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Tarot Readings/New Site

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Tarot Readings/New Site
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I was blessed with many special gifts and I take my gifts very seriously my gifts are not something I learned overnight or something that I recently acquired but I have had most of them since I was very young and been practicing them throughout most of my life..I am a medium and for most of you who don't know what a medium is I am able to commune with Spirits, I can sense them as well as talk to them and see them..I have had this gift since I was 7 years old..I can also Channel which is also a form of communicating with Spirits as well..I am an Empath in which comes from reading people from inside.
Hi, My name is Drakkenwitch and I have created this page for anyone wanting a tarot reading. I give Tarot Readings but it takes time and I cannot nor will I force a Tarot Reading from my cards but if your interested in getting a tarot reading please contact me by leaving me a message on my site at. http://www.spirit-seers.com and let me know and I will be more than glad to do one for you.. Please Be patient as I do receive alot of messages from people wanting readings so it might take a few days before you receive your reading back But I will get to it and reply as soon as I possibly can. Please Do not keep writing me everyday about your tarot reading because it will also cause a delay in your reading NO,.. I do not Charge for my Tarot Readings but I do accept any Donations that you would like to make but there is no set Price for any Donations made. If you do wish to make a donation please let me know at the time you have recieved your reading and I will give you the information of how or where to send the donation. The donations are to help us with the upkeep and expansions of our site as well as to improve our items in Drakkens Dream World. ALL DONATIONS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! I have also set up a Testimonial Page and I would appreciate after a reading if you would take the time to Submit your testimonial of how you found your reading and how accurate it was.

Request For Tarot Readings..

Name: Boo

Email :Boo@msn.com

Type of Reading: General reading or question

Question? : Do I have a chance for this Job I'm applying for?

Please when filling out or making a request for a Tarot reading DO NOT GO INTO DETAILS OF WHY YOU WANT THE READING OR YOUR LIFE HISTORY..Doing so can contaminate the reading and I will not be able to give you a full and accurate reading. I will be forced to delete your request and wait at least a three day period before I am able to do the reading which will cause a delay in your reply..

Thank you for reading my Profile and I hope to get to do a reading for you really very soon. Love and Light For a Blessed Day!!!
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