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Post # 1
I've been recently studying about sevitors and then, a possibiliy flashed inside my mind.

I've thought of firstly creating a servitor and raising it's power and personality, but doing this while it's bonded to me.

My first idea was too make a seal(I think it's said sigil in english) in my body, and then collecting massive amounts of energy through energy drain and other methods, but making sure the energy flows from the seal to my gates of chakra(I think its said like this in english,if not, sorry ;D), making sure that i keep the energy stable inside y body and makin the servitor controllable and avoiding that it took over me.

What do you think guys,is it too risky???If you all could tell me some other protective methods it would help a lot!!

Sorry for any grammar problems(im brazilian) and thanks a lot!!
PS; plz no offensive comments
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Re: Servitors
Post # 2
So,anyone here has something to say???
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Re: Servitors
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Let's se if I got this right. You are to create a servitor within you, or that it's a part of you. But under your control?
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Re: Servitors
Post # 4
He wants to make a servitor and weave it into the subderma layer of his skin and have the servitor send energy through his chakras and strengthen them most likely. Yes, it is very risky depending on how much energy you give it. It COULD get energy into your brain and manipulate to do its bidding. Not something you want. Of course a well maintained servitor has no reason to do that. Try it. Use this to weave it between your skin, remember NOT to weave it into the top layer of the skin because when the skin comes off so will some the energy. Methods:

• Visualization:
One of the methods I use is... visualization. Yeah, that thing you used to make psiballs when you started out works for other stuff too. Let's say we're practicing binding a "hot" construct to a rock. You could imagine the construct melting into the rock, getting glued, or just smashed in there. The only limit is your imagination, so to speak, but the visualizations used must be taken in to account. Visualization is just imagining something while having the imagined scenario sent to the subconscious and interpreted as a command to do something. If the command is unclear, nothing will happen. You'd want to use something that symbolized the construct moving to the object, filling its space (this helps), and "sticking" it to the object.

• Shell Melting:
Another tech is what I like to call shell melting. What this is, basically, is melting a shell into the object in question, and putting the construct in there. You CAN melt the shell of the construct itself, but I do it with a different shell for the extra strength, and so if one becomes infected with a virus, it can't spread to the other. For this, pick a random object. This works with everything, so don't be picky later on. For starting purposes though, pick something simple, such as a bottle cap, marble, pencil, nothing too distracting from the original purpose. Create a basic empty shell with the approximate shape and size of your object. (Shaping it like the object isn't completely necessary, but I like my constructs to fit cleanly so nothing's sticking out awkwardly.) Now, move the shell inside of the object, overlaying it. Here comes the exciting part. What you want to do here is melt the shell into the "fabric" of the object. To do this, you want to be able to sense the energetic structure of the object. If you can see the structure, you can melt the outer shell into it. To melt the shell, just program/command it like you would any other construct, to melt into the structure and merge with it. I wouldn't suggest doing this with the entire construct, as if the innards of the construct merge with the innards of the structure, it can corrupt the programming by putting foreign patterns in there.

• Weaving:
A tech I especially like is just weaving the construct into the same "fabric" of the object as last time. Weave your construct into this. Weaving is a technique which I feel greatly enhances the strength and endurance of a construct. Think of lots of little strands all interwoven tightly to make a construct. That's what weaving is! To weave a construct itself, instead of making a big lump of psi and forming it into a construct, you form "threads", or little strings of psi. Make lots of these, and they can be any size you want. Now, using however you program/control constructs, weave these in and out of each other like a wicker basket. This may sound scary and complicated, but it sounds a heck of a lot more complex on paper than it really is. It helps make constructs stronger, as when you weave, you pay more attention to the entire construct, and when you weave, the threads are tighter together than normal energy floating around sticking to itself. After a bit of practice with making constructs this way, it can be done as fast as lumping psi together into a construct. Now, back to weaving it into the object. We learned to weave, so what's stopping us from weaving through the actual structure of the object? You can weave through an already existing construct, just stick the threads through the energy of the construct and the energy of the object at the same time, like sewing. You can also create the construct inside of the object as opposed to out, and weave it in as you're creating it.

• Linking:
You probably learned about links while learning about telepathy. Well, this may shock you, but links aren't only for a telepathic connection! A quick and simple way to bind a construct is to simply link it to an object. The link acts as a rope, and tethers the construct to the object. Create a construct, and make a link out from it, This can be done while the construct is outside or inside of the object, but outside may be easier to comprehend at first. Now remember, you don't want to link to the object, but the objects underlying energetic structure. So, after linking to the objects structure however you feel comfortable with, you're going to want to tighten the link so the construct doesn't wander away. Note that it's also possible to link two construct/objects together, which could spawn "telepathy rings" or something of the sort.

• "Vacuum":
Now, this method is the one I use the most because of numerous reasons. I call it the "Vacuum" technique. When you put your hands together in water and pull them apart quickly, it creates a vacuum that instantly fills the space with the surrounding water. The same principle works with psi. Make a basic empty shell.(Weaving also helps this because weaves expand and contract easier; this has to do with it being more malleable than normal lumps of psi) Program this shell to let energy in, but not out. Now, here's the fun part: slowly expand the shell; it will draw energy from the surrounding air. If the shell gets too big, you can make the shell smaller and compact the energy, and expand it again. What does this have to do with sticking it to an object? If this is done with the shell around an object, it literally pounds the energy into the object. I like this method because not only does it stick it to the object, it gets a bunch of energy for the meaty part of the construct as well. You may want to clean the energy drawn in of all programming, as it's random energy from the environment you're harnessing. This principle works simply because as the shell is moving out with no energy, the shell pushes energy outside out, but creates an imbalance because there's energyless space inside the shell. As nature tends to correct imbalances, the psi from the outside is drawn inside to balance the equation.

I got this from a website called Veritas I think. I can't find the link because I have it on a Word Document.
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Re: Servitors
Post # 5
i prefer the traditional smart approach i don't have my servitors within my body, cause it is risky and practically makes little sense when you charm it to draw on the earth's energy
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Post # 6

I have been tricked into having a servitor placed inside my body by a psychic vampire who is also (obviously) a highly-skilled magician.

This grants him full access to my energy at all times, almost total total control over it, in fact. We are in constant telepathic contact. If he could, and if I were not as well trained as I am, he would have taken over my mind and either had me kill myself or my daughter by now, or both.

I have tried to break free of this so many times, with no avail, and did not know why nothing worked until I realized that there was a programmed construct moving around inside of me. I am not a magician. I've been learning as I go.

I have even time shifted, dimension shifted, altered my energy multiple times, become invisible countless times only to be found again within moments.

How does one destroy constructs? This one is programmed to music, as this peson happens to be a fairly well-known musician in the UK. He is extremely dangerous. Please help!
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Re: Servitors
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Destroying a construct often depends upon the method of creation. It is bonded to an object at all, it can often be unraveled through the destruction of that object. As this one is within you, I rather doubt it is bonded to an object.

Explore it, discover its weaknesses if it has any. Carefully study it and make certain that there are now contingent effects that may result from its destruction or removal. If this much time and effort was used in its creation than it is entirely possible that there may be something that will "heal" it if you start tearing it apart, or inflict harm upon you to give it time to mend itself. If any contingent spell, construct, or other such spell or creation exists explore that and learn it intimately, and then isolate it so that it cannot have an impact once you focus upon the original servitor in question.

Ideally, I would remove it from your body before destroying it. It might take a struggle, but once any ties, contingent effects, etc. have been isolated it will be easier to withdraw from the body. It could be passed through the chakras, or something along those lines, in an energetic method similar to passing a kidney stone. No, it's not terribly pleasant.

In actual destruction, simply draw upon its energy. Channel its energy into the ground, or otherwise ground it out. Break it down to nothing. Be thorough. A construct is essentially programmed energy. If anything remains it is entirely possible that it can rebuild itself. There are probably other methods but this is the simplest. Simple is often the best.

If it has been removed, you can also use it as a link to the creator. You can sort of bleed magic into it that can very, very sneakily be transferred to anybody who links to it, commands it, or otherwise empowers it with further energy. Image a subtle energy that blends with the existing energy of the servitor, similar to mixing something in water until there is no perceptible difference in the water. This is a great way to leave the original offender bound and unable to perpetrate further harm.

As to the original post: That's a pretty clever idea. I'd be quite cautious with it, obviously. As was suggested it can potentially take control. I would make a very basic construct, empowered only to the goals that you specifically built it for. No name. Try to create it without even much of a concept of a physical form. Truth be told though, you could probably create it outside of yourself for the same purposes without as much of a risk.
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Re: Servitors
Post # 8
actually i wanted to know if we could use the five elements to create a servitor and once their purpose done...they go back...can we????? Create it to look human...is that possible???
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Re: Servitors
Post # 9
I found a spell called "Simple Servitor Creation" that i found to be interesting maybe that's the way you should go.
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Re: Servitors
Post # 10
I created my servitor but i would like to manifest it. any suggestions?
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