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help me understand

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help me understand
Post # 1
im new here and yes this may sound newbish and stupid since none of the other site helped me how do i meditate
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Re: help me understand
Post # 2
Meditation How-To
Many people find the idea of meditation to be daunting. They think they do not have the time, saying, "Someday I will devote the time to study meditation." Meditation is simple. You don't need training and you don't need to be alone in the mountains. You can learn it right now! All you need is a quiet place to sit and the curiosity to try for ten minutes.

Practice meditation in a quiet environment. Begin with 10 to 15 minutes. The morning is the best time, but anytime you can find an uninterrupted and quiet chunk of time will work. One warning: never meditate after eating. Silence your phone and close the door to any other possible interruptions.

Sit comfortably in a chair with your spine erect and both legs and thighs forming a ninety-degree angle with the ground, keeping your feet at shoulder width apart. You can also sit on the floor cross-legged-"lotus" position. And you can lie down for meditation if that is the only way that is comfortable.

Start by breathing as naturally as possible. After a few times, try breathing with your abdomen only. Slowly, your breath will deepen as you practice. You notice that babies breathe with their abdomen, but as we grow older, we become affected by our stress, our lifestyle, and environment and start breathing way up in the chest area. For meditation, breathe deep and low from the abdomen.

Begin to quiet your mind. Of course, the thoughts will come-and they will always be there. Don't struggle against them. Let the thoughts come, but don't dwell on them. Keep relaxing, and bring your consciousness back to your breath. If you have trouble concentrating, focus on one thing, a word or a mantra that can invoke a calming effect within you

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Re: help me understand
Post # 3
That aint a stupid question at all :P .. Actually meditation is one of the toughest and the most preliminary things that you need to master to succeed i magickal arts.there are probably numerous ways..Choose one that suits you and feels right for you..

Blessed be!
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Re: help me understand
Post # 4
Meditation is difficult for a lot of people. It's not at all uncommon. It's also fairly misunderstood. Many people think or act like you have to be a Tibetian(sp) monk, be in a whole nother world and have nothing enter your brain at all.
While some of that does happen, it 1. it's necessarily a requirement and 2. not going to happen if your just starting out.

There are many many ways to go about it, but it completely depends on you and how you work.

I have a couple different techniques I've used with students who have a hard time focusing or dealing with meditation in general. If you'd like, I can mail them to you.
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Re: help me understand
Post # 5
Many people also seem to think that meditation takes a great deal of concentration.
- This isn't necessarily true.

Being that there are countless variants of meditation it's not at all as difficult as a great number of people would agree on.

The main reasons people have trouble with it all can be narrowed down into one very broad reason; lack of understanding.

Not lack of knowledge per-say, just not understanding the extraordinary amount of possibilities with meditation technique.

* Tai Chi- (my favorite) is difficult because it doesn't exactly focus on clearing the mind but calming it and sense it is known as one of the "moving" techniques of meditation when most others are done in a still position it is working with physical balance, balance isn't the easiest thing on the planet.
- Not all meditation techniques are used to "clear the mind".

* Standard/Traditional- is difficult because you have to sit still and relax while sitting up.
- This is not a natural formation for the human body making it a tad uncomfortable to first few times.

* Laying Down- this is difficult because it puts a strain on the legs and the back while as many people have a hard time keeping them straight.

* Sitting Erect in a Chair- (one that I do not recommend) Is difficult because it's like the standard/traditional but adding to it is issue of lack of space.
- Meditation is recommended to be practiced in open space to give free breathing and no distractions such as a swivel chair not sitting still or the arm rests surrounding you.

These are just a few of the basic forms and I add Tai Chi because I love it.

Either way you do it, there's always something there. If you don't like the techniques presented to you look up on google a different form, read about its uses and effects; if you like what you read, try it.
- There are too many meditation techniques that you couldn't possibly find one that fits your fancy.

"There's always something"


Also try to remember that it is a common misconception that meditation is meant to "clear your mind".

Personally I don't think this is true at all.

If one were to clear their mind that would be the same as telling them to stop thinking; nearly impossible for humans that aren't '6 feet under'.

Now then, what is it for if not to clear the mind?
Easy, think about it...

Q- If you don't think about strains, life obstacles, goals that aren't being reached, problems (in general) or any of those stressful, self delivered burdens of daily life what do you have?
A- Someone that's meditating for one.

[Meditation can mean multiple things; such as cleaning the mind of junk and unwanted thoughts - or self deliberations and judgment - or thinking very deeply to solve a problem etc...
Meditation is not rigid at all, many tend to think it is.]

The key to true meditation can and should, at the least often times be relaxation.

Do not concentrate on forcing yourself to stop thinking, it's hopeless; I've tried ;D. Just breathe and relax, listen to soothing sounds or lay back into a comfortable pillow - whatever you want; just relax.
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Re: help me understand
Post # 6
Great post Lady_Snow :)
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