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Visualisation exercises
Post # 1
Here are some visualisation exercises ^-^
Everybody knows that visualisation skills are quite important in magick so give it a shoot XD


The Basics

Let’s get started then! It is important not to try to skip too far ahead. This is not a race, it is best to go through each week until you master them. Take your time; take more than a week if you have to.

For best results, put aside at least twenty minutes to an hour a day to develop this skill. Have fun with it.

First, let’s take some time to prepare your visual field.

Close your eyes. Cover them with your hand to stop light from coming in.
What do you see? Gray, splashes of white? Maybe a residue of what you were just looking at?
Let it settle a little bit. Then begin to make the whole field as black as you can. Visualize darkness and expand it until it covers everything.

First week. Open your eyes and look at something. A photograph would be ideal. Analyze it in detail. Take as much time as you need.

Then close your eyes again, and try to see the photograph in your mind – in as fine detail as you can. If you are looking at a photo of a face, can you see the eyes, the lines on the face, the smile, the color of the shirt? What was the background like? Can you see the background exactly as it is? Were there leaves, cars, birds, or grass?

Open your eyes to get more detail if you have to, it’s not a test.

Once you get good at this, mentally zoom in to a certain section of the photograph and focus on that. Next, zoom out and try to see it from far away.

Next, to develop your hearing. Close your eyes and make a noise. Clap your hands, for example. Now, try to hear that sound ten times in your head. If you forget what it sounds like, clap your hands again.

Next, imagine the sound coming from different locations. Above you, behind you? 10 meters away? From the next room?

Second week

For the second week, let’s make things three dimensional. Pick up something small, like a pen or your car keys. Look at it in detail, from all angles. Take your time and remember the details.

Now, close your eyes, and see that object in your mind. This should be easy if you have completed the first week. The challenge now is to rotate it. Can you see it from all angles? Can you see the detail – the logos and the designs?

Once you get good at this, try to see it in context of the real world, not floating in space by itself. Imagine it on the table. Is there a shadow? Can you rest it on a cup? Move an imaginary light around and change the shadow to suit.

For the hearing exercise, this time imagine someone talking to you. Hold a mental conversation with your best friend, for example. Pay particular attention on the sound, not on the words – it’s easy to get caught up in what the two of you are saying, and forget that we are training the hearing sense.

Next, imagine him or her talking in different emotions. What does he sound like when he’s angry, sad or happy?

The third week

This week might be easy for some, but try it any way. I have a strong visual sense and yet this was hardest for me. This time, try to see it in the real world – that is, with your eyes open.

Can you see your pen, or your car keys, hanging on the wall in front of you? Can you hear it tingle as it shakes around? Can you rotate it? Can you move it around?

Next, play with it a little. Change the color. Lengthen it. Throw it around; watch it bounce off the walls mentally. Cast lights on it and see the shadow.

The fourth week

In this week, we’re getting you into the picture. Think of a pleasant location. I like to use the beach that I always go to. Now, place yourself in it. If you can do it with your eyes closed, try to do it with your eyes open – it’s a bit harder. It’s important to be in the scene, not just thinking of it.

Next, what can you hear? Are the leaves rustling, the waves crashing, the birds chirping? Again, make sure that you are in the scene, not just thinking of it.

Now, add in all your other senses. Can you feel the breeze on your skin? Can you feel the sand on your feet? Can you smell the ocean? Imagine yourself eating something? What is it? Can you taste it? What does it feel like on your tongue?

The fifth week

For this week, recall the same scene. This time, add in as much detail as you can. If you had a vague image of a tree previously put in as much detail as you can – see the bark, see the lines on the leaves, and see the ants moving around.

Now, move around. Walk in the sand, while you eat an imaginary ice-cream. Taste it, feel it slide down your throat. Hear the birds chirping as you feel the sand crunching under your feet.

Bring a friend into it. Hold a conversation with him or her. Can you imagine them smiling as you chat? Imagine them slapping you on the shoulder playfully. What does that feel like?

If you can do all this, congratulations! Your imagination is getting better, and you’re making much progress.

Love and Light xx))

Re: Visualisation exercises
Post # 2
Very sound advice Angelina ^_^

Love and Light xx

Re: Visualisation exercises
Post # 3
Angelina, once again, thank you for information that is useful to us all! I do have one question, though. I have a small altar, and was wondering where is the best place to store the candles that I'm not using? Do they need to be stored by the altar, or is somewhere nearby O.K.?

I've just placed my first order through the online store here and can't wait for it to arrive.

Thank you again Angelina.

Love and Light

Re: Visualisation exercises
Post # 4
This is very helpful! Thank you very much!

blessed be

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