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Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
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Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 1
This may sound far-fetched and "She is a desperate misfit" kind of thing but it is not. For one have you ever met a werewolf or vampire in the real world or the spirit world? Do you have to be born one or can you be changed into one? What are the sypmtoms of turning into such a being? Beacause I have recentley gone through a couple of odd changes such as:
-Having neither heat nor cold affect me at all (such as 100 degree weather isn't hot and freezer rooms arn't cold)
-Becoming way faster and I was really fast before
-Being faster, stronger and stealthier when it's noght time in the moonlight
-Having lust for eating and hunting small animals and somewhat attracted to blood
-And weird series of dizzy headache blackouts and having my sight and hearing change itself randomly

Am I mental? Is it possible? Do I have the ability to make it possible? I really need some help and advice(:
Thanks and Blessed BE
By the way If you HONESTLY are a werewolf or vampire your input would be great!(:

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symp
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Do you feel pain in other cases? And dont bruses go away? (don't remember the rest of the sympthons. Or the medical name of the disise) but also known as leprasy.... (yes. It stil exists. But not in big number. They have methods to keep it from evolving. But no cure. )
if you don't feel pain at all. And bruses don't go away. I would go to a dockture at ones and get it cheked.

Sharpens senses can be that you in past lifeexistion. Have been on another 'place' that involves where the myths and the Egyptian gods come from. Do not meen that you will in flesh turn tho.
'shapeshifthing' of that form is in Ap, mind, energy that you send out and other spiritual 'plans' and so on. And soul. (like from the first mentiond part )
and so on.

Oh. Almost forgett. Braintumor can also trigger these symptoms. Just to mentien.

Myrdin. Not a fluff;) lol

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 3
Thank you
1. I feel pain and bruises do go away
2. I'm not making it up and sorry if I sound stereotypical....i don't mean to affend but I just feel wolf at heart and was getting my hopes up that this could be something....sorry im just a freak.........):

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symp
By: / Novice
Post # 4
That to:) I didn't mention that sins I haven't had the time to 'web reserch' deeper on that. And so on. (I'm just one 'be'ing' )

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 5
Any suggestions on where to start on the research because I know there a lot of bad websites ot there?

And thank you guys so much you have been so helpful!

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 6
actually vampires and werewolves r real there is a medical disease of porphyria that causes vampiric symptoms and there r demons that can curse humans to become a vampire

Now on the other hand there is a medical condition called hypertrichosis that cause an unusual amount of hair to grow all over the body but people hav claimed to see werewolves transform beofre

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 7
Seeing pleasure in the pain of small animals is one of the first signs of serial killer

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 8
I am not a serial killer! Those people are sick minded and messed up. Just because I want to chase them doesn't mean that I'm going to kill people

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
Post # 9
I never said that you are going to be a serial killer just very likely to be one.

Re: Werewolf/Vampire Symptoms
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
um....i could tell you about the cratures i met and introduce you to a few?

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