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Make a pact/deal/contract

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Make a pact/deal/contract
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Make a pact/deal/contract
Post # 1
I want to know how to make a pact/deal/contract with a higher being (doesnt matter which so long as they can do what i need) to do a few tasks for me. What is a good and easy ritual to do this that requires few (if any) tools and what can i offer higher beings in exchange? And what can they not do? I know these are risky blah blah blah. I like risks so dont give me the risk lecture please. Just tell me how its done. THANKS!!!
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Re: Make a pact/deal/contract
Post # 2
It does matter which one you make a pact with. Infact, it's usually customary to know who you are trying to summon.

None of the rituals are easy. They are difficult, drawn out and can cause some pain especially if you've never done it before. If you do it wrong, odds are you are not going to get the entity you hoped for and will either get nothing, or whatever entity decides to take advantage of the situation. Infact, usually you would get this sort of deal from a demon as a diety isn't going to even bother with someone who is unwilling to worship them or plans to use and discard.

I wont give you a "risk" lecture, but the fact that you want a "good and easy ritual" tells me you are in no way ready to disturb any being and try to barter with them.
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Re: Make a pact/deal/contract
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Nevermore is right. A few task for you? If you are seeking to make a pact, deal, or contract these are all long term rituals and I will give you the risk lecture because you seem to want to act like a know it all so you can figure it out yourself so all that's left for me to say is the risk. The rituals are not eay and are not fast. The rituals I know takes at least nine weeks to complete and on top of that anytime you make a deal with a spirit you can bet you will have to pay a high and heavy price. It is said that Patsy Cline mad a pact with the darkman at the crossroads to sing as she did. The story goes she didn't follow through with her pact and that's why she died how she did. One thing that irks me is people that say spare me the talks. Then you know what find your info somewhere else because in my books you are as bad as the roleplayers. You obviously know nothing about magick or ritual at that since you are searching for a ritual thats fast, easy, and uses no tools so why not leave the rituals to the big witches who can be responsible with that type of magick. Listen to peoples warnings and maybe if you are a little nicer people will be a little more responsive to your questions. If you want a few task done don't waste the time of the spirits. Any good witch knows that if you want a few task done then you create a servitor or use a familiar not make deals with the devil.
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Re: Make a pact/deal/contract
Post # 4
I concur with both of those statements. Though most pacts require a lifetime bond. It's easier to just make a familiar or thoughtform to do the work for you instead of binding or attempting to bind something to you. that and if you don't have an astounding mental capacity and mental selfcontrol you would more then likely be taken over.
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Re: Make a pact/deal/contract
Post # 5
I think this is the answer you wanted:

first- Pact making possible?
Yes. usually with demons as you can do things for them on the material plane that they cannot. Like burning some crosses at a church hanging them upside down and such, also they may ask for a blood sacrifice, I don't suggest following that one. but if you are really serious do what thou will.

how to do it-
PM me as this is not a good place to post something of the sort
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