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question about spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► question about spells

question about spells
Post # 1
hi im new i was wondering do any spells have visual effects that you can actually see? and how do you know if you casted the spells correctly
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Re: question about spells
Post # 2
The only way to know if a spell worked correctly is if you get the results that you wish for. As for the visual effects, well, again, I think that you can only see the visual effects of a spell that you can actually see are the actual results of the spell.

You have to believe that your spell will work, or else you won't see any visual results at all.
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Re: question about spells
Post # 3
Hai I'm also new about spells.
I saw on ebay there're spellcasters selling spells and their reputation are great: 99.8%-100%. That means, their spells is really working, right? They also guarantee that a result can be expected within some period.
I'm curious:
1. What is a spell? Is it rhyme words + ritual?
2. How does a spell work?
3. What makes a spell works?
4. Who's working to get the spell fulfilled?
5. For example, the answers of number 4 is spirit, then why does the spirit want to help? Does it gain anything from helping?
6. If a spell really works, then it's an instant solution to a problem (money, love problem, etc), right? Will this cause bad effect? Because what I know, instant things have effects.
I really hope I can learn a lot about spell in this forum.
I hope I didn't offend anyone, I'm full of questions because curiosity and I'm blank about spell.
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Re: question about spells
Post # 4
Ok to answer some of your questions about what spells are and how they work,
the answers I'm going to give are based on my own experince so what I say may be different to anothers belief system.

1. What is a spell? Is it rhyme words + ritual?

A. A spell is what you want it to be, it can be a prayer, or a thought, or a set out ritual with words and items ect, trial and error will learn you what works for you, both prayer(btw I dont even go to church)to the archangels and casting a spell with candles, oils, crystals and symbols works for me.

2. How does a spell work?

A. I believe a spell works on the concept that you attune your energies of intent with the energies of the universe, and when you seek to attune the two together the universe will help you because you asked it too. which also works the same why with angels they wont help unless you ask from your heart.

3.What makes a spell works?

A. what makes a spell work is your belief in yourself and your own power.

4. Who's working to get the spell fulfilled?

A. Your will and power, also any deity or angel or mystical force you may have called on for help.

5. For example, the answers of number 4 is spirit, then why does the spirit want to help? Does it gain anything from helping?

A. This answer could go either way, if you walk the light path, then the reason for helping is to help bring love and light to the world and allow you to do so with more ease, if you walk the dark path then I would assume its so you can bring the message of darkness to the world, as for the latter I wouldn't know for sure.

6. If a spell really works, then it's an instant solution to a problem (money, love problem, etc), right? Will this cause bad effect? Because what I know, instant things have effects.

A. If a spell works it doesn't mean it will work instantly, it can take sometimes weeks or months for results depending on what you are asking for. as for bad effects they can happpen but if you're precise on what you want and dont take anything away from someone else then it shouldnt have a bad effect, thats a chance you take and another thing you learn from trial and error.

I will give you an example of two experinces of mine that worked, one with a bad effect and one without a bad effect

My first one was when I was new to casting and tried a spell for someone to contact me by text message,(I also accidently cut my finger during it so I guess it sort of turned into blood magic) now this worked a few weeks after I done it, but it didn't quite go the way I wanted it was obvious this person actually didn't want to contact me, as they where very off and moody, so thats where I learned my lesson about affecting a persons free will.

Another spell that work pretty well for me which I made myself, to find a lost item, which I did during a full moon at 12am with white candles and a yellow one,juniper oil and a black tourmaline stone, and what I had lost and a symbol of a boomarang wrote on a piece of paper(yeah you may laugh but it worked ;)) and my favorite incense.

this is the quickest result I have ever had because the next day my sister phoned to tell me that she had found what I had been looking for, during the time I keep the crystal stone in a pouch I also kept finding other things that I forgot where lost so got a bonus with that spell :)

these answers are based on what I believe and you can choose to apply them or research others beliefs and find out what works for you.

hopefully it may have cleared up some of the questions you asked.

Love and Light
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Re: question about spells
Post # 5
Dear OpalRaven,

Thank you so much for the explanation. I really appreciate you give some of your time to write and share your experience. And you're also a practicioner, that means you know what things about spells. I think this is my good luck to have you answering my questions.

After reading your explanation, can I assume that spells is synchronization of our energy with universe energy?

You know 'the secret' by Rhonda Byrne? I watch the video on youtube, it also mention about tuning your enery with the universe like tuning radio, matching the wave. When u think excess, u will get excess. When u think traffic jam, u get traffic jam, and so on. Is it like that?

So do you mean, doing an intent prayer with strong will, this is also spell?

Honestly, I didn't laugh when you mention about drawing boomerang. I think it's a symbol of what you expect from your lost thing to come back to you, and I think that's very smart and creative, I never would have thought about that. But what do you need the white candle, yellow candle, the stone and the oil, and why it has to be on midnight? And what kind of feeling / energy that u sent out? Is it you feel strongly and confident the thing that you lost will come back?

From your story, can I assume that you're not asking help from any spirit or deity, but instead you're preparing things and symbol to make clear what you wanted and send out the message to the universe?
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Re: question about spells
Post # 6
your welcome waowao,

I can't say that i've even watched or even heard of 'the secret' by Rhonda Byrne?

though had I quick look and I assume she is going on about the law of attraction which isn't really much of a secret..think that mainly goes along the lines of positive thinking.

Yes you could say that spells is synchronization of our energy with univerisal energies.

I wouldn't class prayer as a spell but more of a synchronization of angelic/divine energies for your highest good.

To help you understand the things I choose to use in my finding lost things spell, i'll talk through what I did from begining to end and why I choose each item.

firstly I choose 4 white tealight candles (which I use for every spell, the reason for them being tealights is because there cheap to buy and I use a lot of them)the four white tealight candles are to represent the four elements/directions e.g earth/north, east/air, south/fire and west/water and there always white to purify the area.

I choose a Yellow beeswax candle because yellow has the properties of drawing, pulling and compelling something towards you, I always use beeswax candles as my main candle because it's naturally made by bees.

I choose Juniper essenial oil because it has anti-theft properties and somehow I just felt it was the right oil to go with.

As for the Stone I picked it was down to pure instinct as I didn't have any stones with any of the properties I required, so I just went through the ones I did have until I got a positive vibration off one, which happened to be the black tourmaline.

I use dragons blood incense because of its protection properties and I love the smell of it :)

I always use a piece of paper with a symbol on it aswell, this time I choose the boomarang because it always comes back to you, and wrote done the items I wanted back on the same piece of paper, the reason for the paper is I always burn my paper in my spells otherwise My spells fail.

I also always use a ravens feather that I found, and five goddess stones with an image of the triple goddess on it as I honour "The Morrigan" and I feel more at ease with using the feather to direct my energies and casting a protective circle.

I choose the full moon as its a very powerful time to cast , the time however was not planned it just happened to be at 12am, once I do a spell and have success with it I will then go back over my scrap paper and add it to my book of shawdows, which was hand made by Native American Indians and has a beautiful embossed picure of a horse on the front and also flower petals impressed into the paper which is all made of natural material , I believe that my Native American Guide guided me to finding that book :)

After I have gathered my items and wrote my incantions and know what I plan to do with them then I continue with casting my spell

so as for casting my spell this how I would start.

I dont have much room in my bedroom which is where I do my casting, I have an alter in the north of my room where I keep things that are important to me like my feather and crystals also I have a two picures that I painted myself one of a blade that is blue and white and surrounded with flames (the paintings not that good but I feel I painted it for a reason and done it will before I actually started casting spells and also an other I painted is a Japenese Kanji symbol meaning unity of will.

I will take the lid of a storage box I have and find a space on my floor place an alter cloth I have over it, it has the symbol of a sun on it, then I will put all my items in place, my incense ready to burn, the four white tealights in the four corners, I heat proof dish for burning my paper, my stone and oil and my paper and beeswax candle, goddess stones,feather and lighter.

Now that I have everthing in place and near me I will meditate on grounding and centering myself before I go on, the I will place my goddess stones in the form of a pentagram with the top (spirit point) facing north then use my feather to cast a circle and ask the triple goddess to protect me.

now I will work on the spell at hand with the lost things spell, I will light my incense and meditate for a few minutes on what I want to find and imagine holding it again
Then I light the north/earth candle I say "By the power of earth what is lost now come back"
then I light the east/air candle and say "By the power of air what is lost now come back"
then I light the south/fire candle and say "By the power of fire what is lost now come back"
finally I light the west/water candle and say "By the power of water what is lost now come back"

then I pass my crystal through the incense and say "what is lost now come back" then anoint my crystal with the juniper oil, followed by me anointing the yellow candle then lighting it and saying "what is lost now come back"
I then take the written piece of paper with the symbols/lost items on it and fold it three times while imagining holding my lost items, then light it from the yellow candle and place it in the heat proof dish(if buring always be very careful)as I say "By my will and power what was lost now return to me as long as it harm none by the power of three so mote it be" I repeat that verse a total of three times.

I then stay in the circle and meditate on my intent for the return of my items until I feel ready to finish, when I feel ready to leave the circle I open it again with the feather thank "The Morrigan for protecting me" then I put the crystal in a pouch, when I have found my items I cleanse and charged my stone again so I can use it for something else.

now that may sound like a very complicated ritual but it isn't. Its really very easy and simple once you've done it a few times and it has took me years to find out that type of structure of spell works best for me.

someone one else may have good results with just lighting a candle and saying a few words, but that has never worked for me.

so as for my feeling and energy that I'm sending out it's the visulization of having my lost items back and feeling them in my hand again.
I asked for help from the four elements of nature and "The morrigan"

and yes the symbols are to help the universe know what it is I want.

hopefully that has given you a better idea of how you can cast a spell, but whats right for one isn't always right for another so its all down to trying different things to find what works for you :)

Love and Light

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Re: question about spells
Post # 7
Dear OpalRaven,
Wow! Thanks a lot, it's very generous of you sharing your spells ritual.

I have zero knowledge about spell and many of the stuff you mentiones, I never heard of it. If I saw your ritual on a video, I might think this is a dangerous black spell. But when you explained all the things you use, I got the impression that those things have their own meaning, you gather them as a symbol of what you want as a result and help that you need (from the element and protection from the goddess that you belief and have faith to).

If for example I wanted to do casting spell, my symbol/interpretation of purity and honesty is hello kitty, I can use a figurine of hello kitty in my ritual? Is this kind of thinking correct?
And for example I trust & belief in Jesus, I can use a picture of him as my protector during the ritual? Because ritual is customised to each people needs, belief, interpretation and creativity? Is this thinking correct?
For example, if you're already expert enough and know the key how to channel your energy with the universe, just wanting it in the mind with the concentration and energy just like when having a ritual, is this also gonna work?

Btw, how do you know the meaning of each things? Like, juniper oil = anti-theft. The dragon blood incense, is it really from dragon's blood? Is there really a dragon?

What do you think of having a spellcaster to do spell for other people, like in ebay?
They offer voodoo spells, wiccan spells. Whatever the speels brand, is the essence of method of spell, the same as what you have explained above?
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Re: question about spells
Post # 8
I can assure you that the spells I cast for myself are anything but dark magic as I dont do dark magic.

Well I suppose you could use hello kitty if you wanted to, if you found that helped you and any religious figure you feel drawn too aswell...for me its more spiritual things I'm drawn to too, but basically yes you decided what you feel drawn too and you decide how much or how little you want to add to any spell at one time, sometimes you may decide on a long spell other times a short one, I have done both but have better luck with my set stucture that I enjoy doing now.
And if you've worked on yourself and got the hang of using energies properly then I'm sure just casting with thought alone can also work.
I know the meaning of a lot things because I've learned them by researching them online and reading books about them and keep them wrote in my book of shadows for reference for any spells I want to do.

As for Dragons blood its actually a resin took from a tree Dracaena cinnabari commonly known as Socotra dragon tree and used in medicine, dyes, varnish and incense, but the cheaper versions of Dragons blood incense I believe are actually made from synthetic oils.

As for how another person would cast a spell I have no idea, everyone is different and i'm sure some are expert at casting for other people if they've been doing it for long enough.

there are plenty of post around the site that explain all your basics that you should learn before trying to cast a spell, such as your grounding,centering,visualization, mediation, moon phases, colours, days of the week etc

Love and Light
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Re: question about spells
Post # 9
Dear OpalRaven,
I have read you post on how you do the ritual several times. Honestly as a person who don't know anything about spells and ritual, I was kind of shock imagining your ritual, but then I re-read several times and I got the conclusion:
1. The main thing in the ritual process is your own energy
2. The things surrounded you in the ritual, all are symbol which each of them has their own meaning for you. So I guess they could be helping you in concentration of what you really want
3. The element, is to make clear that you wanted element of the universe help you in finding the things, or that you want to synchronize your energy with the universe energy
4. The Morrigan, to help you feel secure and protected
5. The spell, is a spoken word. Rhyming or not, it's not a problem as long you have faith at speaking it, and I have heard in some books that the power of spoken word is a great one.
With my conclusion above, I didn't see any dark ritual at all.
The tv really give spells a bad image. If I'm too forcing my conclusion above or if I get it wrongly, please do correct me :)

I made a thread yesterday, asking the same question and there's already a reply and the reply is pretty much the same as your reply.

The reason why I'm in this forum is that a friend of mine ordered a spell in ebay, spell for business success and attract people for the business as well. When the other friend found out, he said to cancel the spell at once because according to his priest, eventhough it's call white magic, it's basically still black magic, and to make a spell work, the caster would have satan to help fulfilling the wishes. The satan wouldn't work to help for free, so it would take something from you, maybe a part of your soul. Hearing those really freak us out. I don't know whether the priest himself have ever tried or have any experience in spells. So I decided to hear from both sides, I want to ask to a practioner what is really happening during in the spell and ritual.
Currently I have two comments, from you and Glimwick, both of you saying it's you own energy that do the work (sending and synchronizing your energy with the universe of what you wanted).This really open my eyes of what is a spell about.

Now, the spell that my friend choose it has the voodoo brand.Would you know if the voodoo spell has the same harmless ritual / essence like yours? What I know about voodoo is from tv, where the practicioner make a doll and nailed it to the tree and hammer the doll with many nails and chanting some spell. Would you help give some insight?
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Re: question about spells
Post # 10
Lol thats the reason I hate organized religion, more blood has been spilt in the "The name of the lord" than properly all of dark and light magic put together, most wars are started because of religion! (This is just my opinion not stating this as a fact)

But yes your concept of what goes into working a spell is pretty spot on, and it is all down to personal preference.

As for the spell that your friend bought I wouldn't know if it was dark magic or not but as most will proberly tell you on here magic has no colour but is more divided by your intent hence sending out love and good thoughts equals to whats known as white magic sending out dark thoughts full of hate and suffering equals to black magic.

as for satan coming to get your soul because your got someone to cast a success spell I doubt that very much, and I really dont believe in the devil as such..evil yes but I think we're all capable of evil intent as well as all being able to choose not to feel or do evil.
In the end the choice is ours.
Wonder what your friends priest would say if he asked him why Lucifer's name meant "bringer of light"?

This is kind of a mind field to discuss and at this time in the morning I'm properly not making any sense Lol

As for voodoo have no knowledge of it but I would think it works on the concept that it can be used for good as well as evil intent the same as any other type of magic.. it all comes down to what you hold in your heart.

Love and Light
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