locked, meditation is like a door way and all you have to is practice it to open that door into your mind. If you don't practice it you can't open the door.

I find if hard to meditate, i don't think i can do it

of course you can!

Think about it, think about a time when you were either playing a video game or thinking about something, just doing some activity that you were do engrossed in that you were unaware of your surroundings like when someone calls your name and you don't hear.

what did you think that was?

Focus!, now i am not saying you are supposed to be dead to your surroundings but think of it this way, if i can focus that much and meditation will require a effort that does not require you to be unaware of your surroundings then this should be a piece of cake!

Take your time

Don't rush meditation, do it slow and gradual, if you are truly ready to speed up any thing then all is fine but sometimes slow moving slow is the key- just think of the tortoise and the hare

and tai chi, slow sterdy movements of energy.

so lets try a simple meditation exercise to get started shall we?

1) You can either lie on your back or sit in lotus position. take slow deep breaths. visualize your self in a quiet and dark void. -await further instructions from this guide

2) The way we are taught to breathe is quite shallow in not very healthy as stale air can settle at the bottom of your lungs, try inhaling while allow your stomach to expand or push outward like a balloon, then let it deflate as you exhale. Feel the difference in how much air you can intake? do you feel more energized with this breath? Most likely your answer is yes cause now you are getting all the energy that is needed.

3) Follow this "new breathing" by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, in your mind, feel your self becoming relaxed and free. Let your body become lighter and more energized.

4) see a white light form at the top of your head, see it change into the shape of a white florescent bulb. See this light move slowly down from your head to the base of your spine, let it move like a scanner cleansing all negative and blocked energy.

5) see your self covered in a red aura which gives you a sturdy and grounded energy.

see your body covered in an orange aura which layers on top of the red aura which gives you a vibrant and energetic mood

see a yellow aura which strengthens your willpower and love for life

see a green aura which gives you a calm sense of love and peace

see a blue aura which gives you sense of communication, you are connecting to everything around you

see an indigo aura, which gives you divine wisdom, see your self being filled with knowledge and insight

see a violet aura, that unites all auras seen before and feel a sense of oneness and bliss with universe.

open your eyes and relax, you may want to record your events in a journal
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Re: Meditation excersie
Post # 2
Awesome post Blackindigo.Thank you very much for sharing.
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Re: Meditation excersie
Post # 3
your welcome, im adding this one to my guide as well.
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Re: Meditation excersie
Post # 4
Love the post, Thankyou!
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Re: Meditation excersie
Post # 5
Excellent! Thank you.
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Re: Meditation excersie
Post # 6
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